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With reference to this video:

Like many UFO researchers I have found our
subject cannot be confined to nuts and bolts -
not when the mysterious objects come and go
like will'o'the'wisps and abductees report beings
suddenly materialising inside locked homes
abducting people through solid walls.

True there may be a number of different
phenomena operating here but it seemed to me
logical to explore related psychic events
where similar happenings appear to occur -
materialisation of matter, psychokinesis,
communication with alleged spirits etc.

And that's where Tom Harrison comes in -
a very dear and close friend of mine who
died just a few weeks ago in his 90s.

Tom was an ardent Spiritualist but the
stories he told me were far more spectacular
than mumbled ambiguous messages from dodgy

From April 1946 Tom and his then wife Doris were
part of a unique home séance circle known as
The Saturday Night Club, a small group of family,
friends and occasional fortunate guests who
witnessed wonders that Spiritualists of today
can only dream about. From that time until the
passing of his mother Minnie Harrison, who was
an exceptionally gifted medium, Tom and his fellow
circle members claimed they met and talked
with literally hundreds of materialised spirit people,
all completely visible in good red light in the small back
room of a house in Middlesbrough, UK.

In his own words Tom said: "They returned not as
fleeting, passing visions in somebody's mind, not even
as wispy, transparent ghosts or spectres. They returned
in fully-functioning, warm, heart-beating physical bodies.
They returned and spoke with the same-sounding voices
you would recognise. They returned with the same laughter,
the same personality; and as you thrilled to feel their
arms embracing you, and even kisses from their lips -
the same love."

Now this whole concept of dead people materialising
so you could touch and chat with them was pretty
mind blowing and I would have probably dismissed it
completely unless I read of similar phenomena from
the likes of Oliver Lodge and Sir Conan Doyle in the
annuls of parapsychology.
So I got to know Tom who showed me some time-exposure
photos he'd taken and his hand written diary of each
occasion these phenomena occurred - literally hundreds
of times.

He talked of 'apports', objects suddenly appearing in
their room and flower blooms being teleported through
the wall from a garden outside.

When I challenged him about the conversations with the
visitors - some recorded on reel to reel tape - how
could he be sure his group weren't all hallucinating, he would
relate how a doctor guest once took the pulse of a
materialised spirit and told her 'You'll live' and she replied
'Yes I am living', and how with scissors he was permitted to
snip some ectoplasm, from which the bodies formed, and take
it in a jar to his hospital to have it analysed.

When I asked Tom how he really knew the form he embraced
and conversed with, was his mother, he replied "You would
know your own mother, wouldn't you?"

In his latter years I played a small role in helping him
write a book about his experiences and secured him an
interview on the Jeff Rense Show.

Now following his passing, I note that somebody has posted
an hour long video of Tom telling in detail of his experiences.
The link for Visitors from the Other Side is here:

It's a home made video so sometimes the sound is a little
rough but you'll hear Tom and former members of his
circle telling of their experiences. And like me you might
wonder if it could be true....

Like me also, you might conjecture, what could be the
connection between these ethereal visitors and the
ones we are more familiar with in UFO lore, who invade
our homes unbidden?

My view is that in the quantum non-linear world there
may be myriad dimensions which sometimes for
reasons we currently cannot imagine, can blur into
our own reality - hence the bizarre happenings at
the Skinwalker Ranch and possibly in Nancy Talbott's
current research linking
UFOs with the world of
the dead.

I can well imagine the nuts and bolts brigade
will criticise me from straying into 'la la land' -
but if that's where the evidence leads, so be it.

Dave Haith
Subject: Dead People and Ufos - Is There a Connection?
Dave Haith
Posted December 2, 2010
Tom Harrison
Dave Haith