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"The truth is a planet in the
Solar System called Ear-th"

Colin Andrews
It is clear to most of our population that we have reached, what I have called for many years 'The Crossroads'. Meaning, a
time in our long history when a multiplex of subjects that we have had a hand in and some we have not, reach critical mass
at the end of their reign of influence. For us humans, critical mass is when these multiple endeavors, whether religions,
industries or scientific and everything between reach an end game, all at the same time as our planet adjusts too. Our
minds, our attitudes and our actions play out in manifestation which are reflections of whence they came, hence the
resultant consequences are now born. Governments, businesses (in some parts of the world, these are the same entities)
and even religions are near panic modes to try and fathom how to proceed beyond this place of confusion and transition.

The many pieces are tethered intrinsically to each other as everything is. The talking is over, old actions haven't worked and
the peoples have their leaders unclothed and themselves too. But where and how to move forward requires the real stuff to
be placed on the table.

I think there is some value in viewing the whole of society and our home as one. Viewed separately is just more of the same,
the many and the talking into an ever larger echo chamber.

The truth for us is a planet in the Solar System, called EAR-TH. Mother Earth is the truth and she is desperately dealing with
all on board and all beyond. She bears it all, actions, consequences and how she reacts and behaves IS OUR TRUTH and

My own research has now spanned more than three decades which has been a tremendous opportunity which has taken me
many times around this planet. The many subjects I have sought world experts to work with include the fields of UFO, Crop
Circles, Consciousness and Climate Change, and others,  which have brought me to the most difficult realization to
communicate through traditional media outlets. Just as we reach this critical period (Crossroads) and we open our minds to
understand a number of currently inexplicable occurrences, evidence exists that our own minds are not alone.

With a little over a year since Synthia and I wrote On the Edge of Reality, in which we opened some new doors on the actual
reality we exist within, it’s time now to add some constructive substance to this.

My good friend David Haith sent me today, a wonderful article in which the point is made that "We need a new story for our
relationship with the Earth”. I am preparing an article to post with what Dave sent, which will be up shortly. I like very much
that it raises the right questions and attempts to resolve the many interpretations surrounding  which group or another holds
the keys. I also find fascinating an unseen possible game changer that could be with us in just weeks.

Today for me marks the end of 32 years of listening, doing and caring about making the old ways work and the beginning of
thinking and acting as of the Earth and her truth. That requires explanation I know and it is coming. Now we must
communicate and share the real stuff with each other.

For me the start of this final phase regrettably comes with an embarrassing but thankfully rare drive for donations of any
size to keep the wheels turning. As you know there has never been a charge to access the website and almost all of the
research has been self-funded. The donations that have been received are very much appreciated, for which I thank those

This is an exciting period of extraordinary change but for many it’s scary too, what are our children to feel or make of this?
Look outside your windows where ever you live and tell me, it’s looking different isn't it, our Mother Earth is already doing
what she has to do and we must too. Colin Feb 19, 2015