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Magnetometer Survey
These were the first results of a
magnetometer survey carried out on crop
circles. The crop design was a type 0045 in
the Andrews Catalogue and was discovered
in a field called The Devils Punch Bowl,
near Wantage in Oxon, England, in the
summer of 1992. It can be clearly seen that
the magnetic flux readings are significantly
higher inside this simple crop design, than
outside it.  The survey was carried out by a
team of scientists from Germany.
During 1998, several other cursory
magnetometer surveys were carried out by
C.P.R.I. which revealed a few interesting
results but none of real significance.

Pattern tyoe T0677 Andrews Catalogue
Pattern type 0673
Pattern type: 0651
Pattern type: 0656.

Note: With insufficient readings to be of
significance but a hint of the actual crop
design can be seen in the estimated
magnetic flux profile.

This design was also used to carry out in
depth underground detection survey, using
metal detectors - the finds were quite
remarkable.  See the investigation here.
The team of researchers working with the Andover
Metal Detection Club and the remarkable objects found
in the design.
Pattern type: 0769.

A design discovered in Hampshire, England
during 1999.

This design was investigated by retired
police detectives working with an agency
employed by Colin Andrews as part of the
Rockefeller funded two year investigation
into man made crop circles.  They could
find NO EVIDENCE of being made by

In addition a small magnetometer survey
revealed an estimated magnetic profile
similar to the crop design itself.
The single most significant  magnetometer survey results came in 2000