This page is intended to show the artistic value of some of the 2012 crop circles. My past work has
revealed large numbers of crop circles are man-made, that work is presented in various publications
and on this website. The single most important mystery remains within the bounds of
consciousness, the focus of the last eleven years of my work. Below holds many aspects of the
human endeavour and its ability to create its own reality  - changing by way of its interaction with an
unknown. - I will stick my neck out and predict that the flower designs including The Flower of Life
will be prominant this year - Colin Andrews
In approximate order - the latest at the bottom
2012 Crop Circles
1. French Alps - A number of incredible design made by an artist.
Video below
2. The Netherlands - Copyright:
3. Large area of random designs. In Colin's view  an example of
lodging and not part of the crop circle phenomenon. Not everyone
4. East Kennett, Wiltshire, England. The
first of 2012 and in Oil Seed Rape.
Crop Circle Connector
1983 - 1994

Snow Circles from Beauregard, Steamboat Aerials on Vimeo.

5. Yarnbury Castle, Winterbourne Stoke, Near Stonehenge,
England. Copyright:
Crop Circle Connector
A circle with a story - The Weather - Media Report
6. England
Hannington. Copyright: Crop Circle Connector
4. East Kennett, Wiltshire, England. The
first of 2012 and in Oil Seed Rape.
Crop Circle Connector
LasPerdices. Copyright: ZetaForestpartridge
8. Sicilia
Riesi. Copyright: EgidioGravagna and LuigiLiberal
9. England
Silbury Hill. Copyright: Harry Fletcher
10. England
Manton Drove, Wiltshire. Copyright: Steve Alexander
Roswell, New Mexico. Made By Farmer
12. England
Silbury Hill, Wiltshire. Copyright: Bruce Coldbridge
Woodborough Hill, Wiltshire. Copyright: Steve Alexander
Bracciano Bertinoro. Copyright: G Marchi Faenzashiatsu
Hoeven. Copyright: Yvonne Raaijmakers and Ronald Sikking
Bosschenhoofd. Copyright: CropCircleConnector
Copyright: Lubomir Knesl
Hoeven. Copyright: Yvonne Raaijmakers and Roy Boschman
19 Holland.
Bosschenhoofd. Copyright: Roy Boschman
NOTE: #15, 16, 18 and 19 show very rough and irregular construction which over the years have been deemed
man made but those in Holland and associated with Robbert van den Broeke have been given a seal of genuine
by ever controversial figure in this research, Nancy Talbott of BLT.

The following relates to #18 above:

Ironic that Robbert should feel this design comes with a message of unconditional love, not shown by his radical
follower Suzanne Taylor
.(read right hand side panel >>)

The report on the Crop Circle Connector website goes on to say:

Fortunately for Robbert (since he won't go into the fields alone anymore due to debunker's' accusations that he
"makes" the circles) his friend Stan had stayed over that night and, with much urgency, Robbert was able to
awake Stan and convince him to go with him on the motor-bike to the fields.

When they arrived at the field the new formation was in exactly the place where Robbert had seen it in his
. . . . As Robbert went around the formation he saw that some very fine white powder covered the grasses in just
one of the small circles, a powder that looks very much like other white material that has been found in previous
circles, and which multiple previous scientific analyses have revealed the material to be a
synthetically-produced 99.99% pure (and very expensive) hydromagnesite (see: and

Samples of the white powder were taken only hours after the formation occurred and will be analyzed by the
BLT Research Team's consulting scientists, with the results made public when the lab work is completed.

See Crop Circle Connector for full report:  

More on Robbert and claims of messages from the dead HERE  Latest reports from the Netherlands see # 54
(So Far)

2012 Crop Circles:
The People

The worst on record and hardly
qualify for the exquisite nature
of the phenomena of the past
thirty years.

With Holland and the ongoing saga
of self proclaimed medium Robbert
van den Broeke taking center
stage, its ironic that in his small
band of followers , that well known
controversial film maker
Taylor again sets forth more hatred
towards others who disagree with
her views,
including myself. just as
Robbert himself says that
unconditional love" is the
message he claims came to him
with one of the latest crop circles.
Which incidentally he knew was

In the last few weeks Nancy Talbott
of BLT has touted claims by
Robbert that he has captured
images of my deceased friend Pat
Delgado and also deceased
hoaxer of the 80s Dave Chorley
much to the shock and
disappointment of Pat Delgado's
family who issued a statement
calling it Trickery..
More below.

Circles in recent weeks have been
reported in Argentina, Mexico, Italy,
Czech Republic, Sicily, The
Netherlands and England.

My continued thanks to the
Circle Connector Website and
Steve Alexander. I
hope to be able to visit those in
England soon.

The real work goes on as the egos
and show biz fraternity get silly
ramping up sales of DVDs.  I'm
afraid consistent with many other
subjects during this 2012 period,
we have to shake off the fraud and
myth makers before we can move
forward with truth and yes
'Unconditional love'.

Colin Andrews
June 15th 2012

Following Suzanne Taylor's latest
outburst I would like to correct a
couple of the many untrue
statements she has made. I'm
sure some deliberately for
maximum effect:

1. Anybody who has followed my
research knows I have not
researched this subject for just a
couple of years, it will be 30 years
next month.

2. Regards  the BLT findings in the
Edmonton, Canada formation
which I was well aware did not
extend to UK. BLT findings were
that statistically significant findings
were found in the more simple
designs, exactly what I also found
from a very different study of
simple designs in UK during 1999
and 2000 - these also showed the
more simple designs were likely
not to have been made by people.
My point was that BLT and my
results showed agreement in that
simple designs are more likely of
the whole, to be non-man made.

3. I did not claim the BLT report of
images of Pat Delgado and Dave
Chorley on cameras operated by
Robbert van den Broeke was
Trickery - this statement was made
directly by Pat Delgado's family
which I posted but I did agree with
their view. That is an important

4. Like anyone else I am allowed
my opinion. No I have no absolute
evidence that Robbert has hoaxed
these images, its my opinion that
he has - that is all, although the
evidence presented by retired
University of London lecturer
Roger Wibberley is very
compelling .  What I do know is
that Pat and Dave are deceased
and claims of their images with
comments made by them beyond
the grave place the burden of proof
not with me but Robbert and
Nancy Talbott. Lets get real.

5. Taylor says she is skeptical that
Pat Delgado's relatives contacted
me.  This is highly offensive to me
and again Pats family. I would be
taking a huge risk posting a
statement which was not true, as
she suggests especially because
Pats daughter is a British
magistrate and is the equivalent in
the US as a lower court judge. My
tail would be on fire within minutes
of making such a erroneous

This  aside and knowing how these
people are using the good names
of deceased love ones, nobody,
Taylor, Talbott or even van den
Broeke has picked up the phone to
Pats family or written a single word
of apology for their unprofessional
and insensitive public
announcement. They choose
instead to attack the messenger
who would have the nerve to
question their claims. Such is the
way of todays politics everywhere.

2012 does seem to be a mirror to
us all for us to work harder on
unconditional love and respect -
with that I agree with Robbert.

I also want to ask those concerned,
how will they feel if it is proven
these images are faked?

If I am shown to be wrong about all
this then I will be the first to
apologize. I do admit that Robbert
does appear to be a quiet gentle

It has crossed my mind that Robbert
might not be his own boss in these

Colin Andrews
June 15, 2012

See latest update HERE
20 England
Cherhill, Wiltshire. By Michael Turner
21 Italy
By GiovanniFire
22 England
Frome, Somerset.
22 Italy
Fabbrico. Copyright: Reggio Emilia
23 Iran
24 Italy
Camponogara Venezia. By Crop Circle Connector
25 Italy
A tribute to soccer player MarioBalotelli
26 France
A rare event for France.
Southern Angola to Northern South  Africa (Fungi?)
28 England
Stanton St Bernard, Wiltshire.
Media see #46 below
29 England
Chilcomb Down, Winchester
30 England
Waden Hill, Avebury, Wiltshire
From our friends in Italy

Seven italian crop circles in this
month .
1 – Paestum (Salerno), 1 giugno 2012 (in
: http://www.cropfiles.
2 – Paestum-Capaccio (Salerno), 1-2 giugno 2012
(in italian):
3 – Saltocchio (Lucca), 2 giugno 2012
(in italian):
it/cropcircles2012/Lucca ml
4 – Camponogara (Venezia), 14 giugno 2012 (in
: http://www.cropfiles.
5 – Santena (Torino), 17 giugno 2012 (in
6 – Fabbrico (Reggio Emilia), 23-24 giugno
2012 (in italian):
7 – Povoletto (Udine), 30 giugno 2012 (in

- - -
FORUM: www.cropfiles.
BOOK: www.cropfiles.
CONTACT: www.cropfiles.

Commercial for
Slickforce Girl
32 England
Burrow Hill Fort, Rock Ln,Corley, Warwickshire,
Copyright: Nicholas Hines.
33 England
Jugglers Lane, Yatesbury, Wiltshire
Photo By Guenther Schermann
34 Norway
Tuftevegen, Skien
Copyright: J.A.
35 England
The Wrekin, Telford, Shropshire.
Copyright: Jim Holmes
36 England
The Wrekin, Telford, Shropshire.
Copyright: Jim Holmes.
Media report
37 England
Aldbourne, Oxfordshire.
Copyright: Eva-Marie Brekkesto  
Note: Woops, screw up!
38 England
Wanborough Plain, Liddington, Wiltshire.
Copyright: Jack Perkins
Note: This is with second phase added.
39 England
Longwood Warren, Winchester, Hampshire..
Copyright: Lucy Pringle
40  England
Bishop Cannings Down, Beckhampton, Wiltshire
Copyright: Simon Greenfield
41 Belguim
Rue de Momalle a Hodeige
Copyright: Renaud Gelaesen.
42  Norway
Tuftevegen, Skien.
45  England
Wunmill Hill, Avebury, Wiltshire
Copyright: Philippe Ullens
43 England
Boreham Woods, Lockeridge, Wiltshire. Note:
44 England
Allington, Wiltshire.
46  England
Stanton St Bernard, Wiltshire
Copyright: Lucy Pringle
*Second part added-see #28 above.
There has been a glut of activity in the area surrounding the home of Dutch medium Robbert van den Broeke -
Latest see his website
HERE  This photo from the Crop Circle Connector

Dutch TV interview the farmer who blames the medium of making them HERE

English translation: Summary: Robbert swears again he never made a crop circle himself, but the farmer's wife,
who is interviewed, says "it's very strange Robbert always know where they are, HENCE he made them himself".
And that she is not pleased at all, because they work hard for their living, and now part of their work is
destroyed by the crop circle. Robbert's crop circles are always like kids play and very amateurish.
> Her response is the so called 'Brabantse nuchterheid' (Brabant sobriety)

Another TV station report of farmer blaming Robbert
48 England
Fox Hill, Hinton Parva, Wiltshire.
49 England
Hill-Barn, East Kennett, Wilts. By Liedwien Hermus.
50 England
Olivers Castle, Wilts. By Adam Grant
51 England
Jubilee Copse, Hannington, Oxon. By William Bell.
52 England
Etchilhampton, Nr Devizes. By James Burnes
47 England
Fox Hill, Hinton Parva, Wiltshire.
53 England
Allington, All Cannings, Wiltshire. By Rebekka Schuermans
54 Netherlands
Seppe Airport (2), Nr Bosschenhoofd.
Crop Circle Connector..
55 Switzerland
Media report.
56 England
Four Mile Clump, Ogbourne Down. By Graham M Lawson
Note: Red flowers are wild poppy
57 USA
Geibs fields, near Wilbur, Washington State.
Media Report
58 England
Owslebury, Nr. Winchester, Hampshire. By Charles Sabin
59 England
Avebury, Wiltshire. By Martin Sawyer
60 Germany
Bavaria, Andechs Abbey, Bayern.
By Andreas Muller
Chalk Pit, Wootton Rivers, Wiltshire. By Patrice Marty
62 England
Milk Hill, Stanton St Bernard, Wiltshire. By  John Storr
63 England
Cheesefoot Head,  Winchester, Hampshire, Copyright:: Jason Patterson
64 England
Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Copyright:
Media Report.
2012 UK Media Report
65 England
Oxleaze Copse_Stitchcombe, Savernack Forest.
Copyright: Crop Circle Connector
66 England
Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire.
Copyright: Simon Brown