If This Is Not 2012 Then I'm Clint Eastwood.


As you will see in the graph above, the global trends are on track to come together at
the end of what the Mayan's called the 13-baktun cycle.  The 5,126 year cycle ends on
21 December 2012 and will transition into a new one, under completely different
conditions.  How and why?

The global trends shown and some that are not will dictate a completely restructured
starting point.  That transition has been visibly underway for some years but is
accelerating on almost all fronts, as it must now.

Lets begin the 2012 debate, and if you have our book, this will be a good time to pull it
out of the shelf.

When you have looked at the evidence, we think you will agree that the Mayan scholars
knew something. Each link takes you to the 'Global Health Trend' now taking form:

Human Health
Solar Activity
Human and Animal Resources
Drunvalo Melchizedek: Perspective on Today (2008) - WHAT IS HAPPENING?
This is where the debate begins.  Take a few minutes to see how all the pieces come together - Where the
transformation takes place: SELECT EACH SUBJECT which we have called 'The Global Health Chart'. The period
we are living in now is what this is all about.

Population - Climate - Human Health - Economy - Environment - Temperature - Politics - Solar - Human
and Animal Resources -
Life Beyond 2012 - Earth Changes.

And what about Astrology? The Mayan carefully mapped out the astrology along side astronomy and were able to
predict periods that favoured certain changes. The 2012 Astrology chart is presented here EXCLUSIVELY by
former FBI special agent and Astrologer
Alan J. Ouimet S.F.O. In Alan's own words, "The chart is stunning" and
also research Astrologist
Edmund Correia who said "I have never encountered anything quite like it".
ET/UFO Contactee Billy
Meier about 2012:
Thanks to Dave Hurlburt
Watch the trailer for the important new film Earth Pilgrims by Echan Deravy

"Everyone is worrying about everything ending, its not ending its dying.  Lets it die, celebrate the
birth of the new"  Satish Kumar - The movie Earth Pilgrims.
From Page 90 of The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012.
Copyright: Colin Andrews
The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012 by
Dr. Synthia Andrews and Colin Andrews
Copyright: Wayne Mason - View
more of his Photo-Graphics
Copyright: Colin Andrews







Check a day - any day and say its not accurate!
Try today: Monday May 3, 2010
As modern infrastructure falls apart we should rejoice the
unique opportunities to put them back together in better shape
and with honest minds.
To move forward as a species with our home planet in such a delicate condition, an imperative is to develop and
encourage sixth sense ( intuition) and also to demand truth and total transparency from all in powerful positions in
industry, politics and beyond.  Only truths will allow us to make the urgent and careful decisions necessary for
survival of Earth's creatures, plants and people..

In pursuant of this basic ethical value I have opened what I am calling the
'List of Deceivers'.  This term is not
complimentary and its not intended to be.  It is a term which declares a tested and proven deception on society and
is a declaration that these companies and even governments have been tumbled and their practices are now in our
focus and will be challenged and changed - No more, this is the time.

The whole idea is not to open new battles and create divisions between our peoples but to draw us closer together
in a united position demanding true representation based upon honesty and integrity for our children's future.

Horrible things are taking place and have already occurred which are having devastating repercussions - these
demand new minds and new attitudes to ensure we learn from them. More of the same is no longer acceptable or

Any visitor who feels strongly about a large scale case of deception or injustice perpetrated on society and can
provide evidence and would like to see the organization named and placed on the list of 'Deceivers' please send me
the links etc and the organization logo to:
Solar Storm Could Cause Serious Problems NASA Say - Meeting called to discuss precautions
Updated - June 14, 2010
...."This isn't something that will go away.  Humankind is folding along a seam that has to
align before it can bend and somehow, someone is working the actions onto the page, but
bend it will at the right moment.

Our new tomorrows are about to change for ever and nothing will be the same again.  
With what we are to learn in the coming weeks, a whole society will appear in a kind of
shock, astonishment and yet "Enlightened"..............
The period around 2012 is not just prophecy, its a transition and a
critical cross roads for humanity and our home. Watch the trailer to
Circular Evidence, a movie in development about Colin Andrews life
journey and research - pointing to serious environmental and social
challenges but potential for a truly remarkable future.  
The 2012 Debate
E-mail received:

Question: What is the significance of the
year 2012?

Bhagwan: OK. Most of you know that the
earth has got a magnetic field. As the earth’
s molten core is rotating, the magnetic field
is created. The thought sphere of the
human mind is located in the earth’s
magnetic field. This magnetic field has
been weakening dramatically over last ten

Now, in physics there is a parameter called
Schumann’s Resonance. Using that we can
determine the strength of the earth’s
magnetic field. While for many centuries, it
was constant around 7.80 cycles per
second, during the last 7-8 years, it has
risen to 11 cycles per second and is
continuing to increase dramatically. If you
work it out mathematically, it appears that,
by the year 2012, the "Schumann’s" is
likely to be 13 cycles per second. When
this resonance is 13 cycles per second, the
earth’s core would stop rotating with
magnetic field gone. And with the magnetic
field gone, your mind is gone. When I say
"your mind", what I mean is your
"samskaras". The pressure of the past
11,000 years of samskaras will vanish.

In the Dharma, we also say, “Mind is
Karma”. All actions start from your mind.
The mind is nothing but a storehouse of
samskaras or past life vasanas from which
all action emanates. This is stored in the
earth’s magnetic field. So in the year 2012,
it will become zero for a few days. After
that the core will start rotating again. This
would be a fresh beginning for man or the
dawn of the Golden Age. This is the
significance of the year 2012.

How do we know it will happen? The
study of fossil records has shown that, it
happens roughly after 11,000 years. It’s
only a short time away and then we can all
start afresh. That is why I want you to
become enlightened by 2012. If you are
enlightened, with all your samskaras gone,
we can begin a new yuga, which can be
called Satya Yuga or the Golden Age. Man
will enter into a new state of altered

As I told you already, the earth’s
resonance is increasing which means the
earth’s heart is undergoing a
transformation. The earth has got a
physical body, like you have a body. It has
got a consciousness as well. Now, as the
resonance of the earth’s heartbeat is
increasing, the earth’s heart functions very
differently than before. Now, your heart
and the earth’s heart are connected. The
earth’s heart can be influenced by your
heart and vice versa. That is why, it is
essential that your heartbeat synchronize
with the earth’s resonance. This means
your heart must flower. Your heart will
flower when you discover love in your

If you have discovered love, you must stop
judging your parents, spouses, etc.,
internally. Nobody can be judged as the
whole universe directly influences all
events, even the behavior of people.

So learn to experience life. Life has to be
experienced, be it pain or pleasure.
The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012 by
Dr. Synthia Andrews and Colin Andrews
CURRENT TRENDS PREDICTION: Fuel and Food crisis this year. US: Petrol $5/gal
World Food Supplies in crisis/Environmental effects and energy costs.
Plan sensibly for 2012.
Posted Feb 22, 2011 - Colin Andrews
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God of Wonders
Since Synthia and I wrote the 2012 book for The Complete Idiots Guide Series, these 2012 Debate pages have compiled
global events on our planet caused by us humans and also events which have been caused apparently by a higher hand of
nature inside and out of our Solar System.  These events I broke down into what I called 'support systems' for our planets
health, in turn our health and our survival. The trend lines across the whole spectrum have clearly supported the Mayan
prediction that we are now entering transition to the Golden age and if we make it, a new age of coherence of love. There
seems no productive reason to continue to post the horrible collapse of our infra-structure across these many topics and so at
this moment lets simply accept the brilliance of the Maya and gear ourselves to a new approach to life, a new respect, a new
way of doing business and caring for this jewel of a planet - Earth.

Enjoy what it is we are here to take care of and know this is one struggle we have to wage and to win:
 God Wonders.
It matters not to me whose God you believe in but that we recognise life is a true gift and a blessing  we should respect..

Colin Andrews
Sept 7, 2011
Watch interviews with other speakers HERE.
2012 - Behind The Scenes
The One Network TV
Filmed at Gateway to Your Future
at the University of Toronto
Oct 2011
Friday December 30th, 2011 at 11.0pm Eastern - HERE
Smile and be Happy - 2012 is going to
be different, so get used to it.
By Colin Andrews
Posted Dec 25, 2011
Thanks to Jan Delgado (England)
Earth Changes
Earthquakes, volcanos
and Tsunami are
increasing in frequency
and power.
New Viruses
including human
genetic alterations
now made the spread
much more
dangerous. Other
new viruses are
Global Warming
Much more quickly than
anyone expected. New
discovery of large
amounts of Methane
now escaping from
melted ice.
Political Conflict
As the war skittles fall
and wars are won, the
largest and hardest
remain, amongst them
Iran. Indicators that
USA with Israel remain
high probability
Ozone holes have again
opened up and CO2
levels with newly
increased Methane
levels, threaten our
atmosphere and life on
our planet.
Nuclear Conflict
There are said to be
greater chances of a
nuclear conflict now than
for fifty years. Iran,
USA and Israel are high
India v Pakistan is a
Over 7 billion humans and
demand to reduce CO2
levels against background
of increase in global
populations and
developing countries.
Solar Activity
After an extra quiet spell,
solar cycle 24 is expected
to ramp up with
increased chances of a
damaging CME with
damaging effects on
global power grids and
Alien Life
Likely to be the year that ET
life on other planets will be
discovered and confirmed as
well as more secret files
released by various countries
on ET here on Earth.
United States Political
Crisis - Election
Following several r ecent years
of serious political grid-lock, the
public take out frustrations as
differences explode during
presidential elections. A new
party could form. Its been a
long time coming.
Global Economic
European and American debt
could cause catastrophic
collapse of global economies.
Radical new systems must be
Little that is good about 2012.
Huge risk of nuclear conflict
between Iran and The United
States with potential for
conflict to spread. Religious
tension grows and opportunity
for families and communities to
Social Tension
Many dictatorships and
supressed populations
continue to rise up. Western
countries also to experience
repurcussions of elite greed
and disparity on the
standards of the poor.
The richest 1% are under
The Trends Before and Since the Publication of The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012 Continue
Listen to the whole two hour interview
Colin's presentation University Toronto
The Future Begins Now
We Must Commit
To Forgiving
The 'End of the world' myth was created hype by the media and Hollywood and became the stage to
bash not just researchers who never did make such a claim but the Mayan people whose historic
calendar and accurate prophecy was the issue - SHAME again on the media.-
Colin Andrews:  31
December 2012 on return from the Yucatan.
Ahead is a new cycle which will be created from the chaotic deterioration now begun.
The Media Created Their Own "End of the World" Myth, While Quietly in
the Yucatan the Mayan Elders Welcomed the New Cycle They Actually
Predicted - Colin and Synthia Were There to Witness it.
Posted January 2, 2013
The Chichen Itza pyramid and other archeological remains. Elder Hunbatz Men performed ceremony here.
Copyright of all photos are : Colin Andrews
Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men performed ceremony with us at Chichen Itza after which we sailed to San
Gervasio on the East coast of the Yucatan to join Mayan Grandmother Elizabeth Araujo, the revered leader
in the Council of Mayan Elders who performed ceremony to bring in
'The World of the Fifth Sun'. This was
extremely touching and relevant to events today.
Colin presented onboard the cruise ship
Carnival Truimph which sailed to the Yucatan
across the Gulf of Mexico from Galveston, USA

He would like to thank Divine Travels for
organizing this memorable journey.

Divine Travels
From Colin's Blog Today
Posted January 3, 2013

21 December, 2012: The Media
Blew up Their Own Myth
Creation i.e. The ‘End of the
. . .  While Quietly in the Yucatan
the Mayan Elders Welcomed the
New Cycle and Synthia and I were
there to Witness it.

Don’t allow the media smoke
screen sham and their callous
disrespect for the Maya culture and
prophecy to lose sight of the
incredible accuracy of the real end
of cycle activity they described. All
of this has been logged and
recorded in the pages of the
on my website and in our
The Complete Idiots Guide to

No serious researcher of the
subject ever thought or said that the
world would end on 21 December
2012, only the idiots in Hollywood
and the media said that and then
used their own creation to demolish
the beliefs and studies of the Maya
people and their culture – shame on

The current media is going down
the plug hole along with the
politicians, the banks and
multinational thieves who have
brought us to the end of the old
cycle of human activity – just as
the scholarly Maya astrologers and
astronomers foresaw.

Its as
real as real that the
economies of the western world
are crumbling along with great
countries like the USA and Great
Britain and many others are  in
close tow. Its as
real as real that
the planet is under great stress by
the actions of too many people and
its as
real as real that human kind
is being confronted by the results
of long term actions based upon
greed, power and disrespect for
others and the planet. Its as
real as
that our weather and climate is
sinking our coastal cities, global
temperatures are rising, the arctic
ice is melting and millions are now
at risk….and much more (read the
site for details).

View the photos taken in the
Yucatan opposite >>:

Only when we
get real will we see
where and how we arrived here but
real is that we are left
struggling to find new feet to take
us to a much better place – The
World of the 5th Sun where this is
all transitioning.

The new period for humanity, will
not be with the old style politicians
or government systems, it will not
be with the greedy CEO's or illegal
actions of corrupt banks and
businesses, it will not be with
maneuvers favored and written by
old men in wigs for an outdated
time, it will be by the children who
we have let down and who are
most venerable today.  

It wont either be with the
misdirected and self appointed
authority wielded by organizations
like the
National Rifle Association
(NRA) in the USA who are hell
bent on keeping killing machines in
the public's hands that are designed
for rapid multiple killings.

A new time is upon us – just as the
Maya predicted. Those who have
most to lose are those who lead us

For those of good heart and good
intentions, rejoice because your
time has arrived to make your
presence fealt

Quote: "We Are Sandy Hook, We
Choose Love"

Colin Andrews
January 3, 2013
The fence at Sandy Hook Cemetery
Christmas Eve - 2012
Copyright: Colin Andrews
“Ask those who had their
homes taken from them during
2012, their bank accounts
stolen, retirement funds
vaporized and the millions who
lost their jobs, ask them if 2012
happened” -
Colin Andrews
Updated May 1st 2013.
Updated: April 12, 2016
21st of December came and went without
the end of the world happening. But who
said it would?

For those of us who studied the Mayan
Prophecy and assessed the findings of
most of the front line researchers on the
subject, the media and Hollywood were the
myth makers who created ‘The End of
The World’ scenario and then used their
own creation to attack and belittle the
researchers of the subject and even the
Mayan Elders themselves.

I don't know of one researcher of the
subject who said that.

This is the kind of shameful behavior that
one gets a little tired of these days as they
engineer the social environment according
to a larger agenda – in their case,
entertainment and not news as it used to be
in yesteryears.

Synthia and I co-wrote the 2012 book for
The Complete Idiots Guide Series. For
many months before its publication, I
established what I called the 2012 Debate
on this website, intended to monitor many
of the trend lines which were predicted to
trend towards less healthy situation in
December 2012 and that for our planet and
ourselves is exactly what indeed
happened.  All of those ‘Life Supporting
Systems’ trended as predicted by the
Maya, except Solar Cycle 24 which is
running its approximate 11 year cycle,
slightly behind its anticipated maximum –
that trend of increased solar activity is now

In my view, the Mayan prediction of the
end of a long period of reasonable stability
did happen and is still happening.  In terms
of the end, one is not looking at a switch
thrown on a certain day, i.e. 21 December,
one is looking at a steady leveling off over
a period of time at the end of that cycle
and then a new taking its place – what the
Maya called the 5th or Golden Age is what
they believe will form beyond 2012, in the
coming months and into the future.

For those few who question in sarcastic
tones, that 2012 didn't’t happen!  I suggest
first they speak to those who created the
myth, the media and Hollywood and then if
they are suggesting 2012 was like any
other preceding year, they should ask the
multiple thousands who lost their homes
through illegal foreclosures in 2012, for
those who had bank accounts and even
retirement accounts stolen or the millions,
yes Millions who lost their jobs during
2012.  Ask them if 2012 happened or not.
And that was just the tip of the iceberg of
events that indicated the end of social infra-
structure as we know it.

We are now on the Cross Roads and the
future path is down to what we make of
this moment and what steps we take to
create the new period, the new cycle.  
Nature is going to play a part in this too,
just as she did in 2012 – Yes 2012
happened, again ask the millions who
suffered the most prolific and accelerated
period of climate change on record.  The
record droughts, floods, ice melt,
excessive high temperatures, earthquakes,
volcanoes etc . For us in Connecticut its
been extraordinary, in just months of each
other, Hurricane Irene, Super Storm Sandy
and the largest snow storm on record – a
level 38” of snow which closed everything
down. Our small farm resembles a
changed landscape, a war zone with 20
mature trees downed …………………….

The actions and attitude of humans created
much of the monster we are now
confronted with and while its humans who
can resolve much of this outcome, we are
beyond that opportunity when it comes to
what we have contributed to climate
change by excessive levels of CO2 and the
contamination of our water and air by
nuclear radiation and the manufacture of
unnatural foods manufactured by genetic

This website will continue to monitor the
earth and climate change and stay close to
events which need airing and anywhere I
can see how our children can benefit in the
future I will be here.
When you read the new 2012 book you will come to appreciate that the global trends
currently underway confirms the need to enter the 2012 debate seriously.
REMEMBER THIS POSTED IN 2008? Now 8 years later we see why - Colin Andrews
Conscious Circles confirms
the 2012 Mayan Prophecy
By ColinAndrews
Also, check out Colin
Andrews pre-Dec 2012
presentation and see just
how accurate it has turned
out to be. What short
memories we have>>>>
Filmed at the largest UFO Congress in the world during
February, 2012