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The massive campaign of intimidation against WikiLeaks is sending
a chill through free press advocates everywhere.

Dear friends,  

The chilling intimidation campaign against WikiLeaks (when they have broken no laws) is an attack on
freedom of the press and democracy. We urgently need a massive public outcry to stop the
crackdown -- let's get to 1 million voices and take out full page ads in US newspapers this week!

The massive campaign of intimidation against WikiLeaks is sending a chill through free press
advocates everywhere.

Legal experts say WikiLeaks has likely broken no laws. Yet top US politicians have called it a terrorist
group and commentators have urged assassination of its staff. The organization has come under
massive government and corporate attack, but WikiLeaks is only publishing information provided by a
whistleblower. And it has partnered with the world's leading newspapers (NYT, Guardian, Spiegel etc)
to carefully vet the information it publishes.

The massive extra-judicial intimidation of WikiLeaks is an attack on democracy. We urgently need a
public outcry for freedom of the press and expression. Sign the petition to stop the crackdown and
forward this email to everyone -- let's get to 1 million voices and take out full page ads in US
newspapers this week!


WikiLeaks isn't acting alone -- it's partnered with the top newspapers in the world (New York Times,
The Guardian, Der Spiegel, etc) to carefully review 250,000 US diplomatic cables and remove any
information that it is irresponsible to publish. Only 800 cables have been published so far. Past
WikiLeaks publications have exposed government-backed torture, the murder of innocent civilians in
Iraq and Afghanistan, and corporate corruption.

The US government is currently pursuing all legal avenues to stop WikiLeaks from publishing more
cables, but the laws of democracies protect freedom of the press. The US and other governments may
not like the laws that protect our freedom of expression, but that's exactly why it's so important that we
have them, and why only a democratic process can change them.

Reasonable people can disagree on whether WikiLeaks and the leading newspapers it's partnered
with are releasing more information than the public should see. Whether the releases undermine
diplomatic confidentiality and whether that's a good thing. Whether WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
has the personal character of a hero or a villain. But none of this justifies a vicious campaign of
intimidation to silence a legal media outlet by governments and corporations. Click below to join the
call to stop the crackdown:


Ever wonder why the media so rarely gives the full story of what happens behind the scenes? This is
why - because when they do, governments can be vicious in their response. And when that happens,
it's up to the public to stand up for our democratic rights to a free press and freedom of expression.
Never has there been a more vital time for us to do so.

With hope,
Ricken, Emma, Alex, Alice, Maria Paz and the rest of the Avaaz team.


Law experts say WikiLeaks in the clear (ABC)

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WikiLeaks ditched by MasterCard, Visa. Who's next? (The Christian Science Monitor)

Assange's Interpol Warrant Is for Having Sex Without a Condom (The Slatest)

sign the petition below: Or select web page:
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Wikileaks DOS Revenge Attacks Are Playing Right Into The
Script...                                           DO NOT DO IT

Guys seriously..

How much more obvious could this be..


They want to get some sort of cyber war started

They will use it to shut down the net or severely restrict it

They will also use this opportunity to neutralize opposition who is stupid enough to engage in cyber
warfare against TPTB



This entire wikileaks thing is a SETUP...

You do realize anyone who has contributed to wikileaks financially has now committed the crime of
providing monetary support to a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION

Are you going to let some foreign asshole create "groups on the ground" in America?

Check out this email they sent out back in JULY...

They are trying to setup "cells" on the ground, not just the internet..


I wouldn't touch that shit with a 10 foot pole...

Do note in this email sent in July they DENY the existence of 260,000 diplomatic cables that they have
now since released....

Here is the email:


Subject: WikiLeaks may be under attack
Date: June 15, 2010 8:26:52 AM CDT

WikiLeaks may be under attack.

You were generous enough to write to us, but we have not had the labor resources to respond.

Your support is important to us. Please read all of this email to understand what is going on. We
apologize for not getting back to you before. It is not through any lack of interest on our part, but an
enforced lack of resources.

One of our alleged sources, a young US intelligence analyst, Bradley Manning, has been detained
and shipped to a US military prison in Kuwait, where he is being held without trail. Mr. Manning is
alleged to have acted according to his conscious and leaked to us the Collateral Murder video and
the video of a massacre that took place in Afghanistan last year at Garani.

The Garani massacre, which we are still working on, killed over 100 people, mostly children.

Mr. Manning allegedly also sent us 260,000 classified US Department cables, reporting on the actions
of US Embassy's engaging in abusive actions all over the world. We have denied the allegation, but
the US government is acting as if the allegation is true and we do have a lot of other material that
exposes human rights abuses by the United States government.

Mr. Manning was allegedly exposed after talking to an unrelated "journalist" who then worked with the
US government to detain him.

Some background on the Manning case:

[link to]
[link to]
[link to]
[link to]

[ note that there are some questions about the Wired reportage, see: [link to] ]

WikiLeaks a small organization going through enormous growth and operating in an adverserial,
high-security environment which can make communication time consuming and the acquisition of new
staff and volunteers, also difficult since they require high levels of trust.

To try and deal with our growth and the current difficult situation, we want to get you to work together
with our other supporters to set up a "Friends of WikiLeaks" group in your area. We have multiple
supporters in most countries and would like to see them be a strong and independent force.

Please write to if you are interested in helping with Friends of WikiLeaks
in your area. You will receive further instructions.

We also have significant unexpected legal costs (for example flying a legal team to Kuwait, video
production. Collateral Murder production costs were $50,000 all up).

Any financial contributions will be of IMMEDIATE assistance.

[link to]

Please donate and tell the world that you have done so. Encourage all your friends to follow the
example you set, after all, courage is contagious.

Julian Assange
Editor in Chief

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Few will listen,
Of the few who listen, fewer still will understand,
Understanding does not mean believe,
Of the handful who believe, most may not know what to do,
Those who even know, how many will actually do ?
And the rare ones who have done it.......
Need not listen to you anymore.

      WikiLeaks; Three Views

1. SUPPORT THEM:  Support WikiLeaks and fight for the freedom of the press
- Stop this chilling intimidation campaign against them.

2. DONT PLAY INTO THIS: WikiLeaks are trying to start a cyber war.

3. ASSASSINATE: Assassinate Assange (That believe it or not from within
the Canadian Government - see below)
An adviser to the Prime Minister of Canada has called for the
"assassination" of the WikiLeaks founder

Speaking in live television interview on the CBC News Network, Tom Flanagan flippantly said he
thought Julian Assange "should be assassinated" and suggested Barack Obama "should put out a
contract and maybe use a drone".

He added he "would not be unhappy if Assange disappeared".  Source
Comment: Clearly while debate of various views is a healthy thing, this nonsense is dangerous and has no place in
our society anywhere
. Colin Andrews
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In the interest of free speech and democracy here are WikiLeaks mirror sites: HERE
In the interest of free speech and democracy here are WikiLeaks mirror sites: HERE
In the interest of free speech and democracy here are WikiLeaks mirror sites: HERE