2012: A Self Fulfilling, Staged Prophetic Event?
               Posted by lamarzulli on November 17, 2009


I’m working on a new book and it’s about 2012. As of this post there about 150 or so
books on 2012, so by the time mine comes out the numbers may reach over 200! I
think mine will be different though in that I believe 2012 is, as the title above
suggests, a staged event. This begs the question, who is staging the event? Above is
a crop circle that appeared in the fields this year. It is the Mayan Calendar, which is at
the center of the 2012 enigma. If the circle is real and I believe it is, then this might
answer our question as to the source of the staged event.

The link below takes you to another Mayan circle that is over 350 feet in diameter. As
with most of the crop circles, they can only be fully appreciated when viewed from  the
air. Are UFOs making these? My short answer is yes they are, but they are not the E.
T.s that so many of us, including the Vatican now, would have us believe.

This is part of the coming great deception. It is a strong delusion, a distraction from
what is really going on. It’s sort of cosmic sleight of hand, as it directs most people to
look in one direction, while meanwhile other events are going on that should be what
we are focused on. The History Channel has a show entitled The Nostradamus Affect.
The show sort of lumps all of the prophecies of the I- Ching, the Bible, Nostradamus,
the Hopi’s and Black Elk, all in one spiritual “blender” and then tries to make sense
out of it. The reason I take umbrage in this is because the History Channel is putting
Nostradamus, and others on the same par as the prophecies of the Bible. In my
opinion there is no comparison. They are not even in the same league or ball park.
So here are some, what if’s. What if these beings – think fallen angels – who are
making the circles are actually going to stage an event? What if they have placed
markers throughout time and are now using those markers as part of their deception?
What if they know, because Israel is now re-gathered from the nations of the earth
and reestablished in its ancient homeland, that their time is short? What if 2012
brings about full disclosure of the E.T.’s. What if nothing happens! You see no matter
where you side with this, no matter what you think might happen either way you lose,
and  that’s what so deceiving about the 2012 enigma. While people are being drawn
into this conundrum, real prophecy is shaping up before our eyes. Here are a few of
them for your consideration:

The mark of the beast – look at Digital Angel.

The rebuilding of the Temple – Whoever does this is the Anti Christ. The Jews have
most of the temple garments, stones and implements created and they are ready to
move forward.

Wars and rumors of wars – How many wars are going on as of this post?

Famines – I read today that every 5 seconds a child dies of hunger somewhere on
the planet.

Pestilence – H1N1 and the plague in the Ukraine that has killed upward of 300 people.

War in the Middle East – Ezekiel 38, or Psalm 83.

Destruction of Damascus – Isaiah 17

Men fainting from fear from what is coming on the earth – over 350 UFO sightings in
the month of July 2009.

So you see, while most people don’t know about the real prophecy that is looming
right in front of us, they are distracted by movies like 2012 and the other false flags
that are being promulgated!


event/Posted by lamarzulli on November 17, 2009
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