Avebury -  Infrasound and Leylines
                               Robert Hulse
                           November 8, 2009.

During my studies of infrasound ,I discovered that Qui Gong Masters in
China have been found by scientific methodology to produce
infrasound. Tests showed that they were able to kill bacteria in a test
tube simply by directing Qui energy at it.

I also found that many doctors in China and elsewhere use a device
which emits infrasound to help alleviate symptoms associated with
many different medical conditions.

During one of my visits to the Avebury Stone Circle, I was standing
near one particular stone. I was tuning into the energy which was
coming from it. The energy was particularly strong on this occasion and
I remember saying that it was like standing in front of a huge sound
speaker.  It was actually vibrating my whole body at the time.
I have always thought that the Avebury Stone Circle was a collection
mechanism for "Ley Line Energy", and that this energy could well have
been used for healing purposes. I wonder if the Ley Line Energy is
actually directed infrasound ,deliberately placed there to stimulate the
flora and fauna in that region.? Could this be the reason why so many
people experience a feeling of well being when staying in that area.?
The Avenue of standing stones set among the wild flowers at Avebury.  
Copyright: Colin Andrews.
This unique view of Silbury Hill (top right), Crop Circles and one of the largest monolithic standing stone sites in the world,
Avebury, Wiltshire, England.  
Copyright: Colin Andrews 1999.
Avebury, Wiltshire, England from the air. Copyright: Colin Andrews.
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