"The views expressed by others are not necessarily shared by me personally but all views and perspectives are respected"
I was five years of age when I felt lifted out of my bed and into a very bright light at the rear of the
house. To this day, a 35 feet diameter dark green ring grows where this light was positioned behind my
house. For the first time, a full report will appear in print, in our new book
'On the Edge of Reality',
August 2013, New Page Books.
My family visiting the field with me during 1998, forty
seven years later and the big ring is still there.
The large ring visible in aerial photographs &
located exactly where the bright light was fifty eight
years ago. It was 47 years after my experiences that I
visited with my family and located the ring. Nearby
several other features were found that came out of
the regression. These will be discussed in a future
book to be called
The Edge of Reality - New Page
Books 2013
A page from my official medical records which show the blisters (Bubbles) still appeared on
my legs two years after my experiences.
British Government - National Health Service.
Colin Andrews, Marina Popovich & Dr. James Harder after press
conference in USSR Consulate, San Francisco 1991
Left: Travis Walton and Colin Andrews -
Oregon UFO Fest, 2010.
Colin visited Betty Hill at her home in Portsmouth,
New Hampshire.
Betty and husband Barney were
abducted in 1961, the first case of its kind.
Colin and Synthia's new book can now be
pre-ordered on Amazon - select cover.
Colin was regressed by Prof. James Harder who also regressed the first
known abductee
Betty Hill and Travis Walton (all below).
I Floated from My Bed into a Bright White Light
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Russian Cosmonaut,
Marina Lavrentievna
Popovich, born July 20,
1931 in Leonenki,
Smolensk Oblast) is also a
retired Soviet Air Force
colonel, engineer, and
legendary Soviet test pilot
who holds 102[1][2]
aviation world records set
on over 40 types of
aircraft. She is one of the
most famous pilots in
Russian history, and one
of the most important
female pilots of all time.
Her first husband was
Pavel Popovich, a former
Soviet cosmonaut.

Barney and Betty Hill Case