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Happy Summer Solstice
I have this morning noticed the circle on land that I manage.

I do not support this vandalism, and demand that this circle, and the
location are not reported on your web-site.

We will be posting notices on the field stating we do not allow access to the circle, and will
regularly monitor the field to ensure this is obeyed.  At this stage, the crop remains harvestable,
and as a result, we will leave the circle intact.  If visitors to the site ignore our notices, and
continue to walk into the crop, we will mow out the circle.

I will be taking advice from the local police, and legal advice from our solicitors to counter this act
of vandalism.

Please let the teams behind the circles know, they are not welcome here.  If we get anymore, we
will be forced to mow them out to avoid the hassle.

I thank you for your assistance.

Gavin R A Davies Farm Manager.

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The Crop Circle Connector.


2010 Crop Circles so far:
Comment from Colin Andrews:

I have flown over this Heart Shape copse in Wiltshire for years and each time thought what an
invitation the design offered to the crop circle creators both human and not.  This year one of
them obliged and I would believe it to be the former with a nudge from the latter.

Again we see this subject, just like all others during this amazing transition, mimicking the same
exchange between the primary parties - a dialogue between Heart, love and truth versus anger,
greed and disconnect due in the main to ignorance. The dialogue with self  has reached fever
pitch and will not abate as every level of the human experience is questioned, dissected and new
choices made.

People make thousands of crop circles and those people know who they are.  Also a few hard
core and dishonest so called researchers take advantage and play the whole subject as a
mystery for self status, fame, books and radio programs and they too know who they are.  All will
be brought to the same mirror in turn.

The subject would never have held its position in the public glare had there not been something
in it but what is here to be learned needed the years of data gathering, paranormal experiences,
spiritual awakenings and the challenges set by the people making most of them to understand
that. There has been a thirty year dialogue and one totally unique for those honored such as
myself who have seen a unique phenomenon grow through many stages and involve all
structures of society, from government intelligence, scientific gutlessness, some brave science
by a few and magnetic manipulation of what ever was on offer by the masses. Each cutting the
cloth according to ones interests and agendas - same old stuff. But this new subject provided a
very well documented beginning and end and all in-between.

What is playing out in England this year are the final stages of this process where the truth can
set us free on a voyage more amazing and cleansing than anything one could have imaged
when this began thirty years ago. We could also obviously deny the lessons and stick with the
old thinking, the old way and the old school that created our current dilemma. That would not be

When we embrace the truth and practise and develop the intuitive we will clearly see where Heart
and Love become the only thing that is real. No one told the farmer this but his Heart grows on
and it will not be the last time it will be visited.

Colin Andrews - June 21 2010.
       June is a great month for our family,
                                                  Allison DuBois

Joe’s birthday is on the 14th, our oldest daughter Aurora’s birthday is the 13th and Father’s Day
all fall in the month of June. What a beautiful, festive time in our lives. As the world holds its
breath waiting to see what will unfold as we are politically divided and natural disasters seem to
keep coming, we must learn to live in the moment.

Strangely there is an upside to all the negativity, families are spending more time together instead
of going out, vacations are in our own backyards not in someone else’s and relationships are
being examined. As my family takes life day by day remembering to revel in celebration we find it
reminds us not to lose sight of life by trying to look at too big a picture.

I don’t mean to not care about what’s going on in the world, just don’t let it kill your spirit. Hey
presidents come and go and people have dealt with natural disasters for all time, what we can
learn from our ancestors is how to persevere. They sure did.

My dad was great at deflecting others’ negativity. It almost seemed to fuel him to be happier to do
more in life. He learned from people around him and decided to stay positive and always said,
“What ever will be, will be” (he loved Doris Day said she was, “a class act”.)

He was right! Those who learn how to “roll with the punches” in life will always recover faster and
take it in stride. Look at the people around you, what can you learn from them? We can even
learn from people who who don’t live right. They teach us how to NOT be and this too is a
valuable lesson.

My daughter Aurora causes me to reflect on my youth and I’ve been enjoying remembering who I
was then, man I was a hand-full! Guess I still am, some things don’t change.

Joe teaches me that it’s possible to grow old with someone and still not see them age. Don’t get
me wrong we have our ups and downs but that’s what makes relationships stronger. It’s like a
“stress test” that shows your strength as a couple.

So June is a month full of promise that is a spectacular reminder to us all that there is much to
learn and teach but most importantly to breathe and enjoy the life you’ve been graced with.

Happy Father’s Day to all because if you’re not one you still have one! Happy Birthday to all the
June birthdays! No more touring ‘til August so I’m going to enjoy going on vacation with my family
and take my own advice to live for now.

- Allison DuBois
Thanks to Jan Delgado
Even When We Are Well Intentioned Things Can Go Wrong -
As Long As We Can Say Sorry and Learn - Watch below.
This design appeared next to a prominent Heart Shape formed by a small copse of shrubs
in the Vale of Pewsey in Wiltshire, England on June 21, 2010. Copyright: John Montgomery.
One can see similarities with the latest design and another which formed in Oil Seed Rape
(Canola) one month ago. See  
2010 Crop Circles.
On Another Positive Note.