Another cyclone approaches Australia and a second series of mysterious
interferences on the national radar system.
Colin Andrews
March 15, 2010

Cyclone Ului 'unlikely' to reach Qld coast
Chris Logan, Monday March 15, 2010 - 18:11 EDT

The BOM expects some gales will develop off the Queensland coast, but the cyclone is
unlikely to reach land. - ABC
The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) says a cyclone in the Coral Sea is unlikely to reach the
Queensland coast.

Tropical cyclone Ului is almost 1,400 kilometres north-east of Mackay in north Queensland,
and is moving very slowly west-south-west.

Winds from the category four cyclone are gusting up to 105 knots.

BOM forecaster Gavin Holcombe says the system will strengthen in force before Tuesday

"I think it'll get into the low category five, and then again late tomorrow morning drop back to
a high category four," he said.

The BOM expects some gales will develop off the Queensland coast, but says it is unlikely
the cyclone will ever reach land.

Shark nets and drum lines are being temporarily removed from beaches on the Gold and
Sunshine Coasts, and Rainbow Beach, ahead of the predicted bad weather later this week.

Fisheries Queensland spokesman Tony Ham says loose equipment in the water can be

"We're just a bit reluctant to leave them in with the sea state predicted to rise up to seven
metres on Friday and Saturday, " he said.

"We're just a bit concerned the gear will come loose and then come inshore and be an issue
for people who might be swimming or surfing."


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March 15, 2010. Two distinct and spurious patterns appear on the
weather-zone national radar system. One on the west coast and the
other over coastal and inland areas of the South West.
See close up
Copyright" The Australia Bureau of Meteorology.
March 15, 2010.  Cyclone Ului off the north east coast of Australia.
The two unexplained interference patterns over the south west of Australia as new cyclone Ului approaches the north east.
Image: Australia Bureau of Meteorology.

For those unfamiliar with what has been going on since this investigation began on January
16th 2010 - Begin

As cyclone Ului nears the north east coast, we began to watch closely to see if mysterious
designs again appear on the national radar system.  We did not have long to wait when
today another star-burst pattern appeared on the west coast and parallel bands appeared
in south west.

We will continue to monitor events over the coming days, meanwhile the following is a report
Weather-Zone have issued.