Researchers, Authors and Mayan Elder's Concerns
Grow about the
Movie '2012'

Colin Andrews and Dr. Synthia Andrews
Co-authors of
The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012.

It is irresponsible to mix fact with fiction creating fear at an already
testing time for many. We are entering a period in our history which is
likely going to be scary enough without a hysterical film like this to help
it along.

Researchers and Authors on the subject of 2012 and the Mayan
Prophecy, also the elders themselves question the wisdom of creating
such a fear based movie as 2012 during a time when most of the
population is feeling vulnerable and real signs of dramatic change are
being felt.

Fear is deliberately being created in this movie by mixing fact and
fiction, more of the latter. This is very concerning and unwise and could
have damaging impact upon many people. As the signs of dramatic
change impact our lives and evidence piles up that the Mayan
Astronomers were scholars and calculated this period, if there was ever
a time to pull together and examine the facts, its now (join the 2012
here ).

This movie would serve the public best by being pulled. Perhaps Sony
could consider running it when we have the hindsight of events. This IS
a movie its true but one based upon a real collapse in many facets of
society and our environment and so inserting such extreme scenarios
is simply dangerous and unthinkable with complete disregard to
peoples emotions.  

How nice it would have been to have had them spend their millions on a
positive uplifting movie about how best to pull together to tackle the
many problems now upon us and worsening (that is the concern), but
no. These are the final dredges of an old and dying era, thank God.

Dr. Synthia Andrews and Colin Andrews: co-authors The Complete
Idiots Guide to 2012.
Sony and '2012': the facts and the fiction.

Mark Heley
The Everything Guide to 2012, Adams Media

Indigenous elder calls for a media boycott of the new 2012
disaster movie

This week, on Thursday October 1st, between 10:50 p.m. and 11:00 p.
m. EDT/PDT, Sony Pictures are planning an unprecedented media
campaign across nearly 450 TV stations in the US in support of their
forthcoming Roland Emmerich directed film “2012”. Three of the major
US TV networks and dozens of cable stations will near simultaneously
show a two minute preview from the film depicting what the film-makers
describe as the largest “roadblock” scene ever filmed.

This will effectively be the largest film preview in history shown on more
stations than the Superbowl, and potentially reaching as many as 110-
140 million viewers. The Sony film, as you would expect from the
director of “Independence Day” and “The Day After Tomorrow”, is a
glossy, high budget, effects-laden disaster movie that uses some of
the more dire predictions about what may happen in 2012 as its back

Is this really what we can expect in 2012? The Sony media campaign
has already involved a widespread poster campaign that simply states:
“We were warned. Search: 2012.” What do you get when you put 2012
into Google? A few weeks ago you may have found Geoff Stray’s
excellent independent website,; an
exhaustive and informative compendium of 2012-related research. Now
instead, you will get the Sony website, of
course, promoting the film. If you navigate this site and click on the box
marked “the experience” you will also find a number of links to other
websites including and www.

Both of these are “fake” websites created by Sony to promote the film,
but neither is explicitly branded as associated with it. The goal is
obviously to suggest to the casual clicker, drawn in by the poster
campaign or the preview event, that these are real source of
information. Of course, the moderately amusing Woody Harrelson
videos on should give the game away pretty
quickly. However, the website for the “Institute For Human Continuity”,
is much more invidious. For example, on its home page it offers the
opportunity to sign up and register for the “survival lottery” which offers
an opportunity to win a place in an underground bunker, subterranean
city or even a place in space on a “free-floating space colony” so that
the lucky few can survive the immanent apocalypse of 2012 .

All of this desperate survivalist fear-mongering is based on a totally
unsupported statement found on the website that “We know that in
2012 there is a 94 percent probability that any number of global
catastrophes will threaten all life on Earth.” Of course, careful analysis
of this sentence renders the idea of there being a 94% chance of “any
number” of events as being absurd, not to mention mathematically
impossible. However many casual surfers will be taken in by this. This
marketing strategy seems somehow resonant with the great Orson
Wells radio production of War Of The Worlds. i.e. create fear and
panic using authoritative fakery, sit back, and laugh at the dupes who
lap it up. For many, the first exposure to the ideas, theories and
prophecies associated with 2012 will be through this channel. Sony’s
huge promotional budget will make sure of this.

The height of absurdity is reached on the Institute for Human
Continuity’s website with their competition to become “leader of the
post-2012 world”. Entrants will apparently compete for “the best scores
in a few games designed to measure leadership abilities.” In the small
print at the bottom of the page, it reads, “The Contest is open only to
permanent legal residents of the 50 states of the U.S. or D.C.”
Residents of the other 194 nations that comprise the world will
probably find this notion strangely familiar.

Obviously the Institute for Human Continuity is fiction. So why should
we care? It’s just marketing right. Well, in actuality, for better or worse,
it is actually quite difficult to tell Sony’s hype and hoopla from many of
the other sensationalist 2012 websites that seem to now dominate the
Google ranking in the hope of a little overspill from the media giant’s
table. Search 2012 and you will find any number of sites proclaiming
true knowledge of the end of the world and/or “exclusive” insights into
what will happen in 2012.. Many of these seem substantially less
grounded in reality than Sony’s slickly produced web media fictions.

None of this would matter if there weren’t good evidence that
something significant may well be happening around 2012. For
example, there are many prophecies from a number of indigenous
traditions that suggest that around this time very significant changes
may occur both on our planet and in the structure and purpose of
human civilization. The tag line for the main Sony website is “The
Mayans predicted it. But we never imagined it could happen.” Is this
really what the Mayans are predicting?

From looking at the “2012” website and its emphasis on the “Mayan
ruins”, you could be forgiven for assuming that the Maya were an
extinct or lost civilization. In fact, especially in the highlands of
Guatemala, there are many tribes of indigenous Maya still living in the
traditional way. They are still keeping alive their remarkable calendar,
still exact to the day and have done so far at least fifteen hundred

Last year the National Council of Mayan Elders created a commission
of twenty-five of their most knowledgeable tradition keepers to
condense their prophecies about this time into a form that could be
easily shared with the rest of the world. This was released this year
with a lot less media attention than the Roland Emmerich film. What
they said was that we are now living in a period they call “the end of
time” and during this period, which could last as long as seven years,
we should prepare for a great darkening of the sky. During this period,
which will last about thirty hours or more, it will be unsafe to travel, or to
be outside. At this time, there may be substantial earth changes,
including earthquakes and flooding. However, most people who are
prepared and stay put will be OK. The changes will pass and life will
resume, albeit in new way. The key message of the Maya, which has
been emphasized by Don Alejandro Cirillo, the leader of the National
Council of the Maya, is “Don’t be afraid”. This is exactly the opposite
message of the “2012” film.

It is possible, according to Don Alejandro that those who are
unprepared for the coming changes, may die just from fear itself.
These changes may come at any time and will not specifically happen
just on December 21st, 2012, when the 5,125 years cycle of the
Mayan calendar system known as the “thirteen baktuns” comes to a
close. It is also possible that these changes will not happen until as late
as 2015, according to the author and “spiritual teacher”
Melchizedek, who has been appointed a spokesperson on the Maya’s
behalf by Don Alejandro.

We could hardly expect Hollywood to resist this opportunity to share
what Derek Harrar, General Manager and Senior Vice President of
Video Services for Comcast has described as “compelling footage”.
The rollercoaster thrills of a big budget disaster movie “events” are big
business and “2012” is throwing its hat into the ring as the contender
to be the biggest disaster movie of them all. On the other hand we
have the elders from traditions like the Hopi telling us that the “hour
has come” and our collective intent and focus at this time is creating
and shaping the new reality we will very shortly be living in. Not a great
time then to be binging out on fear!

At the recent Earthdance event on September 26th in Laytonville
California, in a presentation of the indigenous prophecies,
grandmother ChoQosh Auh’Ho’Oh called for a television boycott of the
October 1st broadcast in response to the fear-mongering and
distortions of native prophecy that are included in the film. What is
required, in this time, she said, is for people to look to their highest
possibilities, not the worst and that whatever our collective vision of
2012 is will be largely instrumental in creating what actually happens.
Earthdance is a globally networked event that unifies over 200
locations in 50 countries through a synchronized “Prayer For Peace”. It
is events like this, according to ChoQosh, that are required to pass
through the “birthing process of 2012”. Events that unify people and
allows us to collectively transcend the fear associated with the far-
reaching changes that are happening at every aspect of life. “Come
together and celebrate”, she said, “the time of the lone wolf is over.”

Perhaps the film “2012” is in some way also part of the prophecy of this
time. Certainly, many millions more people will now know about this
date and the associated predictions. It is now up to us, according to
these indigenous elders, to take this opportunity and to transform it
from a disaster movie into a happy ending.

Mark Heley
The Everything Guide to 2012, Adams Media
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Dr. Synthia Andrews and Colin Andrews, co-authors of 'The Complete
Idiots Guide to 2012’ and also below Mark Heley, author’ The
Everything Guide to 2012’ and the Mayan Elders are concerned about
the movie '2012'.
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