A complex design found in sand - Tofino, Vancouver Island - 2003
By Terry Tibando ( CSETI Vancouver Coordinator  )and Annice Hardin-Tibando
November 2009.

The photograph you showed of the Flower of Life crop circle during your CSETI
presentation in Rio Rico, Arizona last week (26th October 2009) reminded me of
photos my wife  Annice took on an all girls weekend retreat at Long Beach in
Tofino on Vancouver Island, British Columbia back in November 25, 2003. As you
can tell the weather was overcast and it appears to have rained the night before
or early that morning as the "Sand Circle" is still wet. Admittedly someone could
have drawn the design and left before anyone discovered it or the person who
may drawn it, however,
Annice and her girlfriends did not see any signs of
footprints in the sand at the time it was found and photographed.
It did not occur to my wife at the time to get up somewhere high enough to
photograph the whole complete sand circle but, fortunately she knew I would be
interested in this phenomenon and stated how I have always come up to Tofino
during past summers searching for signs of ET presence and here was perhaps a
calling card that they may have been here! I believe, however, that the message
was meant for my wife and not me, as I have always accepted their existence since
early childhood and was happy for Annice that the ETI were reaching out to her in
some way.You can see from the pics that the design is very similar to the photo
you showed us all and Annice stated that it was a definite circle with flower like
petals in its composite design. The lady in one of the photos is Annice's best
friend Heather.

Terry Tibando
Hi Colin

This took place in November 2003.  My friends and I were there for 4 days.

I laughingly shared with my friends stories of Terry searching for UFO's whenever
we come to the West Coast of Vancouver Island during the summer family
vacations and it would be ironic if I saw something.  We were walking on Long
Beach back to the car as I uttered these words, then we saw this design in the
sand. ( in the last picture you are able to see a vehicle in the parking lot) This
portion of the Long Beach is somewhat sheltered.  There were no footprints
surrounding the design, not did I see ridges that would normally be found if a stick
was used to create the design.  It looked like a cookie cutter had sat on the sand
and made the impression.  There were no drag marks.

The design of interlocking circles was approximately 30 feet across.

Thanks, Annice Hardin-Tibando
Copyright: Annice Hardin-Tibando
Copyright: Annice Hardin-Tibando
Copyright: Annice Hardin-Tibando
Tai Chi Instructor Graham Pritchard with the design he and his
brother planned to make in the famous field at Barbury Castle,
England on the night of July 27-28 July, 2003.  His Brother fell ill
and so they cancelled the plans but in that exact field that night
the design appeared anyway.
Copyright: Colin Andrews 2003.
The crop circle design which appeared in a field at Barbury Castle,
Wiltshire, England on the night of 27-28th July, 2003. The design
seen here after harvesting.
Copyright: Colin Andrews 2003.
Below is the Flower of Life crop circle Colin Andrews discussed at
the Rio Rico presentation which Terry is referring to.
Below is the beach where a similar
design was found in sand the same year.