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Huge Blizzard 'Nemo' hit Connecticut hard
Guilford area gets a level 38" with large drifts.
All roads blocked.
Storm struck 8-9th February, 2013
Posted February 10, 2013
Colin Andrews
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Colin Andrews Photography
Colin Andrews Photography
The important thing for us all to take from this latest monster from nature is that it shows the huge amount of heating energy in
the atmosphere. It seems counter intuitive to many who don't have knowledge of the science involved - yes snow and lots of it
but created by extremely large purges north of warm moisture laden air mass which is colliding with much colder air pushing
south from, in this case, Canada.  Its known by Meteorologists that when cold air is established and in place over land, it takes
a lot of shifting - not anymore.  Climate Change, i.e. Global Warming is in full swing and the last 24 months here in Connecticut
alone, has been witness to this.  Record after record storm and observing the changing landscape is distressing.  More than 20
wonderful mature trees gone down, one after another around our home, says it all.  Below photos I took of the effects of
38"-40" here in Guilford, this from one of the worst blizzards since records began.  -
Colin Andrews, posted February 10, 2013
The sight from looking out of the front door at 7.0AM  Saturday February 9, 2013.
Those are not drifts, that is around 40" of level snow and the center right is where the gate to the missing highway is.
For some while we couldn't open any of our doors.  This is one of the side doors and the snow is nearly half
way up it.
With that amount of snow on low pitched or flat roofs places enormous additional weight to the structure.  Less
snow than this which fell October a year ago, caused several properties around here to collapse.  Synthia
clearing some of our roofs. A very dangerous job.  It might not look like it but I was also helping.
IIt took nearly two days to dig out one of our cars from the garage. At this stage on day one, we couldn't even
see the road, which was blocked in both directions.
Our little 'Emma' getting a well deserved walk with Synthia to see the horses.  Emma was saved from
Superstorm 'Sandy' and is beginning to get to know a thing or two about climate change.
I have not seen my truck since the night of the storm (Friday night - 8-9th) Slowly she re-appears but for now too
much snow between her and the highway to think about - not today for sure.
I dont think there is going to be any mail deliveries for a day or two - most mail boxes are buried and the
highways not cleared to full width. Synthia is stood on the highway....we think!
Vehicles buried everywhere and even snow plows stuck. Great Hill Road, North Guilford.
As can be seen the level snow reached the bottom of the ground floor windows.   Until the snow blower broke, it was a miracle machine. Thank goodness it had done some great work before it gave up.  I am seen here digging
towards our five rabbits, who live in  the white shed and had not been fed on day one.
We had enough digging when a kind neighbor volunteered to pull in with his tractor and clear to one bay of our garage to the road.  For anyone in North Guilford, who is looking for reliable snow clearing, he is Eric Werle's
Country Hill Landscaping
Tel: 203-457-0483 .  An extreme act of kindness.  One good reliable guy is worth more than so many of the others who just don't turn up,
One of the network of narrow pathways we dug out to connect the house with barn and shed. This was where the
snow plow did a great job.
Eric at work digging out one bay of the garage. You can call him for snow clearance in Nth Guilford on
Synthia feeding the snow into the overwhelmed snow blower.  I wish Eric had showed up sooner, his tractor made easy work of iit.
Little 'Emma' anxious for Synthia who climbed out of the window
to clear the snow off of roof.
The first vehicle to pass our home after the storm.  Even this big guy from Guilford Town, had to inch his way
through the quantity of snow.  He could only reach the top of the hill, where he also gave up for a further   day
and a half before additional equipment could be freed up to dig through 8-10 feet drifts down to Route 80. The
town do a super job with snow clearance.
My two hero's of super blizzard 'Nemo' were Synthia, who as always, does not shy away from what ever has to be done - her roof clearing skills
are seen above, only one close shave when ice steered one foot towards the edge.  Eric Werle, who we had never met before, didn't hesitate to
stop and help us dig out with his tractor.  A very nice guy who we will call next time we want snow clearance. Call him for your own snow
clearance: Tel: Country Hill Landscaping, North Guilford, CT, Tel: 203-457-0483
My storm HERO's - Synthia and Eric

Feb 11, 2013