Authors of new book explain doomsday prediction
by Sylvia Anderson
Sunday, January 4, 2009

How would the governments of our planet prepare 6 billion people for the end of the world?

They wouldn’t.

And that’s the concern regarding Dec. 21, 2012, when the world as we know it has been
predicted to come to an end. The prediction is based on the prophesy of an ancient Mayan
calendar that abruptly ends on that date. It’s a calendar that covers the span of 5,126
years with nearly the same accuracy of the atomic clock of today. When you add the fact
that the year coincides with several other doomsday predictions, not to mention disturbing
astrological, environmental and economic changes we are now witnessing, it’s not
surprising that the prediction is creating a buzz around the world.

“It’s definitely a possibility,” says Sarah Underwood, a St. Joseph resident. “Numerous
things threaten the human race right now, like flu pandemic and the possibility of nuclear
attacks. I hope it’s not true,” she adds, “because I definitely have plans beyond that time.

Hollywood already has jumped on the bandwagon with the movie “2012” scheduled for
worldwide release in July. Another movie, “2012: The War for Souls,” is also in the works for
this year.

A conference on 2012 in San Francisco sold out at $300 per person last year, attracting
participants worldwide, adding fuel to the dozens of Web sites and
books now addressing
the subject.

“Normally, New Age platforms attract the interest of only the narrowest group of
enthusiasts,” wrote Louis Sahagun, for the Los Angeles Times. “But this one has been
generating wider audiences.”

Authors Synthia and Colin Andrews hope to address public concerns over the prediction
with their new book, “The Idiot’s Guide to 2012.” The book was released late last year and
explains in detail many of the factors involved in the prediction.

“Our lifestyle is very clearly about to change,” Mr. Andrews says. “We are already seeing
the financial collapse, the global population explosion, the resource problems, climate
change. All of these trends we try to fit in the book.”

Their book explains the Mayan belief system and how they arrived at the date. They also
explain some of the phenomenons we are now witnessing and how everything is
interrelated. An extensive list of resources are provided at the end of the book for readers
to learn more.

“I would encourage people to look at this more as a period of change in conditions,” Mr.
Andrews says. “The date is what we are focused on, but it’s less important than
establishing some realization that change is occurring and we should be taking reasonable,
sensible steps to see our way through that.”

What is the Mayan calendar?

The ancient Maya lived from 200 BC to 900 AD. They were an advanced society in Central
America with a highly developed language, writing architecture and astronomy. The
Andrewses say their calendar is significant today because the Mayans were accurately able
to calculate huge sums and spans of time and predict future events by studying the cycles
and rhythms of the solar system.

“There’s actually 17 calendars we know about, and another five that are hidden and may
be revealed in the next few years,” Synthia Andrews says.

All of the calendars measure different aspects of time but then interrelate in the Long
Count Calendar. And that’s the calendar all the hoopla is about. It’s a complicated series of
cycles, but the bottom line is that the calendars say this age will be destroyed and a new
age will begin. Not all experts agree with the interpretation of the exact date, the Andrewses
say, but for the ancient Maya, we are on the path and the cosmic plan is unfolding as

Nature unbalanced

One of the reasons the 2012 doomsday prediction is being taken more seriously than
others, the Andrewses say, is the very real earth changes going on now along with major
signs of an imbalance of nature, including:

Super volcanos: A super volcano is as powerful as 1,000 Hiroshima-type nuclear bombs,
the Andrewses say, with the most recent one exploding in 3500 BC in Greece. But in 1993,
the largest super volcano hot spot ever discovered was found in Yellowstone National Park
in Wyoming. It covers 136 acres and lies under the glacial lake. The area under the lake
has been rising since 2004, forming a bulge indicating activity. Water temperatures have
been rising. Nobody knows when it will blow, but some predictions are 2012. The biggest
problem is that the volcano is fueled by underground accumulations of radioactive uranium.
If it blows, ash clouds will block the sun, among other things, plunging us into a “nuclear

Cracks in the earth’s magnetic field: The earth’s magnetic field forms a shield around the
earth to protect it against harmful solar radiation. Mr. Andrews says NASA has confirmed
recently that there is a tear in the earth’s magnetic field. The tear is due to changes in the
earth’s core that could also lead to a pole reversal causing extreme weather conditions.

Celestial alignment: Our solar system has been passing through the galactic equator. John
Major Jenkins, a Mayan researcher and author, believes the Mayans created their calendar
to end on Dec. 21, 2012, to match the alignment on that day. He claims that the rising of
the solstice sun will be in alignment with the center of the Milky Way galaxy and will eclipse
it. During that time the emissions from the center of the galaxy will be interrupted.

“For anyone that questions the prophesy, the date and timing is within 30 seconds of NASA
calculations,” Mr. Andrews says. “So they knew something, and with that alone, one needs
to look at everything they are saying.”

Pestilence and plagues

Epidemics and diseases are on the rise as the prophecies foretell, the Andrewses say. This
includes a disturbing variety called Morgellons as they describe in the book: “A person will
start to itch, get nasty sores on his or her skin and then feel something alive and moving
underneath the skin. The moving things eventually erupt through the skin as multicolored
fibers.” Morgellons was discovered in 2001 and is just now being investigated by the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. At present, there is no cure. The analysis of
the fiber is what has everyone concerned, Mr. Andrews says, because it’s not a known
material. The theory the Andrewses say has the most evidence is that it’s from genetic
alterations (in genetic engineering), particularly in the agrobacterium that may have
escaped the lab.

What to do

The Andrewses admit much of this sounds like a sci-fi movie and there are numerous
prophesies that have been made that never come true. That’s why some people, such as
Tony Meyer of St. Joseph, are remaining skeptical about 2012.

“I don’t believe in those kind of things,” he says. “I would put it right up there with psychics
and mind-readers. But If I’m wrong, I would imagine there’s not going to be anyone around
to say ‘I told you so.’”

The Andrewses say whether you believe the prophesy or not, there are things we should

“If I had a direct line to Obama today,” Mr. Andrews says, “I would be saying two things:
There is ample evidence that we are part of the trouble from man’s actions and lack of
respect for our surroundings. And how we consume on a vast scale across the spectrum is
something that needs to be changed urgently.

He says he would also encourage the president to make the resources available quickly
and urgently for detailed major civil emergency planning to be available at all levels of
government. On an individual level, the Andrewses have several chapters of suggestions,
including getting in touch with your spiritual side and beginning preparation for what one
should do for any disaster. They also will be continually updating their research on their
Web site,

“Take a broad perspective and take common-sense steps and evaluate everything for
yourself,” Mr. Andrews suggests. “Question everything. Forget 2012 as a date, but as a
period and target for improvement in life and the way we conduct ourselves.”

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