November 28, 2013 - Thanksgiving

What better time to draw attention to the 'Whistleblowers' and others who have braved social wrath by
stepping forward with information they deemed so important that they chanced losing everything to
state them. There can be no greater act than to speak ones conscience against all the odds, even at the
hands of authority which is abusing power even to seek them out and remove them. Whether it be
national security, UFOs, corporations involved with genetically modifying our foods, our atmosphere
or cruelty to animals, we the people have an obligation to search out secret agendas and immoral
behavior and to state them. That is what these exemplary people did in one fashion or another.  These
are not criminals but humans of the highest order. They deserve our thanks and support at this time.

I am honored to be given this unique opportunity to bring alive these people through the skilled hands
of artist Doug Auld, himself a very special person.  Please take a moment to look at his work and to
give a few moments respect in support of those who blew the whistle, some now deceased, others
alive but with huge crosses to bare - I give thanks to each and say shame on those who created the
environment in which they felt such concern for their fellow man and woman.     

Thank you -
Colin Andrews  HERE