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Award winning film-maker Terje Toftenes who made the documentary "Crop Circles: Crossovers From Another
Dimension" appeared unexpectedly via Skype on Circlemakers TV during the show this week (May 18th, 2011).

Terje told the show host Matthew Williams that he became interested and involved in crop circles in 2002 and had
been convinced they were not made by people. His film received awards but now he felt foolish and embarrassed
he said but went on the congratulate the people making them because they had made such a good job of them.  He
told Matthew that he thought it was time for the truth about all this to be told and went on to say that he was
equally convinced now that there were also strange things happening around the circles.
Crop Circles - The Final Phase and The Truth.
Who or What Is Behind The Intelligence of
Filmmakers Scrap as the Myth Makers are
Exposed but What Comes Next?
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By Colin Andrews
May 20, 2011
Circlemakers TV
Most people who have followed this subject know that I came to this conclusion myself eleven years ago and
announced it on BBC television during 2000. I revealed the outcome of a two year investigation specifically into
people making crop circles and rounded up the figures that showed then that around 80% of crop circles in
England during
1999 and 2000 were man made. That announcement resulted in me being ostracized by
numerous well known researchers and indeed media people like Terje  and filmmaker Suzanne Taylor
themselves. I received hate mail and public hanging by certain famous people.  Im pleased to say since my
findings have been born out to be accurate, many now acknowledge this, in fact I have since received awards
myself for that landmark work. My research website is a top ranked site with thousands of visitors a day -
hundreds from the past who did not like what I had to say back in 2000 but who now can see the value of
working with facts rather than preset beliefs.

What we all know is that when the social environment in any subject is established, in this case by a small group
who closed ranks to convey that 'crop circles are real', breaking ranks marginalises you. Its all part of their plan.
These social engineers know that to allow this to change would weaken the myth that feeds sales of books, radio
and TV programs etc, that they have an interest in. It takes courage to set out a new marker, a marker that isn't
so good for business or those egos. To take on new ground you have to know your inner truth and have
supportive friends and or family as I have and be focuses enough to keep at it - The search for truth is never
going to be easy. I take my hat off to Terje for doing so and also to Matthew Williams at Circlemakers TV for
communicating this. Matthew was the first person who made circles to offer to me what was going on. Beyond
the act of making them though, I  knew there was something else less easily explained away, i.e. circles I had
seen in distant lands and also in England, that were
not made by 3 feet long boards and also many unexplained
supernatural events directly associated with crop circles - that for another day.

I do not hold any bad feelings towards
Terje Toftenes for going along with loudly vocal but small group who act
as the social engineers for this subject. A group size you can now count on two hands but who try desperately
to keep alive the idea that most crop circles are not man-made.  At this stage in the research, anyone doing a
reasonable job of investigating the circles knows the score.  The hard core proponents of the myth  that most
crop circles are real are headed by researcher
Michael Glickman, closely followed by Linda Moulton Howe,
Francine Blake
and filmmaker Suzanne Taylor (*1 & *2 Below also her radio interview 2009).  There are others
and they know who they are, who are refusing to acknowledge the truth and are propping up an industry from
which they receive healthy sales from products they produce.

As the coming weeks arrive and events unfold in the fields and more strange things happen to researchers
and human circlemakers we will begin to see that out of the misty, murky past will be seen the true prize in it
all. There will be though a small group who have knowingly fooled others for personal gain who will be seen
for who and what they are but most importantly an extraordinary mystery, more intriguing and significant
than we ever expected will consolidate itself - an intelligent process of which we are but part will become
more clear.  The crop circle phenomenon is not going away because more people are getting smart and
seeing the truth, its about to take a new leap forward into the paranormal because that is what was there to be
seen from the beginning, but lost in the divisions of the time.  This time we will ALL be players, and I believe
some already know this.

Another film-maker Suzanne Taylor, produced the movie 'What on Earth' has great footage but was never a real
attempt to find any answers. The question posed by the title though has now been answered regarding how most
circles arrive in the fields. It is far from answered when it comes to the array of strange experiences
surrounding human consciousness and the crop circle scene. See *1 & 2 below for her response to this article.

As I said back in 2000, the crop circle study will finish up looking into consciousness - thats where its at.
Terje Toftenes with
his EBE award 2011
              A Message from Joachim Koch in Germany
                                                  May 23, 2011

Hi all you good friends,

once we came together from everywhere to march along for a while the path which the crop circle phenomenon
had shown to us. It was a great time of adventure, enlightment, grace, humbleness and stepping forward
consciousnessly. We all know that our lifes had changed in those days in Wiltshire.

We are now different ones, we have learned the lessons told to us in numerous days and nights up on the hills,
down in the valleys and beside the old stones. Honesty is what was demanded. Honesty in the face of a
phenomenon who/which stressed us to our intellectual and spiritual limits: are you prepared to become a cosmic

Some among the crop circle communitiy failed to realize the potential which was offered to us. They created a
cult, became High Priestesses and Priests of their own ego and lost connection to reality. The result is that they
are now suffering. They suffer from greed for power, from selfishness and are trapped in human commercialism.
They suffer jealously because they realize that others stepped forward. They suffer from themselves.

The crop circle phenomenon came to us to make us aware of ourselves, to invite us to raise our heads again, to
see the beauty of this planet, of the skies and beyond. Some in the crop circle community have not understood.
Sorry for them.

I applaud to what Colin wrote in his response and I would like to thank you all  that you have not forgotten Hans
and me. I think, while other developments happend in front of and behind the scenes, what we both have done
continuously throughout all these years was one of the most profound work that should be done. And I am not
immodest to say that the phenomenon has blessed us quite a few times with its/their special kind of
acknowledgement. This all would not have come true without your help, of course.

I would like to ask Colin to give permission to translate his text into German. I also will ask Suzanne Taylor for
her permission. I think people here in Germany should know what is going on.

In 2013 I will come back to Wiltshire with my "Blue Ribbon Group" to continue our work. Wouldn't it be a great
opportunity to meet us all again, you Dinorsaurs from the old days, to rent the whole
Barge or the Waggon &  
for a whole evening to sit, drink, eat and talk together and share memories and new information- and a
good music?

Left is a photograph of our latest meeting in Goseck which was unearthed recently and reconstructed. It is a 7000
year old astronomic construction similar to Woodhenge. There we met and spent a few days,
highlighted by a powerful meditation similar to the ones we performed in Wiltshire since 1994.

Greetings and Blessings to you all,


Note *1: Posted May 22, 2011/Updated May 25 2011.(Read also *2 below)

I received a long series of e-mails from filmmaker Suzanne Taylor who asked I make clear that her position has
now changed and that she does not any longer belong to the small number of proponents who say they are nearly
all real. She stated:
"And by the by, I am not one of the hardcore of proponents who think most are real. I’d
appreciate your amending your communication that identifies me that way. In fact, I only have one circle from
2007 and one from 2008 in my movie, and none from years thereafter because I see it as very possible that most
of the circles are human made now, and the ones I used were as carefully chosen as I could for having no taint on

Updated May 25, 2011:

- Suzanne Taylor in correspondance to me says she began to see things turning towards hoaxing in 2004. I should
however draw attention to Taylor's  radio interview September 2009 (20 months ago) in which she says:

Some other intelligence is working. Hoaxers are like terrorists, they plague us putting us off track and waste our
time. They don’t yield secrets because there are none in them. Science has told us that we cant do this – its
definitive. Peer reviewed journals have shown this.

This hoaxing plague comes up and so we covered it in the movie and so we try to counter that – yep some will
fool around but lets talk about the real thing, that’s what we do in the movie.

Listen to her interview for yourself:

More correspondance with Suzanne Taylor has followed, see below:
Recent TV program by Mexican filmmaker Jaime Maussan
Goseck, Germany. Copyright: Joachim Koch
Crop Circles Decoded!!! By Terje Toftenes