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By Busty Taylor
From memory and written January 2009.

I was present at the White crow surveillance for one week. One evening we
had a séance in a circle on top of Cheesefoot head, present with us was Rita
Gould, Steve her husband, Pat Delgado, Colin Andrews and George
Wingfield. Don Tuersely had been with us that evening but had to leave
feeling unwell.

We had been there for some time sitting on the ground, when Rita said that
she could feel something different, Pat got up and walked to the centre of the
circle and also said that he could feel something was happening. Rita, Steve,
Colin, George and I still sat there watching what was going on.

Pat suddenly seemed to lean back and then moved backwards saying that
something was pushing him backwards and asked Colin to help him. Colin got
up and grabbed Pat's Shoulders and tried to stop him from falling on his
back. Both of them seemed to move backwards a little before Colin got his
balance and started to push Pat up-right shouting that he had a job to hold
him up and that something was pushing Pat backwards and he could just
about keep Pat on his feet.

When things got back to normal, we all heard a noise coming from the
North-west towards us, the noise got over head and I think made one anti
clockwise circle around us and then moved of to the South-east and faded
away. We talked about this for a few minutes and Ron Jones and one other
person arrived to tell us that they had heard it to, plus they had things
happen to them as they walked towards us, ( cannot remember what though ).

On returning back to the White Crow control caravan to have a cup of tea
and a chat about what had happened that night, I remembered that we had to
check the weather station that Dr Terrance Meaden had installed and found
that the Barometer had dropped down a lot showing a massive pressure drop
had happened. The line on the chart had gone from the top nearly to the
bottom dead straight, no wavers at all. There were no obvious visible
changes in the weather that we could observe to account for this. (Editor: A
steep temperature drop was also noted in White Crow log and confirmed by
Dr. Meaden)

The next morning, some one driving along the A272 stopped at the caravan
to tell us another circle had appeared about half a mile south-east from the
one we had all sat in.

Busty Taylor