Thanks for all you have been, and all you are Paul.

                  Dave Haith
On a personal note Paul will be in my thoughts on a daily basis - not least because of
his contribution to my 'double glazing' at my Bournemouth home!
I was so taken with a mystical motif he designed and featured on his website, that I
asked if I could have it incorporated in 15 windows and doors of my home.
Paul sent me detailed photos of the disected pyramid design below - a lasting an
appropriate memorial for me of Paul and a permanent reminder of his artistic talent.
I also heard from well known researcher Lucy Pringle who has been equally shocked
by Paul's death.

Lucy wrote: "Paul was one of the brightest stars in the crop circle universe. A
talented mathematician, computer technician and a maker of electronic gadgets, he
was one of the first researchers into the crop circle phenomenon in the early 1990's   
where his talents were quickly recognised.  He had an exceptional gift for
investigation and often led the field in deciphering the mathematical aspects found in
certain crop circles. His interests spread far beyond crop circles and he was a keen
explorer into other aspects of the Unexplained. He was amazingly articulate and had
a rare knack of being able to explain technical details in the simplest language.   He
has made a major contribution to the subject and his place will not be easily filled.

He also made great contributions to the CCCS and was also one of the founder
members of UNEX.
He was a really super person, and a good friend who I have known for 19 happy
years. Many have been the times when we have been into the fields together.  He
had a great sense of humour and I have never heard him utter a cross word.
I will miss him greatly, his bright ideas and just for being himself.  
Please remember his family in your thoughts and prayers."

Lucy included a favourite photo she had taken of Paul:
Dear Friends

This has been a sad week for those of us who knew David Kingston and Paul Vigay,
both UFO, crop circle and paranormal researchers of the highest order - and both
having left this world so suddenly.

David of Dorchester passed with cancer and now a few days later, his good friend
Paul Vigay, whose body was found on the shore at Southsea - the circumstances
surrounding his death currently a mystery except that police seem satisfied nobody
else was involved.

No doubt the inquest will reveal further details but it is known that Paul was dealing
with emotional and financial difficulties

Some news links to the tragedy here:

I knew Paul to be a brilliant thinker in spiritual and technical matters but never vain
and always willing to explain his views and research patiently to anybody who asked.

He was a firm believer in life after death as a scientific rather than a religious
concept, so we hope by now he has some insights into the mysteries to which he
devoted his life.

Paul's own words on his website  http://www. speak volumes
as to the kind of man Paul was.

A personal message from the webmaster

I believe that throughout the universe we meet many wonderful and unique
individuals, each travelling on their path to happiness, insight and knowledge.

We are all souls who have spent time on this Earth in order to learn lessons and
share information with our fellow beings. Before we depart this three dimensional
existence we give back a little part of the universe in the form of love, knowledge and
conscious awareness. The planet as a whole will benefit from our love and caring.

Crop circles have had a profound effect on thousands of people who have
witnessed and studied them through the years. Irrespective of origin, they have
acted as a catalyst to learning, understanding and spirituality as we strive to
understand the meaning and purpose behind the genuine crop circles.

I created this web site with the aim of sharing information and creating a forum by
which people of like-minded souls around the planet can communicate with each
other in order to spread love, light and positivity to the planet.

There is so much pain and sadness in the world at the moment, we need to send
love and understanding around the globe, in order to heal the planet and send
inspiration to those who need it, whoever they are and whatever their agenda.

Together we can make the world a better place.

Whether you're looking for the latest crop circles or scientific evidence and research
or just browsing the beautiful photos and designs, I hope you enjoy this web site and
I wish you well on your path to happiness and enlightenment.

Paul Vigay

The event has been a severe shock to researcher Colin Andrews who from his home
in the US, was in touch with Paul by email only four hours before his death.

Explaining this is an email to me Colin wrote:

"I have been in close contact with Paul this week.  He was looking again at the sound
analysis of the 1989 Cheesefoot Head sound for me.  I sent my last e-mail to him
about 4 hours or so before he went missing (best I can tell) and was waiting to hear
back with his latest findings with the sound.  

"I saw an e-mail come onto my screen with his name and opened it thinking it was
Paul's e-mail only to find it was from Kerry McKenna reporting that his body had
been found.  It was and is a dreadful shock and has profoundly hit me.  I liked Paul a
lot.  A genuine gentle guy."

"On another level - there was some synchronicity or coincidence about this.

" In my last e-mail to him, I opened by telling him that I respected the manner in
which he conducted himself, with fairness and an open mind and that I told people
this.  I said that its hard to imagine how anyone could find fault with this, but as we
know, they do.  In his reply to me, he said "Keep up the good work and just let the
politics play themselves out.  People will see through the information and see where
it all is".  It was as if we were saying goodbye to each other.  Even more strange -  I
was feeding our animals down at the barn at 7.0 PM our time ( mid night yours)
according to the media, one hour after Paul was reported missing and I had an
overwhelming sense of something missing.  A peace, a quiet, something eerily out of
place.  I even told my wife when I got back to the house of the experience.  I've had
this before at moments like this. "

"Just to end by adding that I have started a big process of saving my old crop circle
videos onto DVD for safety and before I went down to the barn, I started them off on
automatic and I watched as the first one started to transfer.  It was Paul Vigay
helping me in the Julia Set at Stonehenge in 1996. "

Colin has posted this tribute to Paul on his website:


Included are his photos (below) of Paul at work collecting data in crop circles:
In Memory of Paul Vigay