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Another Case of Walking Dead - Who Are These People?
Interstate 84 in Connecticut.
Posted September 17, 2010
Colin Andrews
Thanks to Valenya for this cutting.
This bizarre incident follows a report I posted recently about what seemed impossible
odds of Swedish twins who deliberately ran into fast traffic three times and almost
certain death but survived - one walking away after fighting police
"The body that was attached to
those legs exited the Nissan in
slow motion.......stopping in a
motionless heap against the
center barrier."
"The victim regained
supposedly injured party then
got to his feet and walked across
the highway to the driver's door
of my vehicle"
"After having spent 20 years as a
police officer on patrol , I can
recognize a seriously injured
person. And he was a seriously
injured person."
Junction 17, Interstate 84 near Waterbury, Connecticut. Copyright: MapQuest.