November 21, 2009
Search for The God Particle is back on:
Cern Large Hadron Collider restarts after 14 months.

September 16, 2008.
Fed pumps $70B into nation's financial system (2012 debate)
September 13, 2008.
Up to 6,000,000 without power and thousands of homes destroyed as Hurricane Ike powered into
Houston and large area of the Gulf Coast last night.

September 10, 2008
Hurricane 'Ike' gaining strength again - Texas prepare to evacuate 1,000,000 residence.
September 9, 2008
My meeting with Uri Geller, who offered to make a crop circle form with his mind.
September 8, 2008
Dutch Medium Robbert van den Broekewith with extraordinary abilities and what Uri Geller told
me in 1989.
August 25,  2008
Its been a bad few days  for effects of  Climate Change:
IMPORTANT  :  Follow link to 'Climate Change'
August 22,  2008
The Crop Circle Story and Human Consciousness.
The full story is now to be told :

NOTE: “Its very important to know all the information before we dig deeper into what this period
has meant and why all this happened. Also who is behind it and why. This site intends to tell the
whole story, as far as it is currently known.

For many people making circles, only some know what is really going on”

Colin Andrews
August 22,  2008.

During July 1991, Colin Andrews was being filmed by National Geographic for the first of a series
of TV documentaries by them on the subject of crop circles. The transmission date of this first
program was postponed when the organization learned from French intelligence that there was
about to be a planned major revelation which involved two senior citizens (Now famously called
Doug and Dave.

Lets go from there…………… Select this link: the ‘
August 15,  2008
A new large and spectacular crop circle pattern discovered in the form of a crucifix at
Etchilhampton, England.
Select here to see the great beauty.

(Note: In the interest of openness,, Dave Haith is a friend of mine.  He is a retired journalist
from England: Colin Andrews)

August 11, 2008
Mitchell Speaks Out About Wilson's Denial - Amended and fuller story
By Dave Haith

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell has revealed to me what he believes
is the reason that retired Admiral Thomas Wilson is now denying a claim that
he was refused access to UFO information.
August 11, 2008,2933,401208,00.html
Scientists Say Invisibility Cloak Now Possible
Associated Press

WASHINGTON  —  Scientists say they are a step closer to developing materials that could
render people and objects invisible.

Researchers have demonstrated for the first time they were able to cloak three-dimensional objects
using artificially engineered materials that redirect light around the objects. Previously, they only
have been able to cloak very thin two-dimensional objects.

The findings, by scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, led by Xiang Zhang, are to be
released later this week in the journals Nature and Science.

The new work moves scientists a step closer to hiding people and objects from visible light, which
could have broad applications, including military ones.

People can see objects because they scatter the light that strikes them, reflecting some of it back to
the eye. Cloaking uses materials, known as metamaterials, to deflect radar, light or other waves
around an object, like water flowing around a smooth rock in a stream.

Metamaterials are mixtures of metal and circuit board materials such as ceramic, Teflon or fiber
composite. They are designed to bend visible light in a way that ordinary materials don't. Scientists
are trying to use them to bend light around objects so they don't create reflections or shadows.

It differs from stealth technology, which does not make an aircraft invisible but reduces the cross-
section available to radar, making it hard to track.

The research was funded in part by the U.S. Army Research Office and the National Science
Foundation's Nano-Scale Science and Engineering Center.
August, 8, 2008

Large Figure Eight Crop Circle Discovered on the 8th of the 8th, 08.

A very large crop circle pattern was discovered today below Milk Hill, Wiltshire, England.

The first visitors walked into the newly discovered pattern just after 8.0 am.  The design also
strongly resembled an eight and arriving on the 8th day of the 8th month of 2008, was this all co-
incidental?  Andrew Potter was one of the first to walk into the field and has filed a report with
photographs, which can be seen at  

A young couple who were overlooking the field during the early hours of this morning, said it was
raining most of the night but that they witnessed a single bright light cascading at speed down the hill
into this field. The couple said it was raining most of the night but as observed by Andrew Potter,
there was not a trace of mud on the surface of the flattened plants, as he walked into the formation.

Listen to the interview about the unexplained light on the web site.
July 23, 2008

You Know The Banking System Is Unsound When....

1. Paulson appears on Face The Nation and says 'Our banking system is a safe and a sound one.'
If the banking system was safe and sound,everyone would know it (or at least think it). There
would be no need to say it.

2. Paulson says the list of troubled banks 'is a very manageable situation'. The reality is there are 90
banks on the list of problem banks. Indymac was not one of them until a month before it collapsed.
How many other banks will magically appear on the list a month before they collapse?

3. In a Northern Rock moment, depositors at Indymac pull out their cash. Police had to be called
in to ensure order.

4.Washington Mutual (WM), another troubled bank, refused to honor Indymac cashier's checks.
The irony is it makes no sense for customers to pull insured deposits out of Indymac after it went
into receivership. The second irony is the last place one would want to put those funds would be
Washington Mutual. Eventually Washington Mutual decided it would take those checks but with an
8 week hold. Will Washington Mutual even be around 8 weeks from now?

5.Paulson asked for 'Congressional authority to buy unlimited stakes in and lend to Fannie Mae
(FNM) and Freddie Mac (FRE)' just days after he said 'Financial Institutions Must Be Allowed To
Fail'. Obviously Paulson is reporting from the 5th dimension. In some alternate universe, his
statements just might make sense.

6. Former Fed Governor William Poole says 'Fannie Mae, Freddie Losses Makes Them Insolvent'.

7.Paulson says Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are 'essential' because they represent the only
'functioning' part of the home loan market. The firms own or guarantee about half of the $12 trillion
in U.S.mortgages. Is it possible to have a sound banking system when the only 'functioning' part of
the mortgage market is insolvent?

8.Bernanke testified before Congress on monetary policy but did not comment on either money
supply or interest rates. The word 'money' did not appear at all in his testimony. The only time
'interest rate' appeared in his testimony was in relation to consumer credit card rates. How can you
have any reasonable economic policy when the Fed chairman is scared half to death to discuss
interest rates and money supply?

9. The SEC issued a protective order to protect those most responsible for naked short selling. As
long as the investment banks and brokers were making money engaging in naked shorting of
stocks, there was no problem. However, when the bears began using the tactic against the big
Financials, it became time to selectively enforce the existing regulation.

10. The Fed takes emergency actions twice during options expirations week in regards to the
discount window and rate cuts.

11. The SEC takes emergency action during options expirations week regarding short sales.

12.The Fed has implemented an alphabet soup of pawn shop lending facilities whereby the Fed
accepts garbage as collateral in exchange for treasuries. Those new Fed lending facilities are called
the Term Auction Facility (TAF), the Term Security Lending Facility (TSLF), and the Primary
Dealer Credit Facility (PDCF).

13. Citigroup (C),Lehman (LEH), Morgan Stanley(MS), Goldman Sachs (GS) and Merrill Lynch
(MER) all have a huge percentage of level 3 assets. Level 3 assets are commonly known as
'marked to fantasy' assets. In other words, the value of those assets is significantly if not ridiculously
overvalued in comparison to what those assets would fetch on the open market. It is debatable if
any of the above firms survive in their present form. Some may not survive in any form.

14. Bernanke openly solicits private equity firms to invest in banks. Is this even close to a remotely
normal action for Fed chairman to take?

15. BearStearns was taken over by JPMorgan (JPM) days after insuring investors it had plenty of
capital. Fears are high that Lehman will suffer the same fate. Worse yet, the Fed had to guarantee
the shotgun marriage between Bear Stearns and JP Morgan by providing as much as $30 billion in
capital. JPMorgan is responsible for only the first 1/2 billion.Taxpayers are on the hook for all the
rest. Was this a legal action for the Fed to take? Does the Fed care?

16. Citigroup needed a cash injection from Abu Dhabi and a second one elsewhere. Then after
announcing it would not need more capital is raising still more. The atest news is Citigroup will sell
$500 billion in assets. To who? At what price?

17. Merrill Lynch raised $6.6 billion in capital from Kuwait Mizuho, announced it did not need to
raise more capital,then raised more capital a few week later.

18. Morgan Stanleys old a 9.9% equity stake to China International Corp. CEO John Mack
compensated by not taking his bonus. How generous. Morgan Stanley fell from $72 to $37. Did
CEO John Mack deserve a paycheck at all?

19.Bank of America (BAC) agreed to take over Countywide Financial (CFC)and twice
announced Countrywide will add profits to B of A. Inquiring minds were asking 'How the hell can
Countrywide add to Bank of America earnings?' Here's how. Bank of America just announced it
will not guarantee $38.1 billion in Countrywide debt. Questions over 'Fraudulent Conveyance' are
now surfacing.

20. Washington Mutual agreed to a death spiral cash infusion of $7 billion accepting an offer at
$7.85when the stock was over $13 at the time. Washington Mutual has since fallen in waterfall
fashion from $40 and is now trading near $5.00 after a huge rally.

21.Shares of Ambac (ABK) fell from $90 to $2.50. Shared of MBIA (MBI) fellfrom $70 to $5.
Sadly, the top three rating agencies kept their rating on the pair at AAA nearly all the way down.
No one can believe anything the government sponsored rating agencies say.

22. In a panic set of moves, the Fed slashed interest rates from 5.25% to 2%. This was the fastest,
steepest drop on record. Ironically, the Fed chairman spoke of inflation concerns the entire drop
down. Bernanke clearly cannot tell the truth. He does not have to. Actions speak louder than

23.FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair said the FDIC is looking for ways to shore up its depleted deposit
fund, including charging higher premiums on riskier brokered deposits.

24. There is roughly $6.84 Trillion in bank deposits. $2.60 Trillion of that is uninsured. There is
only$53 billion in FDIC insurance to cover $6.84 Trillion in bank deposits.Indymac will eat up
roughly $8 billion of that.

25. Of the $6.84Trillion in bank deposits, the total cash on hand at banks is a mere$273.7 Billion.
Where is the rest of the loot? The answer is in off balance sheet SIVs, imploding commercial real
estate deals, Alt-A liar loans, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bonds, toggle bonds where debt is
amazingly paid back with more debt, and all sorts of other silly (and arguably fraudulent) financial
wizardry schemes that have bank and brokerage firms leveraged at 30-1 or more. Those loans
cannot be paid back.

What cannot be paid back will be defaulted on. If you did not know it before, you do now. The
entire US banking system is insolvent.

Mike 'Mish' Shedlock
July 21, 2008

Dead penguins wash ashore on Brazil's beaches
Most of the more than 400 mammals found in past two months were babes
updated 12:36 p.m. ET, Sat., July. 19, 2008

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil - Hundreds of penguins swept from the icy shores of Antarctica and
Patagonia are washing up dead on Rio de Janeiro's tropical beaches.

More than 400 penguins, most of them young, have been found dead on the beaches of Rio de
Janeiro state over the past two months, according to Eduardo Pimenta, superintendent for the state
coastal protection and environment agency in the resort city of Cabo Frio.
While it is common here to find some penguins — both dead and alive — swept by strong ocean
currents from the Strait of Magellan, Pimenta said there have been more this year than at any time
in recent memory. Rescuers and those who treat penguins are divided over the possible causes.
Thiago Muniz, a veterinarian at the Niteroi Zoo, said he believed overfishing has forced the
penguins to swim further from shore to find fish to eat "and that leaves them more vulnerable to
getting caught up in the strong ocean currents."
Niteroi, the state's biggest zoo, already has already received about 100 penguins for treatment this
year and many are drenched in petroleum, Muniz said. The Campos oil field that supplies most of
Brazil's oil lies offshore.

Muniz said he hadn't seen penguins suffering from the effects of other pollutants, but he pointed out
that already dead penguins aren't brought in for treatment. Pimenta suggested pollution is to blame.
"Aside from the oil in the Campos basin, the pollution is lowering the animals' immunity, leaving
them vulnerable to funguses and bacteria that attack their lungs," Pimenta said, quoting biologists
who work with him. But biologist Erli Costa of Rio de Janeiro's Federal University suggested global
warming could be "I don't think the levels of pollution are high enough to affect the birds so quickly.
I think instead we're seeing more young and sick penguins because of global warming, which
affects ocean currents and creates more cyclones, making the seas rougher," Costa said. Costa
said the vast majority of penguins turning up are baby birds that have just left the nest and are
unable to out-swim the strong ocean currents they encounter while searching for food.

Every year, Brazil airlifts dozens of penguins back to Antarctica or Patagonia.
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