Many of you who attended my presentations over the years, will know ‘Angie’ our pet dog, because I often
ended my presentations with a slide of her (that slide is seen top left).  She always captured hearts as she has
ours for 12 years. We gave her our home after she was found wondering the outskirts of Washington D.C. in

Synthia and I, along with Erin, Adriel and the rest of our family have witnessed through Angie that love truly
exists across the species.

This has been a very hard week for her and us, and so we had to step in at 8.25 AM today, December 6,
2008. She was a very brave little girl to the very end. Deeply loved and a life saving animal....'My Ang'.

You leave broken hearts Angie.
Angie always wanted to have babies, but never did. She was in her element a few years ago when our cat "Katie' had a
litter.  Angie was always looking over Katie's shoulder to see where she could help (photos below).

She would suddenly latch onto an old bread roll, sometimes thrown out to the birds (only if it was the same color as
herself)  and carry it everywhere for weeks on end. Nursing it and taking care of it, day and night.

During her final week, we thought it might be a good idea to give her  a bread roll to try and take her mind away from
her clear anxiety and illness.  She immediately took on the mothering role and did what she could for it until the day
before she left us. I heard her walking towards me as I worked on the computer. She came up to me and dropped her
'baby' at my feet.  She looked up at me as if to say, "Can you look after it, I cant do it anymore" and walked away for
the first time without it. She stumbled from side to side as her condition deteriorated, back to the doorway where she
would position herself.  From there she could see all the coming and goings in the house. It was a very sad sight
indeed, this time she seemed in a daze and almost unaware of activity around her. She was seemingly preparing to

During the middle of the night, with Angie back on the bed with us, where she used to love to be, she dragged herself
up to my arms and leaned into me.  I am sure this was her final goodbye.

We took Angie to the vet the next morning after a final hug.  What a great gutsie little girl she
She left her 'baby' at my feet to take care of.
Angie as a one year old puppy in 1996
Synthia and Lilly look over Angie - December 4th, 2008.
Angie was visibly excited when 'Katie' would take a rest
on the top of the table and allow her to take charge of
caring for her babies - 2000.
1996 - December 6, 2008
My gorgeous 'Angie' - painted as a gift to Synthia and Colin Andrews by artist John Randall who
has offered to help raise research funds by painting your favourite pet as the prize if your e-mail
address is drawn from those who make a minimum donation of $20. If you are interested in having
John paint a unique piece like this of your pet, please go
Angie has returned via the amazing brush of artist John Randall to help raise funds for the
continued research and up-keep of this website resource.

She still makes me cry - Goodness how I still miss her and she left Dec 2008.  If you would like to enter the
donations draw  to stand a chance that John will paint
your favourite pet, please go HERE.

Posted May 11, 2011.