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Disgracefully Biased and Pathetically Trite BBC Piece on Rendlesham
(The multiple eye witnessed UFO landing incident at USAF Airbase in

Sent by UK retired journalist David Haith

I've been beating this particular drum for a few days now following that disgracefully biased and
pathetically trite BBC piece on Rendlesham by Evan Davis,
Ian Ridpath and Mark Pilkington.
Below Croatian radio host Giuliano Marinkovic does an excellent job in collating all the news and audio
links for this affair.

I consider Evan Davis's piece - probably done in total ignorance of the real story and witnesses on his
part - a gross insult to the guys given responsibility for guarding a nuclear base, by suggesting the solid
craft they saw land was a lighthouse!

"It was an easy mistake for young Americans a long way from home to make" sneers Davis patronisingly.
Tell that to former Sgt Jim Penniston who certainly knew what the local lighthouse looks like as he saw it
on patrol every night. And it was Jim who walked round the triangular object and actually touched it!
Time for the BBC to wake up and eat some humble pie.......

Dave Haith
(Colin Andrews:) An excellent book
written on this subject by my friend
and fellow researcher Peter
Robbins and a military man who
was there, Larry Warren.
A page from Sergeant Penniston's original notes.
From E-Mail:

Subject: BBC Audio-Article on Rendlesham - complete chronology

Dear colleagues.

For those of you who haven't noticed BBC has recently published article about Rendlesham Incident
(August 11th) called
"The Truth Is Not Out There" by Evan Davis available here:

With the connection of recent UFO News from UK and Brazil they have even opened possibility for
comments here:
Should We Take UFO Sightings Seriously:

Check Jim Penniston's reaction to BBC Piece posted by Dave Haith here:

Evan Davis piece lead to quite a stir and reaction - check here:

BBC Article is in fact a companion piece of the radio show Today from August 11th.
Audio of the Rendlesham Piece is included in the article. I have also uploaded it here -
Download link:

I have also processed 3 hours from the complete show to find possible more references and comments
about that piece directly from the studio-I was interested to see how it will be announced.
Here is new extraction – carefully edited with great care.

Radio show:
Today with Evan Davis & John Humphrys
BBC Radio 4, 06:00am Sunday 11th Wednesday 2010
- Besides Rendlesham piece and comments included also is a meteor shower piece so you could
compare different approaches between those stories.

So you will never have to listen the whole 180 minutes. Here is everything you will need boiled down to
10,49 minutes that counts.

Download link

And the best gem for the end.
Interview with James Penniston & John Burroughs in resposnse to BBC Piece on Bentwaters - check
Download link for Audio Here:

Host Robert Simcox tried also to get amateur astronomer Ian Ridpath for the show (involved in the BBC
piece) where he received this response from him:
"Thank you for the invitation but this isn't my constituency, I'm afraid".

He also tried to get Mark Pilkington (author of a new book Mirage Men - also involved in the BBC piece)
who suggested to Rob to contact Ridpath :)
A must listen :)

Best Wishes


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