The insect discovered in Washington D.C. September 7, 2008.

Photographs by Richard Ramsby
Hickory Horned Devil (Wow, I can see why) - Thanks for the info from the co-writer of the movie 'Circular
Evidence', Chris Ryan. It grows up to 6 inches long and looks rather nasty but is totally harmless. It becomes
the Regal Moth:

The regal or royal walnut moth is one of our largest and most spectacular moths. Like most other moths, it is
nocturnal but is sometimes observed at lights. The imposing larva, known as the hickory horned devil, is most
often observed when it is full grown and comes down from the trees to wander in search of a site for pupation.
The regal moth is found throughout the deciduous forest areas of the eastern U.S. from Missouri to
Massachusetts and southward to Texas and central Florida. It is more common in the southern part of its