By Ron Jones
February 14, 2009.

There was almost a full moon which bathed the field with light. It had also
become noticeably colder to the point that I felt it penetrating my bones.

I lifted my head slightly upwards and I was rooted to the spot by what I saw and
I will never forget it.

The Cirrus cloud was in the shape of the horns of Isis, smooth and perfect and
it ended stem point, this pointed towards me.

Estimated height 30,000-35,000ft. The size and length was extensive perhaps
many miles in length.

The Cirrus cloud was approximately 15-20% cover and the horn was a brilliant
white, caused by the reflection of the moonlight on the cloud. The moon was to
the right of the cloud.

I would have remained transfixed to this image but for the calling of my name by
those in the circle, I was beckoned into the circle by Colin.

Leaving the field I turned around to look back to the sky where I had first seen
the horn, I had to lift my head more upwardly to focus on it.

The right fork of the horn had become very long and wispy and moving
outwards to the right.

The left fork of the horn had also become very long and wispy and moving
outwards to the left also.

The stem section had now become very wispy in both directions, 30% left 70%
right ratio.


We made our way along the bridle path in the fading moonlight as the moon
was now nearing its final stages of setting, the audible trilling was still coming
out of the night.

Colin and George had walked about halfway when I felt an overwhelming urge
to put my body into a pentagon shape. I placed my arms at the two o'clock and
ten o'clock position and my right leg between 4 and 5 o'clock position and my
left leg between 7 and 8 o'clock position.

To me the trilling sound became very loud and at that moment there was a
crackling sound being discharged slightly behind me, the noise sounded like
thousands of crisp bags being crumpled all at once, I moved down that tramline
pretty quickly to join Colin and George.

Nearing the end of the field I pulled out a small camera with flashcube of four
that you click on top, I lifted the camera to my eye and pushed the shutter
immediately lit the area up with white light and the trilling stopped for some
10-30 seconds and started up again. Unfortunately this was the last flash bulb I
had on me. Was this just coincidence or a reaction from the unknown audible
sound I can only speculate on?


Precisely one week later I retired to bed feeling sleepy and I was in that state
where you are between consciousness and unconsciousness, suddenly the
trilling noise started up, the same as before but it was inside my bedroom.

I deliberately pinched and pulled the skin on my arms and hand to make
completely sure that I was not dreaming it and yes I was fully conscious and I
can assure you that I was.

I laid back on my bed and thought firmly to myself that all life is unique in the
universe and should not be violated or harmed physically or spiritually or in any
way. I then asked the universe to witness what was happening to me and I
asked for protection.

I decided to have no perception of what it was but I noted that it was with me, so
laying back on my bed I placed my mind in neutral response.

I felt myself being projected through the side of my house I instantly thought
that this is going to hurt and within the next moment I was back at the spot
beyond Cheesefoot Head where I had experienced the loud crackling noise
coming from behind me a week earlier.

I saw a series of horizontal bands of light cone shaped rotating and pulsating
up and down just above the standing crop.
The next thing that happened was that I found myself back in my bedroom and I
heard 3 distinct notes, first one high, second one low and third one medium -
from 1-10 would have been 10-1-5. I also experienced an overwhelming
peaceful feeling as I heard the three tones and this was also accompanied by
an overwhelming feeling of connection to the universe.

Ron Jones.

        Copyright: Ron Jones 2009.
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NOTE: After this article was posted I received an e-mail from Terry
Butcher in Andover, England.  He told me that he was at Cheesefoot
Head on July 16, 1991 during daylight hours and saw a wispy high level
cloud above him which was spinning where it exited or entered the
cloud layer and had a long tail stretching a long way across the sky.  
He took a photograph of it, which he kindly sent me - seen below.

The cloud type nor weather conditions were conducive to the creation of a
tornado and it was not an aircraft contrail.

Several days later, I received Ron Jones report, (above) in which he
speaks of a very strange high level white cloud. Ron's description is
extremely similar to that of Terry Butcher's. Neither person knows
each other and Ron has never seen or heard of this photo before
now.  Could this be the same phenomenon seen the night of the
Cheesefoot Head encounter?     
Taken from the small parking area at Cheesefoot Head and facing west towards Winchester.  
Copyright: Terry Butcher 1991.