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Meaningful Upliftment
Meaningful  ​improvement of a person's ​moral or ​spiritual ​condition
There is no question that humanity has
reached a critical period, both in its
challenges to feed itself, quench its thirst,
resolve its political, religious and even
technological abilities. The challenges
passed down the entire structure from the
top, meaning political masters and also our
Mother Earth are beginning to tell on us
all.  Because I am a curious seeker of
truths and am focused upon subjects that
brings vast amounts of daily developments
towards me, just like you, I see how real the
growing stresses are. And regrettably going
in the wrong direction at the moment.

This new page,
'Meaningful Upliftment' is
not intended as an escape into denial or a
New Age business line, its my attempt to
present good positive news and bring to us
all the balance often left out of the daily
media.  Its intended to learn, feel good and
to remind us that there is a lot of good
things going on around us too.

I will appreciate and consider any true
positive, upbeat stories or news items that
you think others will benefit.

Thank you.


Colin Andrews
Page opened February 12, 2016
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World's largest solar plant opened in Morocco
which will supply energy for one million homes
and without any pollution.  
Lovelly smiling faces.
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Grab your coffee, sit back, turn up the 'V' and enjoy this great
performance by Aerosmith Paradise - Steven Tyler
Tribute to His Eternal Friend Paul McCartney.
This video tells the story of a wolf who was suffering from a neurological
condition that was distorting her posture. The nature preserve wanted to avoid
resorting to medication and tried giving her assistance from an energy healer.
She was able to put her hands on the wolf in spite of the fact that the wolf
typically had a difficult time trusting humans. Shortly after some consecutive
sessions with the healer, the wolf was feeling significantly better. (5 mins.)

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The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore
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Marley Dias, the New Jersey 11-year-old who—after becoming sick
of reading almost exclusively about “white boys and dogs—made it
her mission to collect 1,000 books featuring black girl protagonists
and distribute those books at schools in both the U.S. and Jamaica.