The Assessment CD is based upon the two year investigation into circles being made by people during
1999 and 2000. The investigation was co-ordinated by Colin Andrews and involved aerial surveillance
and ground work by private agencies and funded by Laurance Rockefeller in New York.

Watch the slide shows of The Assessment presentation, first given by Colin Andrews in October 2000.

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Copyright Colin Andrews 2000.
Its very important to dissect each component part of the crop circle phenomenon before
developing the case for or against any particular theory or conclusion.  As the investigation
evolved for me, so did the key question. In 1983, the question that jumped out then was:
"What created this set of swirled circles? (They didn't have a name then.)"  In 1991, after I
was privy to some significantly detailed claims by Doug Bowers and Dave Chorley in the
presence of the Today National newspaper at Pat Delgado's home, again the question
changed.  That question was then, which ones did they make?  In the late 1990's I received a
late evening phone call from BBC's television director, John Macnish and his wife Jayne, who
were staying in The Castle Inn in Marlborough. They were staying there while filming
interviews surrounding a documentary they were making about the involvement of those
same two men, Doug and Dave (to be referred to as D&D).  John was good enough to
consider the impact upon me, of what he believed he had discovered, before releasing it to
the public.  Pat Delgado and I had taken part in many TV programs for the  BBC and had got
to like him and his wife Jayne, very much.

The details he revealed could only have come from someone who made many of the crop
circles.  He showed me letters and the envelopes they were received in, on which designs
were sketched and date stamped,
before they appeared in the fields.  "Also negatives
showed photographs of crop circles that even our small team had not seen before nor in
some cases did the farmers whose land they were on."
In other words, the people taking the photographs knew where the circles were before
anyone else, because they made them. The mail and the negatives came from the same two
men, D&D.  This was very compelling evidence to support the claim made by D&D that they
made the crop circles in the early 80s - but
NOT ALL OF THEM as we will see. Some of their
claims were flawed and I had the evidence.  I will come back to this as the case for a very
important phenomenon is developed.  

In 2000, after two years of undercover research into the people believed making the circles in
England between 1999 and 2000, the evidence again was totally compelling that
approximately 80% were man made.  I looked at all the data from start to finish again and saw
that there was one common denominator in all this and that was the highly mysterious events
being witnessed by researchers and the public alike, and even by the people making them.  
So the question then became: "Why are they being made and to whose plan?"  A big jump
from the original question and way beyond what the media could work out for themselves, nor
did they have the courage to head there. "It's much easier to discount the old mystery...."  
"Even worse is that some know better but don't have the courage or honesty to come clean."

It might seem strange to be talking about an important phenomenon in the same breath as
showing evidence that many are man made.  We are starting at the beginning, where any
detective has to and will finish up at a verdict when all the evidence has been gathered and
thought through.

One thing is for sure and should be stressed at this stage.  There is no advantage for any of
us to create myths or new religions as we experience the realization that emotions are
impacted significantly by what we see in these fields and/or, what we would like to believe.  
Emotion is I believe part of a much larger study and perhaps even key in understanding what
could be described as the biggest
social experiment in our time and just when we needed
the lesson.  More on this again later.

I know from personal experience that no one likes their belief system challenged and they
sure don't like facts that force it.  Well known people in this research are in vast denial with
major parts of the puzzle and so to complete the task of understanding it, is impossible.  Even
worse is that some know better but dont have the courage or honesty to come clean.  I know
that for a fact. A full eight years after I announced the findings of the Rockefeller financed
study, that only about 20% could not be explained, many who are in the public eye, refute
even one circle is made by people.  "Extraordinary but let's continue in the next week or two,
...."  to move this forward without malice to those we don't agree with.

I have no axe to grind with these people, but feel compelled to open this debate again in the
interest of making a clear case for my conclusion.

"OK, let's look first at the case I made...." in 2000 for people making many of the crop circles.  
Then listen to much of the same information this same information coming from one of the
people making some of them, Matthew Williams.
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Matthew Williams - How to work out
man made crop circles.

August 2008.
With all today's answers, one key part of the mystery deepens.
- more coming soon.
Colin Andrews - 22nd August 2008.
The fourth TV documentary by National Geographic, who knew about
the Doug and Dave story before it was published in 1991 (See panel
NOTE:  "Its very important to know all the information before we dig deeper into what
this period has meant and why all this happened. Also who is behind it and why.  This
site intends to tell the whole story, as far as it is currently known. For many people
making circles, only some know what is really going on".
Colin Andrews 22 August
During July 1991, Pat Delgado and I were being filmed by National Geographic for the first of a
series of TV documentaries on the crop circles. The transmission date of this first program was
put back when the organization learned from French intelligence that there was about to be a
planned major revelation which involved two senior citizens (Now famously called Doug and

The program that  they eventually transmitted was nothing short of a disgrace and
embarrassment. They had filmed at unflattering angles using distorted lenses and intentionally
used what ever they could to discredit us.  

The organization planned to discredit each individual involved and the subject also. The
outcome on the public, hot on the heals of the Doug and Dave revelation via the 'Today' National
newspaper in UK, was profound. Many believe the research never really re-gained its credibility
or its footing. That was not because national Geographic did not have the data to make it
something intelligent it was because they came with an agenda. Those who watched that first
show heard how they used a strange 'ET' metallic voice for commentary throughout the program.
We all know how many programs have looked at the entire phenomenon as man made and that
can be done also respectfully - but the in your face willingness to destroy and damage people for
doing honest investigative work is not acceptable and we dont have to put up with it either. It is
good investigative journalism the real phenomenon awaits and that I encourage.

Then came a new program during 1994 which opened the doors to the possibility that,after all,
something inexplicable might be going on, but again they cast the researchers in a poor light.
The Today newspaper headlines - Sept 1991
The 'Today' journalist and Colin's
exchange caught on camera
National Geography's first TV
documentary postponed because
of French intelligence information
on the planned Doug and Dave
Looking at the man made.