My much loved brother David was from a generation who held exceptional resposibilities at very tender
years.  During World War Two, Dad was away from home fighting this horrible war as an officer in the
British navy, while David assumed many of his responsibilities.  He tenderly cared for my little sister
Valerie and cycled miles for food to the town of Andover, with instructions on how to take cover if he
heard German bombers approaching.
Left to right:
David, his wife Marguerite and Colin.

David was father by his first wife Ann to five children,
Deborah, Stephen, Lynn, Tracey and Wendy.
A 2009 photo of brothers and sister:
Left to right: David, Colin, Peter and inset is Valerie
Dedication to Mother and Father  
I flew from the USA to join my sister from Wales and my younger brother Peter in England and we drove to
be with David in the Royal Surrey County Hospital where he was too ill to be transferred to a hospice.
David had words for each of us when we arrived but quickly slipped away.  He suffered too much pain and
2003, Mum 2007) - Colin June 11, 2012
"He loved nature and
photography and had
a real interest in my
UFO and crop circle
research. He would
cut out newspaper
cuttings on the topics
in the British press
and send them off to
me. He also loved his
garden, shared
pleasure with his wife
Synthia could not accompany me to be
with David because she was taking
care of her Mom who was very ill, but
she sent a yellow crystal heart for David
which she charged with her love.  David
grasped it in his hand where it
remained almost to the end.

Love Always.
Music kindly sent by
my friend,
Annie Haslam,
was playing peacefully
in David's room.
David Andrews
1936 - 2012
6 Years of age
David (rear) with Valerie and Colin.
EOKA campaign and creation of TMT, 1955–59

David was subscripted into the British Army and with
the Hampshire Regiment was drafted to Cyprus. Mum
checked into the news each night to see listings of
which soldiers had been killed, something like so many
mothers and wives of her time had to deal. Perhaps
this is why I am so anti-war, anti military brainwashing
etc...Those who served and still serve deserve a more
intelligent resolution to conflict and disagreements.

In January 1955, Grivas founded the National
Organisation of Cypriot Fighters (Ethniki Organosis
Kyprion Agoniston – EOKA). On April 1, 1955, EOKA
opened an armed campaign against British rule in a
well-coordinated series of attacks on police, military,
and other government installations in Nicosia,
Famagusta, Larnaca, and Limassol.

David (standing) with Ann and their children. Mum on right.
Passing of My Brother, David
June 6th, 2012
This photograph of the three brothers was taken by my daughter Mandy in July
2011, less than a year before David passed away and ten months before his
doctor took steps to find what was wrong with him. The family gathering was at
my niece Hayley and Anthony's home which is within yards of the home where
we lived in Leigh Road and Bere Hill Crescent, Andover, England.
A great pity my sister Valerie could not have been with us.
From left: Colin, Peter & David
When the war was
over, David along with
our family had a very
famous person drop in
for tea.

He got to see one of the
most famous military men
in history, Commander
-in-chief of the 9th Army,
Montgomery who with
Prime Minister Winston
Churchill and
Supreme Allied
Commander Dwight D.
Eisenhower had just
recently been
commanding allied
operations in Europe.
Photo on right>
David's children
Wendy - Stephen - Lynn - Tracey - Deborah.  June 22, 2012
David loved his garden as does his wife Marguerite, seen here showing Mum the summer blossoms
in July 2004.
Updated: July 20, 2012
Photos thanks to:
Wendy Andrews, Jean Andrews,
Mandy Butcher, Colin Andrews,
Family Archive, Peter Butcher
and Marguerite Andrews.
David's stunt in support of
donations for Breast
Cancer Research
Guildford, Surrey, England