Public Announcement (feel free to post and distribute widely)

By Lindy Tucker

After 25 years of public crop circles here and abroad, in the media newspapers and on
TV, it is finally time to end the silliness that accompanies the reporting that goes along
with this enigma.

We have unusual events unfolding around these creations, whether they be super-natural
or man made, but the public must be informed properly as to their origin and their purpose.
With the recent enormously complex "coded" formations at Milk Hill and South Field last
week in the UK, we can no longer sit idly by, hoping to catch the hoaxers who created
these fantastic formations.

If they are man made, then the hoaxers need to come forward with their proof, their
diagrams and their witness testimonies, or the British government and media must take
action to get to the bottom of this.

These could be "forgeries" of the highest order, put out to fool the public. Like painting a
Rembrandt or a Van Gogh and offering it to the public to buy it. They are scoundrels and
they need to be exposed for their new form of "art", and become famous for their skills in
another venue. I'm not buying it, and it's time to force their hand, if they have any hand in
it at all.

Because if the proof is not forthcoming, then we are standing on the brink of discovery,
discovery of a new language, a new form of communication with far-reaching ramifications.

These formations are undoubtedly just as spectacular, or even more spectacular than the
formations at Crabwood and Chilbolton many years past.

The UK Military should be more than interested in bringing these hoaxing culprits forward
and end our suspicions that we really could be in the throes of paranormal or
extra-terrestial communication.

The media, with all their power and all their money should offer a dandy sum to the public
who can bring these nefarious forgers out into the public eye and end the controversy
that surrounds crop circles.

This is an open invitation to contact the farmers on whose land these magnificent
creations have formed and start an investigation into who is damaging their crops.
We need to solve this mystery now, and find out once and for all, if we should go back to
reading our newspapers for entertainment or we should be embarking on one of the
biggest scientific studies in modern history.

Lindy Tucker

Member CCCRN
Canadian Crop Circle Research Network

Member ICCRA
Independent Crop Circle Research Association

Formations can be seen here:
http://  and on this site HERE
During 1999 and 2000, Colin Andrews exposed almost 80% of the circles reported
in England during that period as hoaxes.  Published in
The Assessment - 2001
Copyright Colin Andrews