"The views expressed by others are not necessarily shared by me personally but all views and perspectives are respected"
Posted August 19, 2012


Together with DOUG BOWER, my Father was one of the two original English Corn Circle Artists.

During the late 70s and from that time onwards, my Father made me privy to information regarding
the creation of many of the most renowned circles and it was a special and very entertaining time.
From JEAN ROOK'S initial coverage in the Daily Express right up until the date when we decided to
break the story many years later, it became very clear to me that for some reason, the circles seemed
to attract more than their fair share of people with spurious motives.

Of course over the decades we have become used to much speculation regarding the creation and
meaning of the circles, ranging from alien involvement to supposed natural reactions along with
various other 'theories' which I do not intend to discuss in this statement.

Our family's opinion is that the English Crop Circles are a particularly beautiful British Modern Art
Form - one of British Modern Art's crown jewels to be exact - and they should be appreciated as such
and enjoyed in the appropriate manner.

We are very proud of our Father's seminal role in the creation of the Art form and had he have lived,
he would have absolutely loved the elaborate and stunning creations of today's Artists.

I spoke many, many times to my Father at length, about what he believed to be the 'inspiration' behind
the works he and DOUG created and he always came back to the same conclusion. He would say that
it was the raw beauty of the English countryside that inspired them and that inside that beauty there
were - and are - undefinable energies which attract and draw the Artist to the land.

Both my Father and DOUG had spent a lot of their formative years in the countryside and had been
touched, creatively speaking by its' energies and forms. In a certain sense, they could be both termed
as being semi-mystics in their approach and relationship with the countryside although their
demeanour and character was not designed to enhance this impression.

The way they have been portrayed to the world over the years is far from accurate, given that they
were much more than elderly 'practical jokers' or cynical, agenda-driven 'Hoaxers'. They were in fact,
highly sensitive Artists, both possessing robust physical strength for their age and both with sharp
intellects and a wicked sense of the comic and absurd. They were men of the countryside and they
were drawn to the countryside for the ultimate artistic expression of their emotional relationship with
its' spirit and form.

'We wanted the biggest canvas in the world' David Chorley.

In that intimate desire and the later manifestation of its' energy lies the true magic of the corn circles.
As with previous and further contemporary land art, within the corn circles, the land becomes an
extension of our human emotions and journey. As images, the circles represent a spectacular
physical embodiment of our love of nature and our wonder at its' magnitude and secrets. 'Vita Brevis
Ars longa'. Life is short, Art is eternal....Art is the way in which we as humans find a way to converse
beyond the normal human mediums.

My Father's theories regarding their labours, were not based in what is marketed as the 'supernatural'
but in a very deep and spiritual 'love affair' with the beauty of physical nature and the forces of
creation behind it. He did not define any further than that and also would be at pains to point out the
level of humour also involved.

In later years, my Father was always ready to allow people to speculate around him and he indeed
retained a very 'tongue in cheek' approach to the whole subject. He was a genuinely nice and humble
man who although gregarious and loving the company of interesting people, loved nothing more than
to be left alone with his brushes and paints.

I have spoken at length to my brother and other family members and they are quite bemused and
surprised to learn of this gentleman's claims [Ed: Robbert van den Broeke]. They are completely at
odds with our Father's beliefs and personality.

They are patently absurd and my family share the distaste of PAT DELGADO'S loved ones, in heartily
and utterly dismissing the credibility of such tales.

We also find certain other factors of this gentleman's conduct, in relation to threats made towards
COLIN ANDREWS and others of grave concern.

We are not the type of family to take that type of thing lightly and if the gentleman persists in such
behaviour, we will take whatever legal actions needed in order to ensure he refrains from doing so.

The naive technology and amateur style aspects of the videos posted on 'Youtube' concerning these
matters are frankly, embarrassing and simply not funny either.

At this moment in time, we are publicly requesting that the said gentleman ceases from any more of
these ludicrous claims and that he stops claiming to have any contact/relationship/channel of
communication with our Father unless he can of course, provide genuine scientific proof, the nature
of which would be judged as conclusive inside a legal framework.

If he wishes to communicate personally with us, or meet to discuss his claims we are more than ready
to discuss the issues face to face with him at any time

For the record, this statement has been constructed by myself and my brother with no
encouragement or coercion with any other individuals or groups. It is our position on a matter we take
very seriously.

Southampton, England  August 19th 2012
This website posting
May 15, 2012

Robbert van den Broeke
claims images of Pat Delgado
and David Chorley appeared
on his camera -
Pat Delgado's family issue
statement of concerns.
This website posting
July 14, 2012.

Robbert van den Broeke
claims two more deceased
friends of Colin Andrews
have appeared, and with
messages and warnings for
Left to right: David Chorley and Doug Bower
planning crop circles.
Copyright: Rob Irving
Second Family Affected by Dutch Medium Robbert van den Broeke Issues
a Statement and Warning of Legal Action.
The Gatekeeper to Robbert van den Broeke
is Nancy Talbott, a UFO and Crop Circle
Investigator at a Research Group calling itself
BLT.  She reported on their website about
Robbert’s miracle:

Chorley’s “consciousness” then
communicated his awareness (now that he is
“in the afterlife”) of how important it is that
people respect the loving force behind the
crop circles. Chorley also expressed sincere
regret that while he was on earth he had
gone to the media and said that crop circles
were “just a joke”, and that he and Doug had
said they made them all.

He told Robbert that he knew there were
many genuine crop circles — those that
occur around Robbert and many in other
countries around the world, and also some
each year in England.

Chorley then added that “angels” and “light
beings” are now “providing energy” to many
of the man-made circles (particularly those in
the UK) because these circles have become
spiritual meeting places. He emphasized that
people should not be confused if they have
mysterious experiences in man-made
formations since many of these circles are
now also being imbued with this “positive
spiritual energy” — the experience of which is
the primary purpose of the circle

Chorley also emphasized that when visitors to
crop circles have spiritual or mystical
experiences while inside the formations they
are actually facilitating the ability of the
“energy from the other dimension” to come
toward them.

BLT link:

Robbert's statement about
my Heart and Lung  was
initially taken to be a threat
but I am prepared to consider
that it was intended as a
health warning -
unprofessionally conveyed
via the Internet instead of
privately as any responsible
professional person would do.

Colin Andrews
Research Goal

My goal is to investigate with a
team of experts working with
me, some of the specific
claims made by Robbert van
den Broeke and Nancy Talbott
on their respective websites. It
is my aim to establish what
has actually taken place and
establish mechanisms and
methods by which they have,
or have not, been achieved.


To eliminate human error or
interference could be to learn
more about the established
subject of Mediumship and
miracles that could be larger
than any of us.

I am not prepared to place my
blind trust in recent claims
surrounding my deceased
friends and colleagues, Pat
Delgado, David Chorley, Paul
Vigay and David Kingston,
based upon restricted data
and denied access.

Hence this work.

Colin Andrews
August 2012
The site of respected UK
researcher Andrew Russell,
which is covering this issue:

To the Chorley Family from
Tom Mellett, Los Angeles, CA:
" I encourage you to take
whatever legal action you can
against Robbert van den
Broeke in the Netherlands.
However, such action needs to
include his American “handler,”
Nancy Talbott, who has been
backing and promoting
Robbert for well over a decade
She has also been acting as
August 26, 2012
The family of Paul Vigay issue a statement
Below is correspondance between Richard Chorley,
representing his family and Robbert van den Broeke's
gatekeeper, Nancy Talbott
Posted with permission of Mr. Chorley August 9, 2012

Mr. Chorley,

I knew your father only from the widespread media reports about him and Doug Bower and had no idea
how to contact any of your family prior to receiving this email from you.  Not knowing what you may have
been told about me or Robbert van den Broeke I can only tell you that I have been working with Robbert
for 14+ years now and know him to be a totally honest, gentle, compassionate man whose every effort
is to help people become aware of a loving spiritual presence or "energy" he has been in contact with
since he was a child.  This "energy" is associated both with the crop circle phenomenon and also with
the spiritual essence of people who have died, and it manifests constantly and utterly spontaneously,
using him as  a "medium."

It appears that you do not accept the possibility that such a situation can be real, but it is a fact that
your father's image did appear on both the videocamera and on Robbert's digital camera with no
manipulation of any kind by anyone.  And Robbert is certain that it was your father's "energy" which
contacted him and wanted his thoughts and image made public.  Because of Robbert's many years of
providing images and information from deceased relatives to hundreds of other people, all of whom
have expressed being comforted by such events, it did not occur to him (or to me) that anyone might
react with anger.   

I hope you can accept that no disrespect or unkindness was intended.   


Nancy Talbott

P.S. If you would like to read more information about Robbert, please see:

If you would like to read about other images of deceased people which have appearing both on
Robbert's camera and on various other people's cameras, please see this report:
Mr. Chorley,
Please save yourself the time and trouble of any further correspondence. You have already
made your viewpoint clear and I have done my best to do the same. I don't intend to read any
additional assaults on my or Robbert's intelligence or integrity.  You must either accept what I
have written as truthful, or not, and get on with your life--because I have said what I can.

Nancy Talbott

From : Richard Chorley
To: Nancy Talbott

Nancy...A rather rude and arrogant response to a simple email telling you I would respond to your
original message today.  

Okay, let's get some things clear from the start. Assaults? Very dramatic language... The only assaults
that have taken place here are the ones perpetuated by Robbert on the name and memory of my
Father and others. You have an absolute audacity in using such language when you have willingly
helped perpetuate this rubbish and in the process have upset and seriously annoyed a number of
families. And are you now telling me that we as a family do not have the right to contend claims such as
this if we feel suspicious of people's motives? You are telling me to get on with my life? How about you
and Robbert getting on with your lives and leaving my Father, Mr Delgado and others to rest in peace?
How about you remove all this nonsense from your websites, given you are now fully aware that your
claims are seriously upsetting the relatives of the men concerned?  

Please do not tell me that you claim to care about any of that in the slightest. You do not or you would
not persist in championing this stuff. You are far more concerned with your own profile and selling
Robbert to the world. That is reality, Miss Talbott.   

Reverse the situation....How do you think you would feel if obscure mediums you had never heard of,
began posting claims and videos like this all over 'Youtube' and other websites/media vehicles regarding
your dead relatives? That your dead relatives were in 'touch' with people and those people were
purporting supposed views, positions and statements that were/are completely at odds with everything
your relatives ever stood for and believed in life?...You would not feel angry and insulted? You would
not feel that your relatives memory had been 'assaulted' as you call it? Think honestly about that and
the application of the word 'assaulted'.

As usual with people in in these situations you are deliberately avoiding detail although that is not
surprising....Robbert's claim that my Father had apologised for 'Stating they'd made all the crop circles'
shows exactly how flawed his perspectives are....As I have already told you, my Father and Doug Bower
never once claimed to have made 'all the Corn Circles' and it was a point of major annoyance to my
Father that this piece of spurious disinformation was constantly used against him and Doug over many
years....In fact I would state that it was the single most annoying factor to him of the entire saga...They
conceived the original methods and constructed the original renowned circles, which is what my Father
and Doug were talking about in their original interviews...but other Circle makers quickly cottoned on
and before too long there were various other teams at work....I repeat, why on earth would my Father be
apologising in death for something he never said or claimed in life anyway? The whole concept is utterly

Regarding your comments about sincerity, honesty and motives etc. As a number of other people have
pointed out, if you and Robert were genuinely sincere, then you would have endeavored to have
contacted the families concerned with all this, long before you decided to blurt it all out to the world. If
you had really wished to contact us, it would have been a relatively simple trail in the Crop Circle world.
The truth is you never had any intention of contacting us and neither did he. These ridiculous claims
have been slammed across the globe as part of a naked promotional campaign on behalf of Robbert's
supposed gifts....You know that, he knows that and we know that. Of course there are always gullible
people out there who hang on all this as if it is some type of mystic revelation but surely you can see
that the images in the video are clearly taken from stills of my Father when he was alive! Is Robbert with
his great 'gift' really trying to ask us to accept that the 'form' of those beyond this world reflects exactly
that of their former worldly bodies?!! And you are really asking me to take you seriously dear?....

Of course you do realise that if all this was true, it would represent the greatest events to ever take
place in the history of mankind? Genuine bona-fide appearances from the other side? Caught on
camera? Now, if you really believed that to have taken place and that you were party to close contact
with the 'vehicle', would you really go around sending rude emails to the relatives, telling them they
would simply have to accept your version and to 'get on with their lives'? No, I feel that the human
beings selected for events of such magnitude would exhibit far more grace and consideration for the
relatives of the supposed visitors, a fair comment? I belive that sincere people would be far more
concerned with communicating with those relatives and showing them the validity of their claims...Surely
you can see the ration of such points? Perhaps you would care to ponder on the issues raised in this
email and examine your own conscience in relation to all of this. We are talking about real people here,
sons and daughters, grandchildren who loved their Grandfather very dearly, you claim to be acting with
sincerity yet send emails like that last one?

I request again that you remove from your website all details of these claims and further ask you to pass
this message onto Robbert at the earliest possible opportunity. In addition, I request that you ask
Robbert to contact us personally with any proof he may wish to share with us regarding all this. Surely
he would be prepared to do this if he is acting with sincerity and in the manner you claim?

Richard Chorley
A lively discussion is also taking place on this issue at Andy
Russell's website, Circular State of Mind

August 29, 2012
Nancy Talbott tells
Chorley family she will
not accept any further
correspondance from
them and to get on with
their lives. >>>>

August 29, 2012
Nancy Talbott tells Chorley family she will
not accept any further correspondance from
them and to get on with their lives.

August 30, 2012
Richard Chorley to Nancy Talbott
"...appropriate Legal Action..."
Posted August 30, 2012

From: Richard Chorley
To: Nancy Talbott

Having now read the ludicrous claims you are helping to promote as regards our father David John
Chorley, we are now requesting that you desist in further advocating of these matters. Our Father was
an Artist. The nonsense that people like you help to encourage across the world is in direct
contradiction to the spirit in which they were originally conceived by Doug and my Father. They are an
Art form, nothing more, nothing less. It is not only the general idea of these claims which is insulting but
the detail. The lies perpetuated, for example, that they ever claimed to 'have made them all' are gross
distortions of the truth. They did not claim that. Never, under any circumstances. That was one of the
things which angered my Father most in life, that certain people had distorted his words and attributed
such a claim to him.My Father and Doug made the first original batches of renowned circles after which
other people began to grasp the techniques and added further variations and more and more
appeared. If there is any more of this rubbish forthcoming we will take all appropriate legal action to
ensure those responsible are brought to account for their actions.