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Bacteria, fungi and algae analysis - also the
strange sound.
CPR Ref: 1989-005
Date Reported: May 28, 1989.
Plants: Barley
Location: Longwood Warren, Chilcomb,
Winchester, Hampshire, England.
Pattern Type 0002
In The Andrews Catalogue
C.P.R.I. Data/Research Card:

Site Visit Team: Colin Andrews, Richard Andrews, Busty Taylor, Pat
Delgado, Dr. Terence Meaden.

Strange Sound recorded here during Operation White Crow. Sound
analysis to be posted shortly.

Hampshire Police aerial reconnaissance aircraft photographed the circles
shortly after discovery at 12.08 pm on the 28th. Police photos are with
Colin Andrews.

Dowsing responses by Richard Andrews indicated man made. One track
found in and out and visible also on aerial photographs.

Dr. Elizabeth Sheffield from the School of Biological Sciences at University
of Sheffield carried out
analysis of the soil for bacteria, fungi and algae.

Meteorological data recorded by Dr. Terence Meaden (TORRO) (See

My thanks to Solicitor, Mr. Harry Harris who arranged the analysis for me.
The location where the two circles appeared is opposite Cheesefoot
Head, where I saw my first circles in 1983 as did Pat Delgado in the
same field during 1981. (See above)

This was also the site of our first major surveillance operation 'White
Crow'.  The site cameras and control caravan can be seen as the
highway leaves the photograph, top left.

A separate report will be posted about the strange sound and all the
surrounding circumstances that occurred here
Busty Taylor inspecting the swirl details in the
larger of the two circles.
The original hand notes showing the radius measurement taken
every 45 degrees from magnetic north. This was our standard
procedure for all ground surveys. Each measurement was taken
from the beginning or end of the swirl at the center of each circle,
to the base of the standing plants on the circumference.
Measurement's in metric system (Meters)
Busty Taylor and Dr, Terence Meaden recording ground details
from apparatus I rigged up for this work.
Dr. Terence Meaden (right) discussing
with Colin Andrews the meteorological
monitoring station set up at 'White Crow'.  
The station can be seen in the background