Our Genes Show That We Are The
Product Of Someone Else's Experience
By Colin Andrews
Posted December 17, 2011
We are on the brink of uncovering a hidden world
Left: Mother to be, just before birth. Right: Father to be, just before puberty. The gene sets
hold the ghost memory of emotional experiences of your parents during these windows of time.
                                       Posted December 17, 2011

Can the air your parents and grandparents breathed, the food they ate, even the things they saw
directly affect you decades later, despite your never having experienced these things yourself?
Epigenetics says, yes! This documentary, 'The Ghost in Your Genes,' says biology stands on the
brink of a shift in the understanding of inheritance.  

Colin's Comments:  The study has focused upon the response of stress hormones produced by the
experiences of the father and mother and found that a stressful experience of the father just before
puberty and a similar event occurring to the mother just before birth, cause specific gene sets to turn
either on or off and this gene sequence to be passed on to their children.  The childred again passes
this gene information to their child and so on. The fact that Grand-fathers and Grand-mothers pass
emotional ghosts down the line to future generations raises very interesting insights into the possible
process of evolving consciousness.  We are the product of someone else's emotional experiences
and in turn pass our own forward into future generations. If that is so for stress, why not love or any
other emotional experience?

Is it that as a specie we have to not only project into the world love but to experience the emotion of
love across the population pool for future generations to live it as a norm?  I propose that is the case
and that until we produce those new beings with the genetic ghosts of love wired into them for the
future, we will continue to experience the impossibity of inserting ideas of love into our war machines.

Colin - Dec 2011
Thanks to Busty Taylor (England) and Forbidden Knowledge
We have less than 30,000 Genes and that has come as a shock and mystery. How can a lack of
certain Genes cause completely different syndrome. Its as if the Genes know where it came from – its
tagged from previous ancestor. It depends upon whether the genes come from the mother or
father……………Genes have a memory of where they come from??? Your inheritance depends upon
if the Genes are switched on or off and gives an additional level of complexity to the geno project. Its
not just about DNA, its what turns them off or on???  A single environmental effect in one generation
will be experienced by our children and grand-children??  
"We are on the
brink of
uncovering a
hidden world"
"You are what stress your
Grand-mother and
Grand-father Had"
"An Environmental
exposure your
Grand-mother had
could cause a disease
in you. Even though
you were not exposed
to it"
"What I experience will
have some kind of
legacy in my children
and my Grand-Children"
"We are changing the
view of what
inheritance is"  - CA:
And how