The Final Mayan calendar steps to 2012:
November 8, 2009 – the beginning of the Sixth NIGHT
                                     By Carl Johan Calleman

Before going into the specifics of the upcoming sixth night, November 8, 2009 – November 2,
2010, of the Galactic Wave Movement (or Underworld) I feel I should clarify some of my basic
points of departure for understanding the Mayan calendar, since the various ideas that are
currently proposed for this vary significantly. There are for instance those that believe that the
end date of the Mayan calendar only marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new. On
my own part I however think that we are approaching something much more profound than just
a point in a cycle that again will be repeated. The only Mayan inscription from ancient times,
the Tortuguero monument, which describes the end ( of their calendar says
that nine cosmic forces will then manifest. Empirically, there is also overwhelming evidence
from modern research that we are approaching a point in time when nine evolutionary levels
(so called Underworlds) of the cosmic plan are simultaneously going to be completed. This
would imply that we are approaching not another cycle or another shift, but the end to all
shifts, which have been driving evolution since the beginning of the universe. Such an end to
all shifts could conceivably provide the basis for a harmonious eternal peace on Earth.

What is about to transpire now is in other words not something that has ever happened before
in the history of the universe. Maybe this impending change, partially unknown, causes the
widespread denial that I feel dominate many people at the current moment. Rather than facing
a great change in our socioeconomic relationships (since any change in human
consciousness also implies a change in our relationships) many prefer to fantasize about
some physical or astronomical event, that purportedly is going to happen on December 21,
2012. In reality the Mayan calendar is however not about something that will happen on a
singular date, but a description of a divine plan for the evolution of humankind where quantum
shifts between calendrical energies bring about shifts in consciousness. Thus, human
consciousness will continue to be transformed step by step in accordance with this plan until
we come to the real end date of the process of creation, October 28, 2011. At this date the
highest quantum state of the universe will be attained ( 13 Ahau)
when the shifts disrupting the harmony will come to an end. Obviously, we are not there yet.

In this plan for the evolution of consciousness we are now approaching the sixth night of the
Galactic Wave Movement, the eighth of the nine levels, which will begin on November 8, 2009.
If my understanding of the Mayan calendar is correct we will in this coming night be witnessing
the most significant transformation of consciousness ever in the history of mankind. What is
exciting about this is that I feel that a relatively clear picture of how a new world is going to be
born is now finally becoming evident. On the other hand, what is also becoming increasingly
clear is that this birth is likely to become very demanding. For this reason it becomes all the
more important to understand how some of the difficulties ahead actually serve the delivery of
this new world even though it may not always seem that they do so in the moment. If people
can gain a realistic understanding of how this new world will be born they may be able to keep
a hope for the future, which is based on something more than mere wishful thinking.
Unfortunately, much confusion reigns about the Mayan calendar and many that present
themselves as experts on this deny the ancient Mayan knowledge that there are nine cosmic
forces that are about to manifest, and that it is these, and nothing else, that explains why a
new world will be born.

Thus, what will happen in the time ahead cannot be understood from the sixth night of the
Galactic Underworld alone. The overlapping of the cycles preparing for the ninth, and highest,
level in the cosmic evolution scheme; the Universal Wave Movement (see Figure) with the
energy of this sixth night will then also need to be taken into consideration. Because of this
overlapping, and the speed-up of time associated especially with the latter Wave Movement,
not only do I think that the upcoming period will be unusually intense, but also energetically
quite complex.
At the time of this writing (October 31, 2009, 1 Ben) we are towards the end of the sixth day,
the period of flowering in the process from seed to mature fruit in the Galactic Wave
Movement, which precedes the sixth night. As I predicted in an earlier article it would now to
some economists seem that the “global economic recession” (or the worst of it) is already over.
There are however certain things currently going on in the world that belies this and are more
in line with the prediction I made in an article in May ( of a further economic
downturn, especially expressed in a fall in the value of the US dollar, to take place around the
time that the sixth night begins (see also: While several sources now
predict a dollar fall it is important to note that mine was made a relatively long time ago and if it
proves to be correct shows that what is happening in the economy is part of a divine plan
charted by the Mayan calendar.

My prediction of a further economic downturn was based on the observation that nights, at
least in the second part of an evolutionary Wave Movement, usually mean at the very least a
slowdown of economic growth. An indication of such an impending downturn at this upcoming
night is for instance that there has been a rush for gold, which for the first time passed the
magical limit of USD 1000/troy ounce. Moreover, an index of insider trading shows that people
knowledgeable about the actual basis for valuing US stock tend to think of this as highly
overvalued. Most importantly, increasingly higher voices are now raised in almost all corners of
the world for the replacement of the petrodollar system and thus also of the use of the US
dollar as the world’s reserve currency. These various indices thus do not indicate that the
“recession” is over, but if anything that an intensification of the economic decline, especially in
the indebted West, is imminent. It seems that investors are escaping assets in the form of
paper or digit values, which is exactly what we would expect from this late phase of the Galactic
Wave Movement, when a shift in consciousness amounting to a shift from abstract to concrete
economic values is taking place. Thus, while many will say that the changes are a result of a
conspiracy, for instance against the US, the point to realize is that if that were the case they
would not have been predictable from the Mayan calendar.

I believe that what is happening in the world’s economy is something much more profound and
fundamental than a temporary recession and is a direct consequence of the particular
transformation of consciousness that the Galactic Wave Movement is bringing. As I explain in
my new book The Purposeful Universe ( consciousness is primarily a
relationship to the Tree of Life, which exists on many different levels of the cosmos and causes
synchronized shifts on these different levels. What this means is that the shifts in
consciousness that give new directions to our lives will also directly affect the world and society
at large and how we relate to this. A shift in consciousness is hence not something that only
happens in our heads, but is simultaneously also expressed in changes in our relationships.
Our economic relationships are thus also subject to shifts in consciousness and the evolution
of this. We should then expect an even further escape from abstract values as the sixth night
begins, a shift that may be expected to especially severely hit the western economies of the
United States and the United Kingdom, which remain the financial centers of the world and
control much of its banking activities. At the present time these nations, and especially the
United States, are so indebted that there really is no need to present an explanation as to why
there would be another downturn in its economy. All that is needed for this is something to
trigger what is going to happen anyway one way or another. While many things may trigger
such a downturn, and the media will place all the emphasis on this trigger, the deeper reasons
for a downturn is best understood from the Mayan calendar. From a Mayan calendar
perspective the ongoing decline in economic growth reflects a stepwise adaptation to the end
of the economic cycles that will be associated with the Mayan end date (or beginning date of a
new world if you like).

If the downturn of the economy is part of a process creating the conditions for the birth of a
new world a relevant question to ask is how deep it is going to be. Even if it seems clear that
the value of paper money, and especially the US dollar, will be hit, it is still somewhat of an
open question how far-reaching the consequences of this will be. I think this can only be
understood from a study of what might be the nature of the new world to be born. When it
comes to understanding this it seems however that there are actually no ancient Mayan
sources to consult. The Mayan sources only say that Nine cosmic forces are going to manifest
as the calendar comes to an end, but there is no ancient inscription, which talks about what will
follow upon this. Because of this dearth of material I suggest that we turn to sources from the
large Abrahamic religions such as the Bible or the Quran, which do say something on the
matter. If we combine these with our understanding from the Mayan calendar I feel we may gain
some idea of what is to come. I believe everything that has been happening in this time plan
has been subordinated to the delivery of this new world.

Hence, the Quran says this in Surah 82:17-19: “And what will explain to thee what the Day of
Judgment is? Again, what will explain to thee what the Day of Judgment is? (It will be) the Day
when no soul shall have power (to do) aught for another: For the command, that Day, will be
(wholly) with Allah.” I believe this disappearance of dominance may refer to the Universal
Underworld, which brings a consciousness of oneness and transparency to our whole beings
and all of our past actions. If we take this seriously it would imply that all chains to people
dominating others would need to be broken. The last book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation
21:4-5 also describes a new world to be born: “And God shall wipe away all tears from their
eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any
more pain: for the former things are passed away. And he that sat upon the throne said,
Behold, I make all things new.” This would seem to imply that all chains to the past would need
to be broken for the new world to be born. Taken together it would seem that as pre-requisites
for the birth of a new earth we would need to free ourselves from the chains to the past as well
as from chains to other people.

To some these changes may look so great that it might even be more comfortable to fantasize
that the world would come to an end than to go through all of the necessary changes that
would more or less turn our world upside down. Certainly, there is also a tremendous amount
of people in power, who do not want to see such a transformation towards equality and
harmony coming about. These quotes may however give us a hint about where the economic
downturn may be leading us and how deep it will be. Will money for instance completely
disappear? I think the answer to this is that money will disappear to the extent that it no longer
chains the world to the past. In practice, this probably means that all thinking about profitable
investing etc is somewhat beside the point, since the emerging new world is not likely to be a
growth economy based on the drive for accumulation of abstract values. More likely, the new
world is going to be one based on sharing and care-taking of all members of society as the
unity consciousness of the Universal Wav Movement, presumably after much turmoil,
eventually is established. The more immediate time period in the sixth night will then be when
the practical expressions of this transformation will need to be tested out and implemented.
This may from the perspective of the current world seem unthinkable. Yet, there is no such
thing as an eternal human nature and our perception of reality, and what we are propelled to
create, always varies between the different Wave Movements. The human beings of the
Regional, National, Planetary and Galactic Wave Movements are completely different in their
approach to life and the universal human being that will be created by the Ninth and Universal
Wave Movement will represent the crowning step of the evolution of consciousness. Thus, she
is then likely to embody a different perception of the world and different qualities compared to
previously. An economy based on sharing is of course fully possible if the unity consciousness
carried by the Universal Wave Movement is successfully established. Even if the energy
changes will now be happening quickly I should add that it may take some time (in the range of
a few years after 2011) until this economy takes its final form.

So how in practice could such a transition come about from a human being, who essentially
looks after herself to one that sees the unity of all and shares the fruits of creation? Such a
transformation of our experience of life may now seem as impossible as the fall of the Berlin
Wall once seemed. But similarly to how the fall of the Berlin Wall ultimately was a reflection of a
transcendence of an east-west polarity in human consciousness the new world to be born is
designed to result from a transcendence of the inner and outer walls maintained especially by
the western mind. Thus, my suspicion is that during the first half of the sixth night the world’s
economy will increasingly slow down as the consumption of the US population will no longer be
able to keep the industrial engines of the world going. The power of the US in the world would
decrease as a result of a dollar fall.* Yet, because of the indirect effects of this downturn, no
part of the world can expect to be untouched. In this downturn it will then come a point when it
will start to dawn on many people that it will never be possible to resurrect the old growth
economy and that there will never be any return to a “business as usual.” At that point very
radical socio-economic solutions will need to be explored for people to survive also in a literal
physical sense as it becomes obvious that it is the nature of the economic relationships and
the chains to the economy of the past that cause the problems. We may for instance ask what
will happen if major portions of the population in economically significant countries will not be
able to pay their mortgages? Will these people then have to leave their houses in mass so that
countless houses owned by banks will sit empty when people are out on the streets? This is
the kind of situation that has already appeared in some previously car manufacturing suburbs
of Detroit. Hence, this scenario is not hypothetical, but has already to some extent happened
on a limited scale.

What likely will happen then is that demands will be raised for a moratorium on debts, so that
people will no longer have to pay to the banks to stay in their homes. Maybe this will be
preceded on a larger scale by some nations that see it necessary to push for the cancellations
of national debts as a means of stabilizing the world. If such a moratorium on debts is instituted
it would however be like cancelling the power of money and the chains to the past as it exists
now. This would effectively create a path towards a sustainable economy an economy where it
is emphasized that the needs of people are met in the present moment (returning to the theme
of cutting the chains of the past). This of course would be nothing short of a revolution, and
most likely a worldwide such, since the worlds’ economies at the current time are so deeply
entangled. Possibly this would spread from the US to much of the rest of the world. Such an
enormous transformation of the world’s socio-economic system would then be likely to take
place in the time period between July 17, 2010 (the Cosmic Convergence)** and the beginning
of the Seventh day of the Galactic Wave Movement (November 3, 2010). Naturally, it would
serve to dissolve many of the other systems of dominance that the world has inherited
especially from the National, but also the Planetary, Wave Movement. Energetically speaking
this time period, July 17- November 3, 2010, is created through the overlap of the pre-
Universal Underworld and the Galactic Wave Movement.*** What this revolutionary time period
most likely is going to amount to is a corresponding decrease of governmental and national
authority (not that of any particular government, but governmental authority as such,
something which humanity has inherited from the National Wave Movement and its patriarchal
frame of consciousness. Needless to say some would try to take advantage of such a
situation). It will seriously come into question what we need governments and national borders
for “when no soul shall have power (to do) aught for another.” My vision for the time period
from the Cosmic Convergence until the beginning of the seventh day of the Galactic Wave
Movement is thus a total overhaul of human civilization. This then would also be a time to make
choices of path individually.

Why would this particular time period, July 17, 2010 – November 2, 2010, bring such a
revolutionary transformation? Well, there are two earlier time periods that are noteworthy as
parallels to this upcoming one. One is AD 1498-1617, the Renaissance, which in a broad
sense meant the overturning of the feudal system that saw the Vatican as the ultimate source
of worldly power and the beginning of the modern era. The other is 1986-1992, which carried a
revolutionary wave of democracy (including the fall of the Berlin Wall) resulting in a world
whose hemispheres were no longer separated.

We may also notice that the two corresponding revolutionary time periods gave rise to new
expressions of spirituality, in the first case the Reformation and in the second the Harmonic
Convergence**** that became somewhat of a starting point for the eclectic New Age movement
of our own time. This would indicate that also this time, following the Cosmic Convergence,
there will be a new spiritual awakening. Since the Cosmic Convergence would be the first
breeze of a unity consciousness this would imply that people would then be divinely inspired to
share and recognize the unity of all creation. I believe it will be a spirituality beyond words
based on the immediate experience of the divine. Hence, while the Reformation was an
awakening emphasizing the written word and the New Age movement originated in esoteric
ideas that were sometimes channeled or spoken I believe that the spiritual awakening ahead
will not be something that can be formulated in words and will be based on plain knowing.

I feel it is an open question whether this transformative revolution between July 17 and
November 3, 2010 will be peaceful, but the parallel to the time period 1986-1992 indicates that
this at least is possible. What seems clear however is that people will be divided as to whether
they want to flow with the incoming energies leading towards a new world or if they will resist
them and seek to hold on to or go back to the system of the past. It is then no wonder that
strong forces will try to present the Mayan calendar as if it is about something that will happen
on the date December 21, 2012. (A typical example of this is the upcoming Hollywood movie
2012, a disaster movie, but most New Age gurus have prepared the ground for these
nonsense fears by emphasizing this singular date and ignoring that the Mayan calendar is
constituted by nine levels of evolution). How people will relate to this change will thus also
depend on the understanding people have of the Mayan calendar and the cosmic plan, which
at the current time only a very small minority is aware of at least in its true form as a
manifestation of nine cosmic forces. People at large may in fact never recognize any conscious
warning signals for what is to come. Yet, inasmuch as they understand that the large-scale
changes emanate from a divine plan this would mean that a spiritual awakening could take
place. If this happens they will not be inclined to look at the changes around them as just
meaningless chaotic events as they surely will be presented by the dominating media.

Considering that this is all about the participation in a process of evolution of consciousness
there is a great danger in people believing that the Mayan calendar is about a singular date
when some event will take place, whether this is made up to be a “pole shift”, “galactic
alignment,” “Planet X,” “end of the world” or “shift in consciousness.” This is an incredibly naïve
view of an essentially superstitious nature where a new world is believed to simply fall down
upon the human beings from the sky without their active and conscious participation in the
processes leading up to a state of unity consciousness. In reality, there is overwhelming
evidence that the Mayan calendar describes sequential shifts in consciousness, which will
begin to be experienced at an even higher frequency after July 17, 2010 and even more
markedly so after the beginning of the actual Universal Wave Movement on March 8, 2011.
Only at October 28, 2011 will the shifts come to an end and a unity consciousness stabilize that
will provide the basis for a millennium of peace. This frequency increase incidentally also
explains how such a tremendous overhaul of all systems of dominance could take place in such
a short period of time. A recommendation I would like to make, in addition to ethical living and
telling the truth, is to learn to flow with the ninth level ( Stay in the middle of
the river with a focus on the manifestation of the new world!

Carl Johan Calleman
Seattle, October 31, 2009 (1 Ben)

* The effects of a significant fall in the value of the US dollar on its economy are not
uncomplicated. Domestic trading would in principle (this is an oversimplification) be unaffected,
while US exports would become more competitive. It would however be certain to decrease the
power of the US in the world, since its companies could be bought at a lower cost in other
currencies and since for instance oil imports would become much more expensive.

** In my earlier books I have vacillated when it comes to the duration of the Universal
Underworld, sometimes thinking that it will be a tzolkin round of 260 days and sometimes that it
would be a twentieth of the Galactic Underworld, which would amount to 13 x 18 = 234 days. As
we are now getting close to the final transformation scenario I have come to lean over to the
idea that the Universal Underworld will indeed be 234 days long placing its beginning at March
8, 2011 and the beginning of the preceding pre-Universal Underworld at July 17, 2010. The
uncertainty with this is that there seems to be no ancient Mayan source describing such a 18
day oxlahunkin time period, even if it would seem to be the logical one. On the other hand the
ancient Maya did not have to deal with the transformation scenario into a new world and so
may have ignored this time period, while it still may become very important in our own time.
There is in fact a precedent to how a cycle only became followed by the Maya as its effects
became a reality. This is the so-called Short Counts of 13 katuns, which were not observed in
Classical Mayan times presumably because their effects were then not yet strongly felt. Only
later in Post-Classical times did the effects of these Short Counts become so strong that they
became the dominating cycles followed by the Maya and so came to replace the Long Count
as the central calendrical cycle. Thus, if the Classical Maya did not base their calendars on the
Short Counts they would have had even less reason to take a 18 day cycle into account, which
to them would have an effect only in a very distant future.

*** What is played out here is the interaction between overlapping time periods produced by
dividing the Galactic Underworld into 13 and 20, respectively, as a parallel to the energetic
overlaps of the trecena and the uinal in the tzolkin. If the Galactic Underworld of 4680 days is
divided by 13 it generates a day or night of 360 days, but if it is divided by 20 it generates a
wave movement totaling 234 days.

**** The Cosmic Convergence called for on July 17-18 is thus a direct parallel to the Harmonic
Convergence in the sense that what the Harmonic Convergence was to the Galactic
Underworld the Cosmic Convergence will be to the Universal Underworld. This means that the
Cosmic Convergence may not only become the beginning of a transformative political period
similarly to what happened in 1986, but also the first breeze of a spiritual awakening that will
later be fully expressed in the Universal Underworld.