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Easy Glance at 2016 Crop Circles
Two new crop circles discovered this morning in England.
5 June, 2016

On the left and in the field south of Silbury Hill, Wiltshire (Copyright:
Lucy Pringle) and located about two
hundred yards from where the police sergeant witnessed three tall beings on 6th July, 2009:
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This appeared in two phases. The first on 28 May and second 5 June..… .

Thanks to Matthew Williams for sending me his photographs, taken from his drone today.

The second discovery is again in the county of Wiltshire..i.e. Willoughby Hedge, Nr Mere. The photograph
is thanks to copyright: Mark and Stuart at the
Crop Circle Connector.

This field (and sky) south side of the A4 highway, next to Silbury Hill archeological site is  well known for
many bizarre reports for as long as I can remember. Since the 80s here, I have interviewed numerous
witnesses to UFOs, black forms, lights on the ground and in the sky and even tall beings. This is indeed
within 200 yards of the spot where a police sergeant witnessed three tall blond beings in July 2009 and on
that occasion according to the policeman, within a few feet a large 'Mayan Headdress' crop circle design.
Many will have seen the photo I took here also in which a Military Hercules aircraft is being tailed by a
'tin can' object:
Left: Silbury Hill, phase one 28 May and next phase two on 5th June. .  Right: Willoughby Hedge - Wiltshire.