2012 Crop Circle report
I checked a camera on the roof of Chilbolton Observatory,
Hampshire, in the adjacent county and found that the sky facing
camera had water droplets on it at 5.0 AM (below) on the morning of
the 28th April, the morning this crop circle was formed.  Using filters
and increasing lighting levels on the night time frames captured back
to mid-night, they appear to show water droplets for each hour.
This crop circle design appeared in large Canola
plants (also known as Rape in UK) with delicate
yellow flowers.  It was first discovered at 8.0 am on
the 28th April, close to the A303 highway, opposite
Yarnbury Castle, an Iron Age Hill fort near
Stonehenge, England.
 Copyright: Matthew Williams
"I can assure you it was a very wet night, in unforgiving conditions and
there was no sign of mud on the plants when found"
Colin Andrews
Posted May 9, 2012
"Discovered at 8.0 AM
Corrina Thorby to the
Crop Circle Connector"
As can be seen from this
photograph on the
Crop Circle
Connector website and taken on
the morning of the 28th, the
trousers of the person on the
The deep low pressure system swirling over the south coast and the satellite of visible vapour, confirm these bad
weather conditions.
Paul's email to Mark Fussell at the Connector:
I now see you have been able to obtain aerial
shots and I have to say...... This is the best
formation in rape I have seen for years. I think
there are a couple of things to consider when
reviewing this formation.... And they are the fact
that from what we know of the weather the last few
days, it would have been tipping with rain when
this formation was created. I know there are some
die hard circle makers out there.....BUT, would
they really have ventured out to make it in such
weather?  Hopefully a field report will show (or not
hopefully) evidence of human feet trampling down
and picking up tonnes of mud and depositing it
onto the stems and flowers. The photo's so far
show none of this.  The symmetry and apparent
(from the photo's) pattern of the floor lay shows a
very well positioned and constructed formation
with radial floor lay integrated into the pattern.  
From what I know of crop circle creation, this is not
easy to imitate by foot. And the whole thing looks
like it has gone down in one go??  I hope we see
more of this throughout the year.
Red Arrow shows the Chilbolton Observatory to the east of the crop circle near Stonehenge shown
by an orange arrow.
I was one of the first persons into it at 10am... It
was pissing with rain and i entered via the longer
lower half of the field. I saw no signs of people
entering and this may have been due to their
entry from the upper part of the field. Plants didn't
appear to be damaged and there was no mud
visible as far as I could tell but it could have
dropped off with the rain.……..

Who ever wanted to make such a circle must be a
mad bastard on a mission because the weather
was so foul that I got soaked to the skin in 4
seconds of walking up the tram line. Unless they
had fully waterproof gear and wellies it would
have been a hellish task to create this circle.
However I do know a couple of people who would
make a circle under such horrid conditions and
probably without waterproofs.... Such is certain
peoples mania to create circles - especially when
they have driven a long way to do it.
Matthew Williams
Paul Anderson
It can not be said for sure how this crop circle arrived in these conditions without obvious signs of
muddy boots and damaged plants. Until more information comes to light, it is left there.

Colin Andrews
The sky facing camera located on the roof of the observatory confirm water droplets.
Precipitation Data 26-27-28 April
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