Has chosen to depart rather than
suffer further with terminal cancer.
Colin Comments: Its not been a good couple of days, with permanent goodbyes (in Earth
terms) to two friends. The courageous Edgar Mitchell has left us. I was privileged to have
Edgar as a friend.

And now 'Enrico', who has chosen to depart tomorrow (Sunday), rather than to continue
suffering terminal cancer. He is a wonderful young man with such a loving spiritual disposition,
who has spent years helping Robbert van den Broeke with the English translation for his
website in Holland. Many will be familiar with Robbert.

My good friend Dave Haith in England has become close to Enrico, and I too have long
respected him and his highly developed spiritual work. I’ve recognized him as an honest
broker in a very challenging environment although I am not sure he would see it as
challenging himself.  Yesterday, our mutual friend Dave sent me this profound email which he
has authorized me to post:
David Haith wrote:
For nearly an hour today, I talked to a much loved friend, knowing it would be the last
conversation this side of his death. And on Sunday at precisely 2pm UK time at a hospital in
Holland, doctors will give him a five minute series of injections to end his life. ”It’s a great
adventure” Enrico told me. “I’ve had out of the body experiences and I know for sure there’s
something beyond death. And I’ll come back and prove it to you.” It was comforting to decide on
a code word only we know to be used as evidence of his survival – it somehow carries our
friendship on into a future denied to us in the purely physical. Enrico, still a young man, had
been suffering for many months with mystery pains which suddenly a hospital diagnosis
confirmed as cancer of the lung, spine and brain, giving him at most, three months to live. As it
is legal in the Netherlands, Enrico decided he didn’t want to endure any more pain and chose
euthanasia – a few days forward from his conversations with doctors and a psychiatrist, to give
his partner, family and friends time to say goodbye. And so it was that via his mobile phone that
today I was able to connect with him for a finale to the many hours of Skype and hundreds of
emails.... because I and Enrico have never met. I got to know him some years ago because I
was researching Robbert van den Broeke, the controversial Dutch medium who produces
paranormal photos of the dead using digital still and movie cameras. Enrico helped in Dutch-
English translation on Robbert’s website. As well as a beyond-death connection with me, Enrico
plans to send his own photo back from the other side via Robbert’s extraordinary clairvoyance
– and he’s already chosen the exact photo he hopes to ‘transmit’ – a particular image known to
me but of course not to Robbert. It wasn’t easy to end that call today – but somehow I feel sure
this is only a beginning. And at 2pm Sunday afternoon please think of Enrico embarking on his
great adventure. Bon voyage my friend Rico – it’s been good to know you. To everything - turn,
turn, turn There is a season - turn, turn, turn And a time to every purpose under heaven A time
to be born, a time to die A time to plant, a time to reap A time to kill, a time to heal A time to
laugh, a time to weep

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Photograph Copyright: Colin Andrews
Photo thanks to Mark  Oostwal