is a collection of poems and songs that are an
inspiration to people of all ages. A strong message
of self understanding, self empowerment and global
oneness are themes woven throughout this album
with an acknowledgement that we are all one
people, regardless of race, religion, age and
lifestyle; that we can all endure the challenges of
life, lift ourselves and each other up, and help one
another through life's easy and difficult moments.
Within this collection the artists deliver heartfelt and
sincere performances of stirring poems and songs.
All proceeds from the sales of this CD benefit the
MOVE THIS WORLD charity which is a global
nonprofit that uses creative movement to address
and transform conflict and violence in communities.
In partnership with schools, community-based
organizations, families and corporations, MTW is
building and connecting more peaceful communities
with over 10,000 individuals across 22 cities and 4

"I whole heartedly support the producers' excellent efforts, that were put
into the album, Action Moves People. I think it's well done, promoting a
better future for everyone, and I'm all for that."
- Paul Simon

"Action Moves People helps the next generations, and that's what it's all
about. When I was asked to help with this wonderful effort, I didn't
hesitate and said yes, yes, yes!"
Ben E. King Chairman and CEO, STAND BY ME Foundation

"Action Moves People is a very fine collection of work, for a fine cause.
That is, to improve the lives of young people. No one can disagree with
that idea. I especially like the positive feeling of the track, A World Made
For Me And You."
Billy Vera Grammy Winning Singer/Songwriter, and Music

"The outstanding CD Action Moves People is a wake up call to those
who think negative thinking, war and conflict, or bullying of any kind is
going to change where the rest of us intend to take this journey for
'Mother Earth'. We will help together to make her a better home. It was a
great pleasure and honor to be invited to contribute to this powerful
thrust for a more just and peaceful world and more, i.e. to work together
here and now. We see all around us skeletons repeating from the past,
and tomorrow can be too late for some actions that need time to play
out. I hope that millions will be moved by the CD and even more
motivated to join our common cause – let’s do this, we can."
- Colin Andrews

"Action Moves People is full of Passion and Love for mankind and the
planet. I am so proud of the producers, I know them well and this CD is a
testament to the kindness and caring they carry within them. This CD
tells of a future that is positive and safe, loving and free, all the tracks
give hope for us all. It is a treasure worth sharing with everyone!"
- Annie Haslam of Renaissance

"Action Moves People is a visionary CD. It is a dream to join people
together in making a positive change in this world. It plants the seeds of
hope for all who believe in this dream. For it inspires us to understand
that we are going to see our seeds of hope grow into a reality. Get it,
listen deep and join us in making this dream come true!"
- Cindy Paulos


1) The Human Race - F. Alex Johnson (1:46)

2) Keeper Of The Dream - Jordan Weiss (1:22)

3) You Can Win - Shakina Lewis-Small and Anita Boyer (1:23)

4) The Song Of Life - Lucinda Paulos and Todd Secki (1:44)

5) Humble Wish - A. M. P. featuring Jann Klose (3:56)

6) Let's Dream - Andre Gardner and Rave Tesar (0:58)

7) Yes - Lucinda Paulos and Todd Secki (1:43)

8) Give It To A Child - Bobby Susser (0:58)

9) Anti Bully - Sadiyyah Zion Latimer (1:14)

10) Rearview Mirror - Krista Wallhagen and Anita Boyer (2:31)

11) It's OK Now - Lucinda Paulos and Alex Otey (1:36)

12) Grace Within - John Wetton and I And Thou (1:49)

13) There's Always Tomorrow - Paula Jaakkola and Tim Gleeson (3:21)

14) The Zen Mend - Miss Amy, Alex Otey, Jim Popik, Chris Clark, Ryan Ross and Doc Holiday (4:17)

15) Judgement - Shakina Lewis-Small and Anita Boyer (0:39)

16) Her Sin - LOreal AKA ElleVintage and Tim Gleeson (1:59)

17) Funhouse - Whitney Peyton and Kevin Frank (2:42)

18) The Day I Learned To Stand - Sadiyyah Zion Latimer and Rave Tesar (2:09)

19) Tunnel Vision - Carlo Campbell and Jordan Weiss (2:29)

20) Rise - Krista Wallhagen and Tim Gleeson (1:30)

21) A World Made For Me And You - Meg Primola Russell and Todd Mecaughey (1:37)

22) What If We Started A New World - Muzahid Abdullah (1:33)

23) I Rise - Jus Mic and TJ McGlinchey (0:58)

24) Where Is The Love In You - Lucinda Paulos and Alex Otey (1:48)

25) The Truth - Sadiyyah Zion Latimer (0:56)

26) Moments Like These - Kurt Michaels (2:17)

27) The Grace Of Aging - Dawn D’Aloia and Jordan Weiss (2:00)

28) (Japan's) March to Recovery - Tei Sena, Miho Gallagher and Electric Asturias (2:56)

29) My Wish For Mother Earth - Colin Andrews and Todd Secki (4:33)

30) Stand Strong - Whitney Peyton, Jonathan Padilla and William Tait (4:21)
July 4th, 2013 recording the poem in the studio of Todd Secki
Colin Andrews recording 'My Wish for Mother Earth' with Todd Secki
Colin Andrews with Grammy Award winning producer Kevin Mackie, Producer and artist
Krista Wallhagen and Musician and artist Todd Secki. Copyright: Krista Wallhagen.
Colin Andrews with Grammy Award winning producer Kevin Mackie. July 4, 2013 -
Recording of 'My Wish for Mother Earth'. Copyright of all photos: Krista Wallhagen
Colin Andrews with Producer Krista Wallhagen in the Connecticut recording studio
of Todd Secki.
Kevin Mackie with the Grammy
For more information about Action Moves People visit the organization website:

To buy the CD and support this wonderful organization please go to:
My Wish For Mother Earth.
Based upon actual events
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I floated from my bed into a bright light -
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CD Nomination
Posted March 14, 2014
Action Moves People (benefitting "Move This World" and sponsored by "Browns Family ShopRites") has been nominated for the "Independent Music
Awards". Thank you to all who contributed to and supported our project! You can continue supporting this wonderful project if you would kindly vote for
Action Moves People in the Spoken Word category and share this information with your family and friends (see below). Together we can all help create
positive change!!

Here is the direct link to the Spoken Word category:
March 11, 2014 – Music Resource Group (MRG) today announced the Nominees of The 13th Independent Music Awards (The IMAs), the influential awards
program for independent artists and fans.

The nominations in more than 80 Album, Song, EP, Music Producer, Music Video and Design categories were culled from thousands of submissions from
North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, Greenland and Europe.

Winners will be determined by a panel of influential artist and industry judges including Ann Wilson & Nancy Wilson, Sharon Jones, Laurie Anderson,
Suzanne Vega, Meshell Ndegeocello, Chiddy Bang, Shelby Lynne, Joshua Redman, G. Love, Aoife O’Donovan, Jim Lauderdale, Chris Wood & Oliver Wood,
Band Of Skulls, Judy Collins, Raul Midon, Bernie Worrell, Dennis Diken, Arturo Sandoval, Alan Light (Live From The Artists Den), Terry McBride(Nettwerk
Music Group), Kevin Lyman (Vans Warped Tour), Jason Olaine (Jazz at Lincoln Center), Anthony DeCurtis (Rolling Stone), Hillary McAndrew Plate (Lincoln
Center) Bob Ludwig (Gateway Mastering), Bruce Iglauer (Alligator Records), Evan Schlansky (American Songwriter), Delphine Robertson (Playtone
Productions), Benji Rogers (PledgeMusic), Megan West (SoundCloud) and others.

You can help here:

Vox Pop Fan Voting Poll Opens

In addition to industry-determined Winners, music fans from around the world have until Friday, July 18, 2014 to cast their votes at
The IMA Vox Pop
Jukebox to determine the fan-selected IMA Winners.

The Independent Music Award Winners will be promoted to nearly 1 Billion music fans worldwide.

Details and complete list of Nominees and Judges available at:

Please also consider our friend Jann Klose who is also nominated for best cover song. Jann preformed the vocals on Humble Wish which appears on "Action
Moves People".