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Article by Colin Andrews
with further research by David Haith
Posted May 3, 2016

Claims of eyewitnesses to a crop circle forming are exceedingly rare.
Even rarer is when a crop circle of complex design forms at the feet of ‘Nano Man’ the distinguished
scientist friend of film-maker Jeremy Corbell.

The odds of this happening must be gigantic. And the odds of keeping this amazing event secret since
2004 when it is supposed to have occurred are even more remote.

We need to take into account that the small area in England where crop circles are seen is one very
well known to me and to all other researchers.  The community is close knit - everyone knows what’s
going down.

Just like many other researchers, I know most of the farmers, the landowners, visit the local pubs, know
the several tour companies who arrange tours of the crop circles, ancient sites etc.  There is a good
chance when you stop a local, they will tell you the nearest new crop circle and if they can’t, the
nearest farmers will. And if all else fails, drop into The Barge Inn, which has long been famous for
mapping all the crop circle reports as they come in.

We all fly over the fields in small aircraft and helicopters from local landing strips or airports like
Thruxton or Popham to look for crop circles or photograph those we know about.  So you get my point,
there is little that happens in crop circle land that my colleagues on site and myself are not aware. And
yet nobody, not one of the people he claims to have been with him, nor the tour operator, or the
farmer, pilots flying over or anybody else has stepped forward with this exceptional and exciting news.

The amazing claim by the ‘Nano-Man Chris Cooper, is that he and six others in a tour group, witnessed
a complex crop circle form while visiting a field in Wiltshire.  Presumably visiting an empty field before
this happened. Why would they be visiting an empty field? - Odd!  This all came to light during an
interview by George Knapp on Coast to Coast AM on Sunday, January 24th, 2016. George devoted
the entire  show to Chris and film-maker Jeremy Corbell, who is making a documentary with Cooper for
more reasons than his alleged eye witness account. In fact this extraordinary experience was thrown
into the interview as a side topic, but I will leave to others, the primary thrust of his other claims, i.e. of
discovering a mysterious and revolutionary nano material which it is claimed could change the world.  
That too is an exceptional and ultra-coincidental claim.

Over twenty years ago, I was invited by Mohammad Ramadan, President of a special interest group at
the United Nations Headquarters in New York to make a presentation there.  He selected the topic of
choice, which was ‘Eye Witness Accounts of Crop Circles Forming and part ‘B’ was ‘The Message’ if
there was one.  I spent weeks pulling out of my research archives and databases, eye witness claims
and to this day, am still very much involved in an expanded research of the crop circles as a potential
experiment in human consciousness.

The holy grail in regards to non-human crop circles is their construction and so any and every eye
witness to the construction is of paramount importance, just as in human –made crop circles (which are
the majority) technique and decisions about what, where, and when, is vital to the wider understanding.

So one can imagine how surprised and disappointed I am that after repeated email attempts to have a
conversation with Mr. Cooper have failed, despite Jeremy Corbell alerting him to my research and
being told he was willing to share details with me.
Coast to Coast as well as Jeremy have been as helpful as they could but as of today, May 3rd, 2016,
the eye witness to an earth shattering and important event, remains mysteriously silent.

And back in England, not one part of the active crop circle network has heard of this alleged event -  
no farmer, researcher, pilot, pub landlord, hotel operator, police, military contacts  - no one.

It must be the best kept secret in the history of crop circles. If it happened.

Here are some of the questions I had prepared for Chris:

Which complex design did he witness form?

Name the six other witnesses or those who are prepared to discuss what they saw.

He claimed to have asked a farmer permission to walk miles into his land and during his walk he found
crop circles nobody knew about. Which ones and where? Also, the name of the farmer?

These are basic questions which any serious scientist would expect to be asked and would most
certainly have records and notes.

NOTE. The door is still open for Chris Cooper or any of the other alleged witnesses to come forward.

By Colin Andrews (USA)
‘Further research by David Haith (England)’
Chris H. Cooper
’Why won’t Nano Man Chris H. Cooper reveal details of
the crop circle he and six others saw form?’
Simple crop circle, 1987.
Copyright: Colin Andrews
Complex crop circle, 1995
Copyright Colin Andrews
As presented by Coast to Coast AM
The show aired on Sunday, January 24, 2016        

Coast to Coast AM show:  http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2016/01/24

Jeremy Corbell website: http://www.extraordinarybeliefs.com/news-1/2016/5/1/phenomena-the-ufo-book


Christopher H. Cooper is the founder of Apollo Resource Corporation, Cooper Core Technologies and
Seldon Technologies. His expertise is in nuclear physics, quantum field theory, quantum computation,
nanotechnology and large scale nano-manufacturing. He has applied his expertise in nano-materials
and nano-manufacturing in the fields of water, fuel, air and water purification, energy production,
propulsion, and advanced, high-strength, high conductivity materials.
Besides his scientific background he has experience in corporate leadership, investor relations, and
product development. Mr. Cooper holds pending and issued patents in fields such as carbon nanotube
textiles and nuclear physics. He has published articles in prestigious publications including the
American Journal of Physics and Chemical Review Letters. Mr. Cooper holds an M.A. in physics from
the University of Washington and a B.S. in physics from New Mexico State University. He served for two
years as an adjunct professor at Dartmouth Collage in the Thayer School of Engineering. Cooper is
well-qualified to commercialize carbon nanotube cables and textiles due to his extensive experience in
large scale nano-manufacturing.
•        www.coopercoretechnologies.com
•        www.apolloresourcecorporation.com
Host: George Knapp
Guests:  Jeremy Corbell, Chris H. Cooper
•        In the first hour, George Knapp welcomed filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, who is currently working on
a project about a scientist he called "Nano Man." He was introduced to this person through a mutual
contact in the U.S. Navy. Corbell described meeting in an atmosphere of paranoia, since "Nano Man"'s
employers thought that Corbell was a government intelligence operative who wanted to steal ideas and
technology. Corbell advised that when dealing with people who work on sensitive projects, that
"confidence has to be continuously earned" and that you must be able to keep secrets and release any
information that is given to you in a timely fashion.
•        In the second hour, "Nano Man" was revealed to be physicist Chris H. Cooper. For many years,
Cooper has worked in the development of carbon nanotubes, which are composed of carbon
molecules ten atoms thick that he twists into strings and cables that exhibit incredible strength. Another
application for the nanotubes which Cooper has patented is a water purification system that was
funded by a grant from the Air Force's Wright-Patterson Base in order to provide clean water for
military personnel. Cooper says it's also been used in developing countries in Africa as "a high-tech
product in a low-tech environment."
•        Cooper remarked that what we know of physics at this time is "like comparing a drop of water to
the ocean." He recalled that during the 1980s, discoveries were made that had direct bearing on the
development of cold fusion, which Cooper has been studying for many years. In 2014, he says his
research team produced a thermal output from a brass sphere filled with palladium and deuterium,
which was converted into electricity that lighted an LED output. The experiment was captured on film by
Corbell, who played an audio clip of the moment when this occurred, and said that Cooper's father
(who has assisted in some of his projects) told him that the success of the experiment was "on par with
the discovery of fire."
•        Cooper is also perfecting what he calls a "space drive." He described the principle of the
quantum or zero-point field, which his drive uses as the medium to "push against" as aircraft use air or
ships use water. He has demonstrated a working model to Corbell. The experiment was conducted in a
private, underground laboratory and appeared to prove the concept, at least to the filmmaker's
satisfaction. Using this drive, Cooper claims that spacecraft could reach Mars in two days and the
nearest star in "a couple of months." Some of the materials for the drive were supplied by Bob Lazar, of
Area 51 fame.
•        Corbell also told the story of going to NASA's Ames Research Laboratory with a small vial of
liquid that Cooper had given to him with what looked like metallic dust mixed in. When placed under an
electron microscope, the "dust" appeared to be countless microminiature devices composed of "gears,"
"graspers," and other apparently machined artifacts. They called this substance "utility fog," a term
coined in the 1990s, which refers to the theory of large groups of nanobots designed to perform a task
at a molecular level. Cooper suggested that the material in the vial was collected in the aftermath of a
UFO incident, and speculated that it may be the method used to produce crop circles, and recalled his
own experience of standing in a crop circle while it was being formed. Corbell has four films planned
that will feature the discoveries of Chris Cooper.
Conclusion of
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Timeline - 10 Aug, 2016
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Transcript courtesy of ‘Longeyes

JC:  And you know I'm really gonna put Chris
on the line here. You, he, we decided to go
boldly into this and to tell the truth, and even
if it's strange and we can't totally explain it. I
think are testimony is real important, and
one of the things that I believe led Chris into
imaging and understanding the capabilities
of these something like these micro-
machines, was the personal experience he
had as scientist, kind of on a vacation to go
look into a very strange phenomenon. Which
I'm not all that familiar with, I know you are
George ,and I was hoping Chris that we
might be able to the personal account of
how you got mentally turned on to the idea
that this Utility Fog might be used by a
hyper/super intelligence to actually
manipulate matter. Would you be willing to
talk a little bit about your personal
experience because it's really amazing, I
have to say. (23'24”)

CC: Err, Yes, Science News published an
article, prestigious journal, with a crop
circles on the cover, on the front cover of
Science News, and I think the title was
something like 'Unknown geometry
discovered in crop circle' [This seems to be
the article
org/article/...-wheat-fields] so I had a mild
fascination with these, appearances of
these amazing formations, and crop
primarily in southern England. In 2004, I had
an opportunity to spend several weeks in
the field. And one afternoon, as I was
studying a formation, and walking through a
crop of wheat, suddenly, I was in the middle
of a field that was actively having a crop
circle form. And it was forming around me
with nothing I'd ever seen before it was it
would appear that the crops, the wheat,
were simply laying down in a geometric
pattern with unknown force. They were sort
of laying themselves down and the only
explanation was that the plants had to have
been laid down with something that could
really address the individual plants. And, in
this particular case, weave them together in
a very complex patterns, and if that
something was Utility Fog, (26'03”) Utility
Fog was certainly would certainly have the
potential doing what I saw happening all
around me, on this particular afternoon, on
this particular day in southern England. And
so that certainly intensified my interest in
understanding some of this...

GK: Wow, that's huge! I don't recall anyone
ever saying that they were ever in one of
those circles when it formed. Could you feel
anything? If it was Utility Fog or nanobots,
was there any kind of reaction on your skin?
Or your body?

CC: So I felt a little shocking, not just the
tingling, but the whole general experience.
And I was not alone, there were six other
people in this particular formation with me,
they were all just absolutely stunned by this

GK: That's like a life changing experience is
it not?

CC: Certainly makes on rethink one's
premises in what one thinks is possible.

JC: The funny thing about that was. When
Chris was telling me about this, he was like,
“This tour guide who had us out there. And it
was his job, to like show the circles, and he
was talking like he knew everything about it',
and he said 'It looked the guy soiled himself'
because he never expected it to be real, for it
to form around him. So even the tour guide
was speechless so I thought that was so

GK: It maybe occurs to me - that it happened
because you were there. (28'18”) They
wanted it to somebody who experienced it,
who can get it and put it to use almost. It's
such a coincidence that it happened when a
nano-physicist is the guy who is standing in
the formation.

CC: And someone with carbon nanotube
filters would be actually be capable of
actually capturing some of this material.

GK: {Laughs} That's another pretty big

CC: The tour guide was very surprised. I
would say out of crops circles that I had
seen over the two weeks, most of them
could easily be explained by people with
boards and ropes and I even met up with a
couple of the folks who actually made some
of these formations. A lot of them are
manmade but some of them are not

GK: Sure the ones, I've been over there as
well. And I've been in the formations that
obviously the plants are bent, they are
broken. (29'23”) But some of them are
weaved, it's as though somehow they are
weaved. And I know there's speculation that
maybe its microwave, that sort of heats the
plants at the stems, and that explanation
has sort of gone away. Some kind of energy
that we did not understand that makes the
ones that are weaved, cause you don't do
that with a board and your foot.

CC: And the formation that happened
around me was not made with boards and
ropes. That formation and others I intensify
my study of the actual plant, and I found at
the nodes of the plants, inside the
formation, what looked microscopic burn
marks. I called micro-nano-pyrotechnics
looked like little micro-explosions caused
the nodes to explode in a very programmed
way, and occasionally there were misfires,
sort of a microscopic burn mark along the
shaft of the plant between the nodes. And
outside the crop circle, wouldn’t see any of
these phenomena, microscopic burn
marks. So if it is Utility Fog, these micro-
robots can certainly... do very exacting
damage to the plant to cause them to lay
down. (31'18”)

In a later section there is this:
GK: So what's your general take on it? Or do
you have one? Do you think it's an effort to
communication? Is it art? Is it graffiti by
some other intelligence? What's going on

CC: I have no idea, who, what, where or
how. It's certainly a display of intelligence.
These things are made and we maybe even
have clues as to how they made; the pits
and shovels – this Utility Fog if you will.
Who's behind it? I have no idea. That's the
mystery. (34'40”)

GK: Jeremy for you as a film maker that's a
challenge for you. You’re making a, you
wanna have a degree of separation
between you and wildest stuff, even though
Chris has been willing today tonight to
share this with us, at considerable risk, I
would say. You have to put it in categories I
guess? As you're as making films about his
GK: George Knapp
JC: Jeremy Corbell
CC: Chris Cooper
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JC: Yeah I mean look I’ll take it on. The thing with Chris is he's the most honest person I've ever met; you know he just says it as it is if he doesn't know it, he doesn't know it.
There's this awesome story, I don't know if it's classified or he had the privileges to talk about, but it was about weaponry and he had to go to Los Alamos to kinda of talk
about it because he overheard some stuff. This is a guy who has a real strong moral compass. Now when he tells me these extraordinary stories, (35'38”) I mean every time
I look into them there is substance. Just like with the Utility Fog it's just if it's coming from Chris I'm willing to investigate it. Normal Dr Lier alleged, sure enough I got
fascinated by it so if there's an element of truth then I know I’m in good hands with a scientist like Chris. I will look into it.

GK: Well here's the thing Chris, now that you have shared this story it opens up a whole new realm of possible research by folks who are earnestly trying to get to the bottom
of crop formation mystery the argo-glyphs. This could give them new tools to approach that, that work? I mean they're chasing around these old barflies who go out with
boards, or crazy college kids who wanna mystify farmers and create a media stir, but there is a legitimate chance for straightforward research, if folks have the right gear,
and the right approach. Don't you think? (36'46”)
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