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To listen to the sickening deception and spin from the nuclear industry
around the world and willingly passed on unchallenged by the media,
you would now think that nuclear radiation was good for us and that
Iodine 131 was a new dressing for your salad. After all, its half life is just
8 days and anyway even the more potent stuff like Cesium 137 dilutes
like lemonade in your soda. Now lets get real:

Fact: The thousands of gallons of radioactive water now washing into the Pacific Ocean will create
dangerous levels of contamination in the sea life for 300 Years (**1). Its not just Iodine 131 and
Cesium 137 found in the Japanese Reactors, most of them now compromised.  
Here are some of the
other nasties conveniently not often referred to by either the officials or the media:

There are 15 Isotopes found in Plutonium: The longest living is plutonium 244, which takes 80.8
million years to decay to half its level of radioactivity. The most commonly used isotopes and found in
Fukushima are plutonium 238 with half life of 88 years and plutonium 239 with half life of 24,000
years and plutonium 240 with half life of 6,500 years.

Reactor #3 has what is called MOX (Mixed Oxide) which is a mixture of plutonium and uranium, and is
two million times more deadly than normal enriched uranium. This is of particular concern.

What a destructive force man has been on the sea life of our planet, in just the last few months two
companies alone , backed by big finance has carved huge swaths of destruction in the Pacific Ocean
and the Gulf of Mexico.

At this instant TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) who runs the Fukushima Nuclear plant in
Japan needs our total support in resolving this
man-made disaster but the nuclear industry from now
on must learn by all this.  Lets hope they do a better job than
British Petroleum (BP) after killing a
large part of the
Gulf of Mexico less than a year ago.

Our hearts should be hurting for the mess these two incidents alone have created for the sea life
over such vast areas - the long term consequences could be worse than we can bare to think about
right now.

Had it not been for short cuts and greed, none of this should have happened. It can be wrapped up in
many parcels but that is the primary cause as far as I can see. One more shot in the foot for
humanity  and time running out to work with what we have left.

Its a desperately sad day which makes me even more determined to fight hard for the political,
religious and business games to stop - this is a battle for survival among the macho emaciations of a
past era of power grabs and greed. From Washington D.C. to Cairo, from Beijing to Moscow, those
who supposedly represent us must
STOP, LISTEN and hear the eerie silence beginning to fall
across our lands. When the bees, birds and the fish are gone and the banks close their
doors, the final hours will have arrived for our children to face. Now is the time to act to
stop this madness. These people must go and a new generation must step forward to
begin changing the way we do the planet's business. They had their day and  likely got rich

With a global population now nearing 7 billion in the coming weeks, big challenges for food, water and
energy exist.  Nuclear energy is going to be in the mix as is climate change like it or not.  I think all the
public want is an honest, open debate with options and outcomes laid out. The men in Washington,
London, Libya and beyond better step up and get serious real fast - The planet and I believe many of
its peoples are ready to move forward without them.  That is my sense of things today.  

Colin Andrews - April 6, 2011

**1 Data Source: Arnie Gundersen, Chief Nuclear Engineer for Fairewinds AssociatesInc. CNN Apr 5, 2011
Graphic compilation By Colin Andrews
Cesium 137 dumped into the Pacific Ocean will be in the
sea life food chain for 300 years
By Colin Andrews
Posted April 6, 2011
Fukushima Nuclear Plant, Japan - Update: April 6, 2011
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