Unexplained Objects
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Interactive / Intuitive - Section 4
Pat Delgado (at 2 oclock and Colin
Andrews at 3 oclock both heard a
single thump sound and looked toward
its direction but saw nothing. That
moment and the disc was seen on
Busty Taylors photograph when
developed (35 mm film).
This photograph and negative was
examined by Kodak who said that the
objects where in the focal distance of
the lens - one being in focus or
stationary and the other moving or out
of focus. Both share the same axis.
They were not seen at the time by
Busty Taylor's son Nigel - seen top left.
An object almost identical to that
above, this one seen in a photograph
taken out of the window of a
passenger aircraft over Australia. Note
that the axis of the object is
approximate the same as the aircraft.
This photograph was taken by a
member of the public of a crop circle
on the distant hillside. What appears to
be a large eye bug type insect is seen
sat on the high voltage cable (seen in
enlargement) with another object
similar to that seen in 3-2 and 3-3
Top left taken by researcher/artist Ron
Russell - object seen above group in
crop circles. Top right and bottom left
are two separate photos of Colin
Andrews briefing a group at the Julia
Set crop circle next to Stonehenge in
1976. The same object captured near
the group on two cameras. Bottom
right, taken at the Avenue of standing
stones at Avebury of Colin with David
Two objects resembling top hats over
two crop circles at Cheesefoot Head,
Hampshire UK. This was the site of
surveillance operation White Crow and
also the field I saw my first crop circle
in July 1983.
Colin Andrews and David
Icke dowsing in the ancient
Avenue, Avebury England.
A large number of objects,
some familiar, showed up
on the films.
Some of the most consistent and
convincing reports from farmers are
those reporting small areas of what
appears to be mist over crop circles.
This was captured in 1986 at
Cheesefoot Head, Hampshire, England.
Taken during BBC filming on site of
'the popular national TV show 'Daytime
Live'. This was the where the event
took place of the sound and bizarre
interference with BBC camera, which
made national headlines. Colin
Andrews and Pat Delgado research
became a regular item in the show.
This object appeared on a photograph
over what was then the largest simple
crop circle yet seen  - 1989.
Large 'orb' in crop circle. Taken by
researcher David Kingston
Another 'orb' in crop circle.  Seen in
the center of frame and with bright sun
position, this is possibly a lens flare
One of several bright red objects
seen in this prolific site for UFOs -
Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, England. Many
crop circles have appeared here
since 1988. A military helicopter was
Another red object appeared on this
American tourist photograph, taken
near a Welsh castle and adjacent to
a small single crop circles in the
golden wheat field on the right.

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