In the Greer event we stood on the top of a hill overlooking crop circles in a field
at Alton Barnes, England during July 1992.  Dr. Greer and I had assembled a
group of about 50 people who were following Greer’s protocols that, according to
his personal experience, enhance the possibility of direct UFO interaction.

It was a cloudy night, and I thought there was little chance of seeing anything.  
But after we stood there for a while, suddenly out of nowhere, I saw a small but
quite bright, fuzzy, white light darting towards us at speed. As it reached
overhead it split into two, one piece moving over us to the left, and the other to
the right. The light appeared to be traveling inside the lower edge of the clouds
and was diffuse.  Everyone present saw and described this the same way, BUT
significantly about 25 of us saw it as white and the other 25 saw it as bright red.
Additionally each color group witnessed the craft maneuver differently.  Both
groups were adamant that what they saw was correct.  People who saw red vs.
white stood together within the same 60 foot parameter and were intermingled. It
was not as if those who saw one color all stood in the same place, so why two
distinctly different colors and activities?