After the field was harvested, Farmer Tim Carson allowed Colin and a team to
grid the area out that the crop pattern had covered.  The team of experts from
the Andover Metal Detection Club scanned the entire grid for metals.  At the
same time a magnetometer survey was carried out.

This field and this spot was chosen because several crop designs had
appeared here within just a few feet since 1990 - which is unusual but not

The magnetometer located one high level of magnetism and deviation from
normal magnetic north.  The reason for this was discovered (see below).

This single crop pattern was covering a large variety of artifacts
Full scale excavation and search  by  metal detectors
of T0656 crop pattern.
Site: East Field, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, England.

Date: Formation was found July 9, 1998.

C.P.R.I. Ref: 1998-085

Details: A large Koch Fractal Snowflake design, measuring 295 feet across
with 147 circles around the large flattened area.

Plants: Wheat
Colin with the objects found during the
excavation of the crop circle.
Looking highly suspicious, a long straight
track was discovered from our flight over the
field soon after discovery.

People often ask,
have I ever dug
under a crop circle?
Field Team: Synthia Andrews, Colin Andrews, Terry Butcher, The team from Andover Metal Detector Club.
Over one hundred items were discovered under this one crop design, out in the middle
of nowhere.  Amazing
The items included Roman and later coins, Roman and later pottery, old clay pipe, number of world war 2 military
uniform buttons etc.  Even a bronze key was unearthed but unfortunately not the key to the mystery.  A hard cold day
had answered one question only and that was the reason there was a large magnetic anomaly in the crop circles, was
that it had formed over a large piece of iron farming equipment which had broken away and gotten buried.

Colin Andrews.