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Letter from the family of Paul Vigay, August 25th 2012

The alleged claims and photographs presented by Robbert van den Broeke have just been brought
to our attention. As the family of Paul Vigay we feel that it would have been common courtesy for us
to have been informed directly, before it being published around the internet and becoming part of a
public controversy. We feel that no sensitivity or respect has been shown to the families of the four
men who are currently the subjects of these claims and this is upsetting.

We would like to echo the objections which we have read in the statement from Pat Delgado's family.
We believe these alleged reports to be false and find it hard to believe that anyone would take them
at all seriously.

We do not recognise Paul in the message Robbert van den Broeke claims to have come from him
and do not believe that it would be Paul's wish for his name and his image to be used in this way.  
This appears to be a disingenuous attempt at political point scoring, abusing the truth and
reputations of our loved ones to try and add value and status to the personal work of Robbert van
den Broeke and Nancy Talbott. If their work has truth and value it does not need the defence of the
dead who it is (in) conveniently not possible to question on this matter.

I  (Paul's sister) believe in a spirit life as did my brother and would fully welcome any genuine
communication or evidence from my brother, either directly or through a medium. In my opinion
these reports do not provide any such evidence and can only be damaging to the work of authentic

In his life, Paul worked with many different people of many different and sometimes opposing
viewpoints, whilst maintaining and evaluating his own independent thoughts and opinions in his
research/search for truth about crop circles and other issues. We cannot know where his research
would have developed and what his views would be in current debates. It is insulting to his integrity
for him to be used to add weight to some kind of personal attack against his former friend and
colleague, Colin Andrews.

               Frances Vigay (sister) and on behalf of my parents.
Paul Vigay
Medium Robbert van den
Broeke claims images of
Pat Delgado and David
Chorley appeared on his
camera with messages
for Robbert and Nancy
Talbott. The Delgado
Family Issue statement
Medium Robbert van den
Broeke claims two more
deceased Crop Circle
Researchers, Paul Vigay
and David Kingston
appeared with messages
The Family of David
Chorley issue a statement
and warning to Robbert
van den Broeke. No
response from Robbert or
Nancy Talbott.

The Family of Paul Vigay Issue Statement - to be sent to
Medium Robbert van den Broeke
Posted August 26, 2012
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