What would it be like
to loose all of this?  
Lose this. ?

Give it a moment to
load - its worth it.
Take a look at this
amazing moment and
think about the
responsibility we have
to ensure life on earth
continues for the
creatures and plants
that depend upon us.
The birth of an
The Observatory
     Thanks to Dave Haith (England)

The Brutal Logic of Climate Change
          Posted December 7, 2011

If there is to be any hope of avoiding civilization-threatening climate disruption, the U.S. and other nations must
act immediately and aggressively on an unprecedented scale. That means moving to emergency footing. War

The consensus in American politics today is that there's nothing to be gained from talking about climate change.
It's divisive, the electorate has more pressing concerns, and very little can be accomplished anyway. In response
to this evolving consensus, lots of folks in the climate hawk coalition (broadly speaking) have counseled a new
approach that backgrounds climate change and refocuses the discussion on innovation, energy security, and
economic competitiveness.

This cannot work. At least it cannot work if we hope to avoid terrible consequences. Why not? It's simple: If
there is to be any hope of avoiding civilization-threatening climate disruption, the U.S. and other nations must act
immediately and aggressively on an unprecedented scale. That means moving to emergency footing. War
footing. "Hitler is on the march and our survival is at stake" footing. That simply won't be possible unless a
critical mass of people are on board. It's not the kind of thing you can sneak in incrementally.

Read the full excellent report
Going Beyond Dangerous Climate Change: Exploring the void between rhetoric and reality in reducing
carbon emissions
Posted December 7, 2011

Professor Kevin Anderson

Recorded on 21 October 2011 in Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House.

This lecture is part of the LSE Department of International Development Friday Lecture Series, which brings in
leading figures from inside and outside of academia to speak on important current issues. A question and answer
session will follow the talk.

Kevin Anderson is professor of energy and climate change in the School of Mechanical, Aeronautical and Civil
Engineering at the University of Manchester. He has recently finished a two-year position as director of the
Tyndall Centre, the UK's leading academic climate change research organisation, during which time he held a
joint post with the University of East Anglia.

Ultra-warm temperatures have scientists puzzled - and worried
Temperatures in the lower 48 states were 6 degrees higher than average for
the first three months of the year. (Sue Ogrocki/Associated Press) By Seth Borenstein Associated Press / April 9,
2012 Temperatures in the lower 48 states were 8.6 degrees above ...
See all stories on this topic:

U.S. heat records shattered in March
Great Falls Tribune
The fruit trees in the orchard are blooming four weeks earlier then normal because of the warmer weather this year.
For much of March, record temperatures hit as high as 35 degrees above normal and averaged about 18 degrees
warmer than usual.
See all stories on this topic:

Changing climate alters the Southeast
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
According to the SRCC, those are temperatures more typical of Tampa than Atlanta. Perhaps more ominously, the
last 12 months have also been the driest April-to-April period on record, with total rainfall in Atlanta a
full eight inches lower than the ...
See all stories on this topic:

Balmy U.S. weather continues as soaring temperatures break records for first ...
Daily Mail
And the summer of 2011 was the second warmest summer on record. Such has been the unseasonal
weather patterns that in some places it was dubbed 'the year without winter' - the fourth warmest on
record. Since last April, it's been the hottest 12-month ...
See all stories on this topic:

Winter Seems Eternal in Alaskan City
Wall Street Journal
The port city of Valdez was buried under 437.6 inches of snow, or 10 feet
more than normal, according to the National Weather Service. The 134.5 inches of snow recorded so far this
season at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport compares to a ...
See all stories on this topic:

'We're like a basketball player on steroids': Meteorologist's warning as  
US ...
Daily Mail
Climate scientist says: 'It's a guilty pleasure. You're out enjoying this nice March weather, but you know
it's not a good thing' By Kevin Widdop
Weather records for the first three months of the year have been smashed as the US continues to enjoy a ...
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Warmer weather gives bugs in region more time for reproduction
Ithaca Journal
... spotting butterflies while wandering down a trail or shooing away mosquitoes during a picnic, it's clear that bugs
got an early start from spring's unusually warm temperatures. With this March recorded as the warmest on record
for New York, ...
See all stories on this topic:
The Warming Trend Is Worrying Weather Experts as Thousands of record  
temperatures are broken across the United States, United Kingdom and
Australia, among many.
Posted April 10, 2012

Some of the headlines just today:
Good site for variety updates effecting
Climate Change
Global warming in the U.S. has accelerated dramatically
Posted June 20, 2012

You Think The Wildfires Burning in the US Are Bad? A new University of California study indicates that as
climate change continues, we can expect more and worse wildfires throughout most fire-prone areas (think
temperate forests especially) extending over half the planet, reports Nathanael Massey at ClimateWire.
Speed Heating: Climate Central's new report, The Heat Is On, shows that global warming in the U.S. has
accelerated dramatically everywhere in the past 40 years, but fastest from Minnesota to Maine, and in the
southwest, where several wildfires are now raging. . . .
Full Report

See left side panel for latest records across the planet
Thanks to New Heaven New Earth

Scientists Uncover Evidence Of
Impending Tipping Point For Earth
Posted June 20, 2012

A prestigious group of scientists from
around the world is warning that
population growth, widespread
destruction of natural ecosystems, and
climate change may be driving Earth
toward an irreversible change in the
biosphere, a planet-wide tipping point that
would have destructive consequences
absent adequate preparation and mitigation.

"It really will be a new world, biologically,
at that point," warns Anthony Barnosky,
professor of integrative biology at the
University of California, Berkeley, and
lead author of a review paper appearing in
the June 7 issue of the journal Nature.
"The data suggests that there will be a
reduction in biodiversity and severe
impacts on much of what we depend on
to sustain our quality of life, including, for
example, fisheries, agriculture, forest
products and clean water. This could
happen within just a few generations."

Full Report
Colin Andrews - June28, 2012
Read this important report HERE
"The absolute mean
extinction time for the
northern hemisphere
2031.8 and for the
southern hemisphere
2047.6 with a final
mean extinction time
for 3/4 of the earth's
surface of 2039.6"
The Accelerating Consequences of Climate Change.
By The Day Fears Grow For How Far All This Will Go
By Colin Andrews
July 27, 2012


Warm seawater forces Connecticut. nuclear plant shutdown
August 13, 2012
Associated PressBy STEPHEN SINGER | Associated Press – 59 mins ago

— Connecticut's nuclear power plant shut one of two units on Sunday because seawater used to cool down the
plant is too warm.

Unit 2 of Millstone Power Station has occasionally shut for maintenance or other issues, but in its 37-year
history it has never gone down due to excessively warm water, spokesman Ken Holt said on Monday.

Water from Long Island Sound is used to cool key components of the plant and is discharged back into the
sound. The water cannot be warmer than 75 degrees and following the hottest July on record has been
averaging 1.7 degrees above the limit, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said.

The federal agency issued an "emergency license amendment" last week, allowing Millstone, a subsidiary of
Dominion Resources Inc., to use an average temperature of several readings.

"It wasn't enough to prevent us from shutting down," Holt said.

In addition to the extreme heat last month, the mild winter didn't help because it kept Long Island Sound water
unusually mild, Holt said.

Robert Wilson, a professor at Stony Brook University's School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, said
readings show temperatures in central Long Island Sound are nearly 80 degrees, much higher than the more
typical 74 degrees.

He blamed weather patterns, beginning with the mild winter and little wind that allows heat to hang around.

"If you start from warm winters, then have sustained persistent surface heating without wind stirring you get
very high temperatures," Wilson said.

Millstone provides half of all power used in Connecticut and 12 percent in New England. Its two units produce
2,100 megawatts of electricity, which is reduced by 40 percent with Unit 2 down, Holt said.

Richmond, Va.-based Dominion, which operates Millstone, does not have an estimate of when the unit will
restart, he said.....
Full Report
How Our Climate Works, Why Life Exists Here and One Realizes That its This That
is Changing and Giving Rise to Serious Concerns for Our Future.  NASA Short Film
Posted: November 8, 2012

November 8, 2012
9 days after we got slammed by
Sandy here on the US north
east coast, overnight we expereinced the
first named winterstorm
Exceptional signs of a planet in change,
'Climate Change'. Raising questions like,
what next and how far will it go? Are we
prepared for the extremes which might
appear sooner than we had anticipated
Superstorm Sandy and winterstorm
Athena  cause havoc on US East coast
Thanks to Dave Haith (UK)


New climate change
blog at The Guardian. In these days of steadily decreasing media coverage of climate
change (and all science, in general), its good to see a fresh new source of good science appear in a major
newspaper. The Guardian, a prominent UK news source, has a new blog called
Climate Consensus – The
97%. The primary authors are Dana Nuccitelli of SkepticalScience and
John Abraham, Associate Professor
at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. The first post at the new blog is titled “
Why is Reuters puzzled
by global warming’s acceleration?”
Posted June 7, 2013
Colin Andrews

Dangerous levels of CO2 now break 10 million year old record and the consequences are irreversible for a
1,000 years. Dress it up to feel comfortable if you like, but the experts say today, these are the facts.
The world's air has reached what scientists call a troubling new milestone for carbon dioxide, the main global
warming pollutant. (
scientists  )

"The last time we're confident that CO2 was sustained at these levels is more than 10 million years ago,
during the middle of the Miocene period," now we reach that place feared by many, a place where according
to climate scientists there will be "largely irreversible" climate change for 1,000 years even after we curtail
source. Today the International Energy Agency said it's becoming unlikely that the world can
achieve the European goal of limiting global warming to just 2 degrees based on increasing pollution and
greenhouse gas levels.

A separate report today also says: The Arctic is likely to have summers free from ice within ten years and its
this accelerating loss that is thought to be driving global weather extremes and what meteorologists call ‘stuck
weather’ – patterns that stay stuck in position for long periods which means what ever you are getting, you
get for longer periods than we have become accustomed.  Colder or wetter or drier and those big loops in the
jet stream that creates these new patterns are driven by re-distribution and mixing of temperature changes of
the sea, land and air.

CA: WE ARE IN TROUBLE and many of us have been saying this for many years and were laughed at.

Today: "The fact that it's 400 is significant," said Jim Butler, the global monitoring director at the National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Earth System Research Lab. "It's just a reminder to everybody
that we haven't fixed this, and we're still in trouble.


CO2 Levels Reach Record High: http://www.weather.com/video/co2-levels-reach-record-high-36687
Greenhouse gas levels pass symbolic 400ppm CO2 milestone
Monitoring stations in the Arctic detect record levels of carbon dioxide, higher than ever above 'safe' 350ppm
Source :

American Attitudes Chill on Global Warming.

Colin Andrews Comments: So, now what?

Seems to me all that is left is to be responsible for the way we manage our affairs on this planet, and to
prepare for living in very different conditions in the future – the NEAR future.  We are only getting a taste of
early but dramatic atmospheric conditions, this is going to get much more dramatic.  My biggest fear for
many on our planet is that the temperature levels coincide with power outages and also lower water levels or
even no water at all, leading to food shortages.

In other parts of the planet there will be exceptionally high water levels and with that other problems will
arise.  – Colin Andrews

Records continue to be broken at
unprecedented rates:

Saturday's heat tied record high | Green
Bay Press Gazette ...
It wasn't quite uncharted territory, but
Door County's weekend heat wave
came very close. The official
temperature of 90 degrees Saturday tied a
record first set ...

Jordan- Power grid registers record-high
load of 2490MW
The highest temperatures were recorded
in Azraq in the eastern desert,
where it reached 43ºC, and Jafer in the
southeastern tip of the Kingdom,
where it hit ...

More on this topic:

Cool, but not for spending
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
March, April and May average
temperatures in the lower 48 states
the oldest spring average-temperature
record by a full 2 degrees. The
National ...


Hottest day in two years scorches the
The record for June 16 in downtown
Sacramento is 108 degrees set in 1985.
Altieri expects similar temperatures for
Sunday before cooler weather
arrives on ...
See all stories on this topic:

State of the Climate | Global Analysis |
May 2012
Considering land surfaces only, the
average global temperature was record
warm for May, at 1.21°C (2.18°F)
above average, surpassing the previous
record ...
Posted June 18, 2013

Alert: Earth in Crisis: Its as
good as over.

San Jose Mercury News
MOUNTAIN VIEW -- The world
is fast approaching a tipping point
after which the damage caused by
climate change can't be undone,
Gov. Jerry Brown told a
technology summit Thursday.
"Five years from now, it's over,"
unless we change our ways
sooner, ...
Full story.

A mission on climate change
Washington Post
President Obama should spend his
remaining years in office making
the United States part of the
solution to climate change, not
part of the problem. If Congress
sticks to its policy of obstruction
and willful ignorance, Obama
should use his executive.
Full story.

Congress must quit dithering
on climate change
Washington Post
Mr. Smith even made the logical
mistake of concluding that
increasingly common
extreme-weather events cannot be
linked with human-influenced
climate change, simply because
responsible scientists caution that
no one event can be ascribed to
that cause ...
Full story
Thanks to Lindy Tucker (USA)

Arctic Sea Levels - 1979 - 2012
Historic, dangerous heat wave scorches western USA - Heat wave bakes western U.S.
Posted: June 29, 2013

Some forecasters predict the highest temperature ever measured on the planet will take place in the south west
United States this weekend.........."Everybody's been saying how hot it is the last two days," said CNN
meteorologist Indra Petersons. "This is nothing compared to what they're expecting this weekend."

The National Weather Service is warning residents from northern California, including Sacramento, all the way to
southern Arizona of the possibility of intense heat through the weekend that could rival a 2005 heat wave that killed
17 people in the Las Vegas area.

Arizona and the California deserts seem to be in for the worst of it. Temperatures are forecast to rise as high as
122 degrees in California's Coachella Valley, as high as 129 in Death Valley and up to 118 in Phoenix. . . .
Full article:
Source.  Life Threatening conditions across western United States: NBC
(Financial Times) -- A "climate bomb"
of potent greenhouse gases 15,000
times more damaging to the climate
than carbon dioxide is set to be
released by some of the world's leading
producers of refrigerants following a
ban on climate credits.
Posted: 29 June 2013.

The companies, the majority of them in
China, argue that a ban on trading of
climate credits for the incineration of
HFC-23 makes it no longer financially
viable to destroy the gas, which is a
byproduct of a substance used in air
conditioners and refrigerators.

A warning by the Environmental
Investigation Agency in a report to be
released on Monday will raise the pressure
on China to ban such gases and end
economic incentives for their production
in multilateral talks.

Some 19 factories -- 11 in China --
making HCFC-22 have been receiving
climate credits under the UN's Clean
Development Mechanism for installing
and operating incinerators to burn HFC-23
that is created during the manufacturing
process, instead of venting it into the
atmosphere. Facilities in developing
countries can sell emission reduction
credits to buyers in developed countries to
allow the latter to meet their targets under
the Kyoto protocol.
Forecasters predict record dangerously high temperatures in the USA this weekend -
130 F in the shade (55C)
Las Vegas to cool down at night to a record 97F (36C)
Posted June 29, 2013
Bizarre Extremes
Posted June 29, 2013

'It's brutal out there': Weekend
heat wave to bake western US

Alaska sweating through brutal
blast of heat

Oppressive heat hits West as
storms soak East.
Ironically and symbolically in the same week that President Obama announced
his plans to prepare the nation for the effects of climate change, the highest
temperature ever recorded on Earth is forecast to take place today or
tomorrow - 130 F (55 C)  ) and that is in the shade
Posted July 8, 2013
Today I was honored to be interviewed for a new educational video for the public on the effects of climate change and preparation. Filmed for
Connecticut State Government, Department of Public Health.
Superstorm 'Sandy'
28 October, 2012
Hurricane 'Irene'
28 August, 2011
Record Blizzard 'Nemo' - Level 38" of Snow.
9 February, 2013
Record High Temperatures - Record demand on grid
21 July 2013
Climate Change drives records to be broken at our home in Connecticut & all in just 21 months
Photos copyright : Colin Andrews

Thanks to Terry Walters (UK)
Posted August 6, 2013
According to NASA-supported
observatories, the sun's vast
magnetic field is about to flip.

CA: What will this mean for climate
change on Earth?? - read report.

Source - NASA News

Thanks to Jim and David Haith (UK)
Posted August 6, 2013
According to scientists scrambling to
understand the full implications of
accelerating climate change, the sea
rise levels and cities effected are
already 'locked in'.  Look at the serious
implications by the year 2020 (7 years
from now)

CA: Which ever side of this debate you fall, the only
thing we should agree is that urgent preparations
should be underway NOW.
Look for your town:

Extremely low temperatures set to drop down into the United States
Posted December 4, 2013
Thanks to Dean DeHarpporte (USA).

This is a computer forecast map of the U.S. for next Tuesday ( Dec 10,2013) at 6AM at about ~4000 ft above us. To a
meteorologist's eyes it is astounding. Note the white spot in the middle of the map. It is centered over central Minnesota
and includes the Twin Cities.  Look at the bottom of the map for the color coding and note that white is the coldest
color on the map. This type of map is used for the whole continent, including the arctic. The white codes for temps
lower than - 30 C (-22 F) 4000 ft up. In this situation the ground temp would be at least as cold as it is at 4000 ft aloft,
possibly as low as -30 F. Probably, this map will not verify but it is still an indication that over the next week we are
going to experience weather about as cold as it gets here in the era of "global warming."
Thanks to Dave Haith (UK)

Pacific Ocean 'warming 15 times faster than ever before'
Posted December 4, 2013

Study adds weight to the theory that recent global warming 'pause' is down to heat absorbed by ocean depths. . .

Deeper regions of the Pacific Ocean are warming 15 times faster now compared to previous warming phases over the
past 10,000 years, a study has found.

The findings lend further weight to the idea that the recent “pause” in global surface temperatures may be due to large
amounts of heat in the atmosphere being absorbed by the deep ocean, scientists said.

The study used indirect, “proxy” temperature readings estimated from the chemical makeup of the shells of tiny marine
creatures which had been washed from the middle depths of the Pacific into seabed sediments that had built up off

These showed a gradual long-term cooling of the Pacific Ocean over thousands of years at depths of between 1,500
and 3,000 feet, until they started to rise slightly at the start of the Medieval Warm Period in northern Europe around

Temperatures then fell again with the rate of cooling increasing during the so-called Little Ice Age of the 17 and 18
Centuries, when “frost fairs” were held regularly on the frozen River Thames, the study found.

Climate Change in Photographs,
taken around Colin's home in
Weather Photography
Immediate help is needed to save these horses - can you help?
Posted: January 23, 2014
Please visit: Living in a dust bowl!
Horses, young and old have run out of food - Next??? PLEASE HELP
Re-posting of article January 28, 2009
Global Warming Irreversible,
study says
Re-posting of article.
Report forecasts sea level rise
to 4 feet by 2100
Climate on the Change
The United Kingdom braces for the worst week yet.
Country in Crisis.
Severe Flooding and Hurricane Force Winds across UK.

Could this be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?
Two major storms back to back – Over 100 mph winds with The Thames and other major
rivers bursting out of their banks.
Posted February 12, 2014 - Colin Andrews

Visit The Observatory for special links to the latest situation: HERE
Today (Feb 12, 2014) Over 100 mph hurricane force winds with very severe flooding already across large parts of
southern and south west England and Wales. For weeks the UK have been hammered by heavy rain and high winds.
Some residence under water since Christmas.  The government have called two emergency 'Cobra' meetings today as the
situation deteriourates.  Will Friday's super storm be the straw that broke the camel's back?.
The Next Superstorm to hit the United Kingdom could tip the balance of the
wide-spread flooding into a catastrophe. The weather chart forecast for Friday
February 14, 2014 is scary - below
Posted Feb 12, 2014 - Colin Andrews
visit the Observatory page for latest update links
Prime Minister Cameron
cancels middle east conference
because of flooding across UK.
News Reports
Wed Feb 12, 2014
The River Thames has burst its banks and many other rivers also - With rail links to the south west
of the country cut off, the major motorways out of London are now under threat. Water has
reached the parameter of Heathrow Airport.  All eyes are on the next monster storm now
approaching from the Atlantic.
All Eyes are on the
next monster storm
forecast for Friday -
Watch the before and after river
Thames flooding video - filmed Feb
12, 2014 by The Daily Telegraph.
British Met Office Issued the highest level warning (Red) for high winds, expected to exceed 100 mph on Feb 12th.
BBC Meteorologist warning of yet another deep low pressure system expected Friday February 14th, 2014
Helpful links for the UK situation on my Observatory page.
The next 24/36 hours will be
very severe and is very
concerning, some extremely
dangerous and severe
weather is on the way, and
we would strongly advise to
keep in touch with local
authorities and heed any
advices and warnings given.:
Personal Note:

My sister Valerie lives in
Aberystwyth, Wales and
as of now all roads are
impassable due to fallen
trees, power lines and
flooding - Posted
9.30 pm UK, Feb 12,
Worst Weather Across UK
in Quarter of a Century.
UK's Worst
Modern Day
Weather Crisis.
Not in 248 Years
has it been so bad.
CA: Comment:
Posted February 22, 2014
"It is conceivable that in the blink of an evolutionary eye, what we have commonly termed
'Climate Change' will have reached its
'D' day, i.e. 'Changed' " - Colin Andrews
Climate Change has Revealed a Bronze Age Forest on the Welsh Coast
Thanks to Valerie Scurlock (Wales)
CA Comments:  Thanks to my sister Valerie who lives near Aberystwyth, Wales and next door to Borth, where this 5,000
year old forest has been revealed.  The photographs were taken by Keith Morris, a friend of her daughter Nicola - My
thanks.  Colin

Surreal seascape revealed by the storms: Ancient oaks and pines from 5,000-year-old forest rise as Welsh beach is washed
away. The ancient forest was covered in peat before eventually being swallowed by the sea. Legends say trees and nearby
township were flooded after a priestess neglected a magical well. Conditions inside the peat, devoid of oxygen and slightly
alkaline, have meant the stumps survived. They were uncovered by the latest set of storms which washed away the peat

By David Wilkes in UK national newspaper The Daily Mail - PUBLISHED: 17:57 EST, 20 February 2014

Full story and photographs.

Two more links:
5,000 Years old, Bronze Age forest revealed after severe storms wash away
peat bog in Wales.  
Copyright: Keith Morris.
‘Most Exceptional Period Of Rainfall In 248 Years’ In The U.K. Is ‘Consistent’
With Climate Change
Posted February 22, 2014
Thanks to Jim Torson (USA)
After yet another sodden weekend in much of southern England, 16 severe flood warnings, indicating the potential for loss
of life, remain in effect — with hundreds of less dangerous warnings and alerts also still in place across the country.

Speaking ahead of the release of a government report on Britain’s unusually stormy winter weather, the Met Office’s chief
scientist, Dame Julia Slingo said on Sunday that the U.K. had seen the “most exceptional period of rainfall in 248 years” and
called the extreme weather “consistent with climate change.

“All the evidence suggests there is a link to climate change,” she said. “There is no evidence to counter the basic premise
that a warmer world will lead to more intense daily and hourly rain events.”

The report, jointly produced by the U.K. Meteorological Office (Met Office) and the U.K. Center of Ecology and Hydrology,
concluded that both Britain’s epically wet and windy winter and the unusually cold air over much of North America were
linked to a persistent pattern of perturbations to the jet stream, over the Pacific Ocean and North America. The Pacific jet
stream was deflected far to the north, bringing colder air south over Canada and the northern U.S. When this cold air
entered the North Atlantic jet stream, the jet stream became stronger — about 30 percent stronger than is usual for
December and January. The powerful jet stream set up conditions for active storm formation over the Atlantic and gave rise
to a sequence of strong storms that battered the U.K.

The changes in the Pacific jet stream, which set all of this in motion, were driven by a heavy rainfall over Indonesia and the
tropical West Pacific that has its roots in higher than normal ocean temperatures in the region.

Full Article
Thanks to Jim Torson (USA)

Is the Arctic Really Drunk, or Does It Just Act Like This Sometimes?
The biggest debate in climate science may be over whether global warming will create more winters like this one. If you care
about weather, you'd better care about the outcome.

—By Chris Mooney
| Fri Feb. 21, 2014 3:00 AM GMT

Just when weather weary Americans thought they'd found a reprieve, the latest forecasts suggest that the polar vortex will,
again, descend into the heart of the country next week, bringing with it staggering cold. If so, it will be just the latest weather
extreme in a winter that has seen so many of them. California has been extremely dry, while the flood-soaked UK has been
extremely wet. Alaska has been extremely hot (as has Sochi), while the snow-pummeled US East Coast has been extremely
cold. They're all different, and yet on a deeper level, perhaps, they're all the same.  . .
full article:

also read: Unprecedented trade wind strength is shifting global warming to the oceans, but for how much longer?

New research attributes the surface warming slowdown to accelerating trade winds mixing more heat into the oceans.
Jet Stream, Is this normal?
Particularly wavy state: NASA/GSFC
Borth, Near Aberystwyth, Wales, UK
5,000 Years old forest - Borth, UK
Thanks to Dean DeHarpporte (USA)
Posted August 15, 2014

In the Central Pacific, Tropical Storm Julio, located about 700 miles north of Honolulu, Hawaii, is nearing its end as high
wind shear rips away at it. Julio was a hurricane most of this week in the waters north of Hawaii where no hurricane had
ever been recorded before. Ordinarily, hurricanes cannot exist in those waters because of sea surface temperatures that are
near 25°C, which is too cold to support a hurricane. However, ocean temperatures have been near 26 - 26.5°C this week,
which is about 1°C above average, and warm enough to support a hurricane.  - Dean.
Links -
1 - 2
Warming Pacific
Two Hurricanes for Hawaii
Before and after photographs tell the story.
Posted August 24, 2014
Most people know there is a big ongoing drought in California. The last three years have brought some of the driest
weather every recorded. In addition, this year the average temperature is running at record high levels as well.

Water managers statewide are facing some extremely tough decisions. There is not enough water for farmers in the
very rich growing area of central California to grow their crops with many individual farmers leaving hundreds, and in
some cases, thousands of acres fallow. There is no doubt that farming production this year will be down over other
years. This may be softened some by farmers using more groundwater. However, this is expensive and is only a band
aid for the short term. The groundwater table continues to fall causing farmers to dig deeper and deeper. Homeowners
are under watch about using too much water for their lawns and unnecessary cleaning of sidewalks and driveways.
They are facing the possibility of hefty fines. Some communities are rationing their water use.

I took a look at the numbers since this drought began in the summer of 2011. Since then, the last three rainfall
seasons have seen far below normal for precipitation. Snowfall in the winter months, the main feed for reservoirs, has
been meager. Below is a chart showing the amount of total precipitation deficit from July 1, 2011, to the present, the
percent of normal for that time period and what is the normal yearly rainfall for each city.

Example of water fall deficit since July 2011
Napa: 23" (location of quake on 25 Aug 2014),  Los Angeles: 24" and San Francisco: 29"

Time will tell on all of this. However, the overwhelming message is that there is not going to be any short-term fix for
the water problems to the state of California. Mother Nature just cannot do that. The amount of rain needed is just too
great. Buckle up folks, it may get worse before it gets any better.

full article and US drought monitor.  HERE

Most Fear to Ask the question of
“Climate Change”: Is the climate changing or is it dying?
Colin Andrews - Malta: 2010
Comments on how best to focus the crisis we have to elicit the public’s support to save ourselves:  
(Thanks Jim Torson USA)
Colin presenting at a conference in
Malta during 2010.

"Most fear to ask this
about climate change:
Is the climate changing
or is it dying?
CA: "In 1989 when I first spoke of concerns of serious climate change, I was told that it didn't exist and even if it
did, it would be hundreds if not thousands of years in the future.  So, today is music to my ears. Not soon enough
but encouraging.  We ARE getting there".
Sep 23, 2014:  President Obama addresses the United Nations on the need to act on climate
change. Quotes: This once-distant threat has moved firmly into the present
- Sept 23, 2014
Getting a sence of what is taking place in this
first ever video, should make us cry.
Posted February 8, 2015
Thanks David Haith (UK
Posted July 21, 2015
Dismall new Findings on Global Warming

NOAA: 2014 Was the Hottest on Record and last 13 of 15 years were also. This is not good.

Global Warming Will Destroy The Earth In The End.

Mass Extinction: It's the End of the World as We Know It

Despirate Farmers look to ancient art of dowsing to find water in California.      

NOAA Most Recent Report shows the Earth is Getting Hotter Faster.  
Posted August 14, 2015
Nearly Half of All Americans At Risk From Damaging Earthquakes, USGS
Study Finds
Full article and links to help your preparation plans" HERE
January 19, 2016
November 21, 2015
Warmest October on record says
NOAA and Japan:

November 1, 2015
Thanks to Valerie Scurlock (Wales)
Hottest UK November day recorded in
mid Wales.

October 23, 2015:
In addition to its unprecedented
200-mph (320-kph) sustained winds,
Hurricane Patricia now holds the record
for lowest pressure in any hurricane on
record. With a minimum central pressure
of 880 millibars (25.99 inches of
mercury) at the 4 a.m. CDT advisory,
Patricia broke the record of 882 millibars
set by Wilma almost exactly 10 years
ago. At the 1 p.m. CDT advisory the
minimum central pressure was lowered
to 879 millibars (25.96 inches of

July 13, 2015
Redwoods dying from Drought
It says something to the severity
of the desperate drought in
California and much of the US
west coast when we hear that the
thousands of years old Red
Cedars, there when Jesus walked
the Earth, are dying by water
Our 11th hour chance to save ourselves from the effects of a rapidly changing climate – Can we reset the trending
catastrophe and save Mother Earth and ourselves? – We have little choice but to try, and throw all reasonable steps to do
so. – Paris is hosting
The COP 21 Climate Change Conference on the heals of another form of hostility, terrorism. The
Conference simply must succeed. We are watching and nervous because these same leaders first denied there was even
a problem and then did not’t have the foresight or courage to do anything about it and are currently failing other pressing
global issues. My good friend
Tiokasin Ghosthorse, of the Lakota Nation will be talking there and will do his utmost to
make a difference.  I send to all involved encouragement and courage to do what is right this time.  The world is waiting
and watching (www). – Colin, Nov 28, 2015

CA: Personal note and reminder of how its important to hold your ground if you believe you are right. In the 80s I took
part in the filming of the very first video documentary about the crop circles, called 'Undeniable Evidence'.  In that and in
many presentations around the world, I expressed my fears that we were entering a period of serious climate change.
The scientific community laughed, the politicians considered me New Age or similar for those views but here we are
now 30 years later with categoric evidence around the entire planet, these same people are attending a conference to try
and address just the very thing they laughed at those years ago.  Its good and I'm very happy to see the action but
disappointed that 30 vital years have been lost.  
The Heart Rate Increases as the final hours tick
away at the climate change conference in Paris.
Will there be an agreement?
The audio - John Lennon
Let us send all the support and prayers
to those in Paris, who will or will not
succeed in doing the right things for the planet.
Global Warming
Man or Nature?
Another point of view
and food for thought
Thanks to Dave Haith (UK)
Posted Dec 11, 2015
The Paris agreement signals
that deniers have lost the
climate wars
Thanks to Jim Torso (USA)
12 Key Takeaways From the
Paris Climate Talks
“There are no passengers on
Spaceship Earth. We are all crew.”
– Marshall McLuhan

The following message from the
International Space Station to
delegates at the Paris COP21 Climate
Change Conference - Dec 2015
The Heat is on in Europe, Australia and Eastern U.S. – Dec 2015
Posted Dec, 23, 2015
Thanks to Dean DeHarpporte (USA)
By: Bob Henson , 5:36 PM GMT on December 21, 2015

The year 2015 is just days away from nabbing the top spot as the world’s warmest in more than a century of
recordkeeping. As if to emphasize the point, the year is wrapping up with a blaze of December heat records around
the globe. Some of the most exceptional numbers are being tallied over eastern North America, Europe, and
Australia, which all ran quite warm in November as well. To be sure, some individual days have been standouts--
and there are more of those to come--but the truly striking aspect of this month’s heat is its tenaciousness.

Eastern U.S.: Humidity, warmth, and thunder for the holidays
It’s been an absurdly mild December over most of the United States. Figure 1 shows above-average readings
across nearly all of the country. The biggest departures can be seen over the Upper Midwest. However, those
smaller departures you see over the Northeast are actually more climatologically significant, because the climate
there doesn’t tend to vary as sharply from day to day and week to week. Moreover, chilly air arriving in the
Midwest over the next few days should help tamp down the departures there, but not so much in the East.
Amazingly, New York’s Central Park has only had one freeze so far, if you can call it that--a paltry 32°F on
November 24--and there may be no subfreezing temperatures to come before 2016 arrives. New York is just one
of the nation’s big eastern cities likely to streamroll longstanding records for their all-time warmest December. For
millions of people across the southern and eastern U.S., Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day will be the warmest
in living memory, and in some cases the warmest in more than a century of recordkeeping (see this weather.com
roundup for more details). Even with the warmth, it may not be the sunniest of holidays, as the rich moisture will
swaddle many places in dank clouds and fog.

Europe . . .
Across the North Atlantic, the warmth has been equally impressive. Three European nations with records of 150
years or longer--Finland, Sweden, and Estonia--have set or tied all-time national heat records for the month of
December in recent days. Earth’s longest-running climate archive, the Central England Temperature Record, has a
chance at the warmest December in its 357-year history. The CET average for the month to date (12/1 – 12/19) is
9.9°C, a phenomenal 5.1°C above the 1961-1990 mean and well above the warmest December on record (8.1°C in
1934 and 1974). London Heathrow has made it above 10°C (50°F) every day thus far in December, and that streak
may continue through month’s end. Gardeners in Cornwall, England, have reported spring-flowering camellias in
bloom months ahead of schedule.

Several other European nations are on track for a record-warm December, including the Netherlands and
Germany. New all-time highs for December have been set in a number of capital cities, including Stockholm,
Sweden (13.2°C); Riga, Latvia (11.8°C); Tallin, Estonia (11.7°C); and Helsinki, Finland (10.8°C). Nearly 100
stations across Germany have seen their highest daily minima for any December, said Michael Theusner
(Klimahaus-Bremerhaven) in an email. “Even though not many all-time highs [for December] were broken, the
duration of the warmth and its magnitude are exceptional,” he added. Germany’s monthly anomaly to date--5.4°C
above average--is far beyond the peaks of around 4.0°C observed in 1934 and 1974.

For a truly toasty Christmas, head Down Under - Australia
If it seems just a bit too mild to be wrapping presents or roasting a holiday dinner, consider the hardy souls of Port
Augusta, Australia (“Gateway to the Outback”). They had to deal with record December temperatures thatvaulted
to 47.2°C (117.0°F) on Saturday. For the first time in any December, the city of Adelaide saw four consecutive
days of highs topping 40°C (104°F). The torrid air swept into New Zealand on Monday: the South Island city of
Dunedin hit a scorching 34.6°C (94.3°F), more than 4°F above its prior December record of 32.2°C. Readings
should tumble back to more seasonable levels later this week across Australia, with predicted highs for Christmas
Day mostly in the 80s to low 90s Fahrenheit. - Dean

Dec 2015

' Earth’s longest-running
climate archive, the Central
England Temperature Record,
has a chance at the warmest
December in its 357-year
history. Gardeners in Cornwall,
England, have reported spring-
flowering camellias in bloom
months ahead of schedule.'
' 2015 has been the world’s warmest in
more than a century of recordkeeping. '
' Port Augusta, Australia they had to
deal with record December temperatures
that vaulted to 47.2°C (117.0°F) on
Saturday. For the first time in any
December, the city of Adelaide saw four
consecutive days of highs topping 40°C
Historic floods, York City, UK.

Man-made heat doubled in the oceans
since 1997.
Tiokasin Ghosthorse at the COP 21 Paris
2015 Climate Summit.
Tiokasin Ghosthorse is a close friend whom I greatly respect. Our
regular discussions are about the Mother Earth and her suffering and
the causes. Please listen to his excellent address at the COP 21 2015
Climate Summit in Paris. - Colin Andrews.
Posted January 19, 2016

Tiokasin Ghosthorse - GPIW at COP21 in Paris from GPIW & Contemplative Alliance on Vimeo.

"We consciously apply
mystery to everything"
"In the Lakota language there
is no word for domination"
Who gets the Colorado River? - There
will not be winners and losers, there will
only be losers.
June 4, 2016
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(Part of a message that was heard by
millions, including myself, spoken by a
mysterious voice which broke into a British
TV News broadcast in 1977) - actual
recording can be heard on my DVD
'Conscious Circles' and can be ordered

Now as the time glass is close to empty,
our youth speak out:


As posted on my Facebook page.

16 year old Xiuhtezcatl Martinez addresses
Presidential candidates:

As posted on my Facebook page.

A collapse in Arctic sea ice volume
spells disaster for the rest of the planet.
Global warming drives a stunning
collapse in sea ice volume.
Posted Oct 31, 2016

This global condition is much more
important than Donald Trump but will be
taken to an even more critical state by his
leadership. That is fact. What melts in the
Arctic doesn't stay in the Arctic.
Our carbon pollution is the cause. And
those climate science deniers who have
blocked aggressive action to reduce
emissions have made it all but inevitable
that continued warming will drive the
Arctic’s summer sea ice to near-total

But it is still probably a coincidence that the
October 24 issue of TIME shows an
almost identical meltdown of famous
climate science denier Donald Trump.
CA: Take a look at the visual of the Sea Ice
Volume of today compared with the 80s -
its shocking.


As posted on my Facebook page.