Another Black Ribbon Dart sent to me by a passenger in an aircraft flying over New
Zealand. Notice again, the central axis of the object has bearing on events taking
place - this occasion the direction and axis of the aircraft itself.

Is it possible that this is the object creating the sound? If we had taken photographs
that night at Cheesefoot, would this have appeared on them?

Is it the cause of melfunctioning cameras and the cause of the heating source that
operated my intruder alarms always at 4.15 AM?  Watch part two of the CBS film
'Gateway to the Unknown HERE. We can not yet answer these questions.
Above taken at Cheesefoot Head.  Copyright: Colin Andrew 1987.
Taken during 1987 by Busty Taylor approximately 500 metres west of Cheesefoot Head. These two
black objects share the same central axis. One is in sharp focus and the second is not or is moving
quickly.  We named these 'Black Ribbon Darts". If the ribbons of this 'thing' oscillated at high speed
as suggested in the photograph, would a 5.4Khz sound emit from the ether?  Copyright Busty Taylor.
Copyright: Busty Taylor.
This is one of the most bizarre photographs Ive seen of the Black Ribbon Darts.  
Taken showing a crop circle on the hill in the background, near Charlton, Wiltshire.  A
cables, with a snake like object and ribbon dart also nearby.  NOTE: This was on
35mm film, before the days of digital.
This photograph was taken by Pat Delgado at Beckhampton,
during the BBC filming when the TV camera was destroyed as
a strange sound arrived.  The sound can be heard in the
analysis page of this article.  Copyright - Pat Delgado 1989.