Most people visiting the Barge Inn at Honeystreet, near Alton Barnes in
Wiltshire, England are unaware that had I not one day during the summer
of 1993 asked Adrian the landlord if he would consider allowing me to park
my caravan in the unused and overgrown field behind the pub, its highly
unlikely the pub would be the hub of activity it is today. Read on.

The day I opened the creaky door into the lounge bar, I was greeted
(hardly the word though) by three locals sat there staring at me as if I was
ET itself.

The locals had experienced the big pictogram in East Field, Alton Barnes
two years earlier but the circles had not become regular visitors by then.
This poorly decorated and unfriendly pub was only used by a handful of
locals and the handful of barges on the canal running alongside the pub to
keep them ticking over. Crop Circle mania was but weeks away.

Adrian agreed to my suggestion and cut a pathway 90 feet long from the
metal gate into the pasture behind the pub, to a spot conveniently behind
the bar window under an overhanging tree for shelter.
This was the very first time the field had been used like this and so there
were no toilets or other facilities.  We could only use such needs within bar
hours and so I purchased a portable loo within a tall narrow tented

After the 1989 launch of Pat Delgado and my international best selling
book, Circular Evidence, I was appearing on local and national television a
great deal with Pat and we became well known in connection with this
rapidly growing subject. The term 'Crop Circle' which I invented in 1989 had
only itself been born four years before. As soon as the locals spread the
word that I was staying there, visitors began to arrive.  Most of them visiting
my caravan first and then the pub. It was not long before others asked the
owner if they too could park in the field near me.  It all grew from there.   

It soon got to be a thriving business for The Barge Inn but for me it became
a hindrance to my work, the exact opposite to what I needed to get work
done in Wiltshire. I did enjoy the time there with friends and eventually
gatherings of new researchers, some of whom also became friends. The
pubs place as a hub for crop circle enthusiasts grew quickly into the center
it is today.
A pub struggling to stay in business one day, became a thriving business
virtually the next. I met people like Matthew Williams and Kerry Blower and
others to like Dr. Steven Greer, George Wingfield, Lord John Haddington,
David Icke, Reg Presley (of The Troggs), Isobelle Kingston, Nancy Talbott
Note 02), Dr. Colett Dowell, Peter Sorensen and many many more. These
were all those who witnessed the beginning of a new tourist trap in the
wonderful county of Wiltshire, England.
With the business now increased many fold and the pub being mentioned
on television and radio everywhere, many more demands for camping
space, that a new overflow field was opened but my own demise came
abruptly and unexpectedly.  

It came during the late summer when I agreed to sub-let my caravan to a
researcher friend visiting from the United States, Dr. Collette Dowell, seen
above - Note 01. One evening in the bar, Collette told the landlord she was
staying in my caravan and that I had agreed to sublet it to her, which I
had.  No problem with that I thought - not so!. The Landlord's failed
memory was that I had agreed to terms not to sublet. If that was a rule, he
certainly failed to tell me. His anger that I had broken his agreement, which
I was not even aware of, seemed too much for him to deal with and so he
asked me to leave. The new crop circle client el was well established and
with or without my caravan in his field, things were just fine.
On a very cold day, with rain tipping down and the field now full of
caravans and tents along with semi-modern outside toilet and shower
facilities, my wife Synthia and I arrived to pull the caravan out and take it to
another pub, the Golden Swan in the next village. The Landlord sat in the
packed bar watching my wife and I struggling to push the caravan out from
its embedded position as the wet marshy ground began to swallow up the
wheels of the caravan. I left regrettably in an apparently hostile
atmosphere, much like the cool one I had arrived.

Flying over the pub with Busty Taylor over the years since, I could not help
but reflect upon the history behind all those speckled bright colored tents,
caravans and parked cars around the pub below our aircraft. It was now
the hub for crop circle enthusiast from around the world. All that activity we
could see below was a far cry from what was there nineteen years earlier
when I pulled my caravan into that empty field and those three locals at the

I experienced a wonderful time as did my friends who used my caravan.
Good research was done, new friends made and a new tourist attraction
The Barge Inn was touted by me at all my lectures around the world.  

No bad feelings.

That is the untold story behind the Barge Inn which is now up for sale.

I have no hesitation in saying that my caravan and I preceded the
popular pub that it later became. Crop circles were discussed and
researched in the caravan before they became the big attraction
around the pub.  

I wish new management well. It IS a wonderful location surrounded by great
countryside. As long as crop circles continue to appear nearby, the trade
should be robust. If the circles ever stop appearing I can only hope the two
or three locals who you will again be seen sat there owning the space, will
give you a warmer reception than they did me.

Colin Andrews

Note 01: Colette Dowell's an abductee whose claims are referred to in
books written by David Jacobs and the late Prof. John Mack.  Dowell also
claimed to have been abducted twice from my caravan. More about her

Note 02: Nancy Talbott has told me her strange story about these tickets,
seen blowing around her some years ago in bizarre circumstances. The
experience was what captivated her imagination and started her research
down the crop circle path.
The first caravans arrive to park next to Colin Andrews caravan (arrowed) in the
overgrown field behind the pub. This was a busy day with 4 people outside in the
garden and likely about the same inside. Copyright: Colin Andrews.
A gathering of friends and researchers with Colin before the large crowds arrived. Copyright: Colin
Colin (left) with Dr. Steven Greer.
Copyright: CSETI
Right: Dr. Colette Dowell entering my caravan the night she claimed to have been abducted. Copyright: Colin Andrews.
Colin and  David Icke stand in the empty field with
the caravan. Copyright: Colin Andrews
1999 with the second field now open and the center for crop circle visitors.  Copyright:
Colin Andrews
Isobelle Kingston enjoying an evening at the caravan -
catching up with events and sharing stories - what great
days they were. Copyright: Colin Andrews
Nancy Talbott with the four strange tickets that she told me
about one afternoon when coming to gather data for her
own new interest. Yet another story to be told. Copyright:
Colin Andrews.
My good friend Reg Presley, of the Troggs pop group, was a regular visitor to the
caravan at the Barge Inn. (
Reg Presley passed away). Copyright: Colin Andrews.

It was in the caravan I gave Reg copies of my books and videos as a wedding
present to the singer 'Sting'. He was fascinated in the crop circle mystery and Reg
with The Trogg's were invited to perform at Sting's secret marriage to Trudie Styler.
The couple live close by at Amesbury.

I also arranged to meet Mike Pinder of the Moody Blues band at the little old
caravan. Not the kind of place one would expect to find all these celeb's.  But that is
how it all began as the crop circle pub took off. Few people knew who was visiting
the little caravan under the tree at the back of the pub.

Copyright: Colin Andrews 1992.
Other well known personalities
I met around the crop circles
Trogg singer Reg Presley
Mike Pinder of The Moody Blues related amazing experiences he and his band had with UFOs. Mike and I in Los
Angeles after my presentation there.
In fairness my time spent with Colin Firth
was not at the caravan but in a shared
two bed private ward in Winchester

We both lived near Winchester and
looked after each other (so it seemed) for
ten days, as we underwent surgeries.  

I was introduced to him by nurses who
told him that I was a famous personality.  
My family have smiled about this many
times since as he has become one of the
most famous actors in modern history.

He wanted to know all about crop circles
and so it seemed my place  was to give
him a daily lecture and his was to show
me his acting skills.  He asked if I would
listen to him practise his lines for a new
movie, which was to be called  
Tumbledown', his first film. From our
ward window we could see Cheesefoot
Head, and so I was able to show him the
place I saw my very first crop circle six
years before.
Jon Anderson of the band Yes, who gave
me his own theories which he held
following an ET experience while of all
places he was in his hotel room at
Caesars Palace, Los Vegas. Copyright:
Colin Andrews
Colin Firth - The Kings Speech
Singer, song writer and artists,  Annie
Haslam - also from the group
Renaissance.  Annie attended one of
my presentations and has become a
good friend. She is incredibly
interested in the crop circles.
Copyright: Quinn Ramsby.
My Caravan Behind The Barge Inn Pub
By Colin Andrews
Actress Sarah Miles was a regular visitor
to the crop circles in the early days.
The pub faces one of the notorious White
Horses seen here on the downs overlooking
the Kennett canal which runs along side
the pub and is a resting place for the
barge owners.
Copyright: Colin Andrews
Colin Firth - Oscar Feb 2011