Reg Presley Suffered a Serious Stroke.
Get well soon to one of my best friends
By Colin Andrews
Posted September 6, 2010
The Troggs Star Reg Presley Suffers Stroke
by Staff

The Troggs frontman Reg Presley is recovering
after suffering a serious stroke while on
vacation in Spain.

The British rocker was staying at his holiday
home with his wife and grandchildren when he
fell ill on Friday (03Sep10) and was taken into

The Wild Thing hitmaker, 68, has since been
released from the medical facility but is still
suffering from double vision and his voice has
been affected, according to his wife Brenda.

She tells Britain's Sunday Express, "It was very
frightening. He had a serious stroke. I was very
upset at the time. He was in hospital for a week
but is now back in our house in Spain
recuperating. He won't be coming back to
England for a few weeks."
The Troggs - The
Troggs Star Presley
Suffers Stroke.
Troggs' Reg Presley has stroke on holiday
By Jane Adams 5/09/2010

Reg Presley, lead singer with Sixties favourites The
Troggs, has suffered a stroke.

His family said Reg, 68, was playing with his grandchildren
on holiday in Spain when he had to be taken to hospital in

Yesterday Brenda, his wife for 48 years, said: "It was very
frightening. He had a serious stroke and was in hospital for
a week.

"He is recuperating and is back in our house in Spain, but
he won't be back in the UK for a while."

"Reg is still very unsteady on his feet and he has double
vision and his speech is still a bit slurred. We are taking
one day at a time."

Reg, whose biggest hits with The Troggs were Wild Thing
and Love Is All Around, was still active with the band. A gig
scheduled for a few weeks' time at Liskeard, Cornwall, has
been cancelled.

Read more:
Reg Presley has been one of my best friends for many years.

We used to live just half a mile from each other in the town of Andover, Hampshire, England.

Reg enjoys a laugh and is a very humble person, one of those who has managed to keep his feet on
the ground following sudden and prolonged fame.  He still is lead singer of the famous 60s pop group
The Troggs, best known for big hits such as "Wild Thing", "Love is All Around" and "With a Girl Like

When my wife Synthia and I got married I asked Reg if he would be my best man which he was pleased
to accept. For Reg and his wife Brenda this entailed a flight across the Atlantic Ocean to Connecticut
but Reg hates flying.  He did what he has to do for all the shows around the world with The Troggs band
and headed for London's Heathrow airport and flew to be with us in Connecticut for the wedding.

We share many interests, the Crop Circles, UFO research and Current Affairs.  We have both authored
books, appeared on television and radio in many countries, Reg for years longer than myself.

Busty Taylor, Reg and I have spent many hours on the hill tops of Wiltshire staring into the dark sky
talking and hoping to see activity in the crop circle fields or UFOs overhead - incidentally we have seen
both (see photo below)

Along with Busty Taylor, the three of us enjoy a nice dinner out with our partners, followed by a red wine
and for Reg a cigarette. The easy chat is usually around the whole range of strange and mysterious
.i.e. 2012, the crop circles, ET's and UFOs along with deeper discussion about consciousness and
crazy politicians.

I spoke to Reg and his wife Bren tonight ( 6th Sept 2010) by telephone in their Spanish Villa.  He
was in good spirits but it upset me to hear his slurred speech. He says half of his body feels OK but the
other half isn't working.  He has pins a needles in one arm and leg and his foot and hand aren't working
as they should.  He is also having difficulty walking but he says each day slowly he is improving.

Synthia and I send all our love and prayers for a speedy recovery and send support and hugs to Bren
and their family. Busty, loyal as always is taking care of things back in UK.

As you will see below - Reg gets stuck into the whole spectrum of his interests. At the same time The
Troggs have continued a busy schedule.  Incidentally he just finished a huge tour of UK which ended in
the Albert Hall in London.  He promised me tonight that he will now slow down.

Colin Andrews - September 6, 2010.

UPDATE - Sept 30, 2010:

Reg and Bren finally flew back to England today. He is still in recovery and will be taking a
little easy for a while and also having medical tests etc.

UPDATE - Sept 21, 2010:

I called Reg today and he is still resting in Spain but has good news that he has been cleared by
doctors to fly again and so on the 29th of this month, he and Brenda will fly back to their home near
Andover, Hampshire, England.  He said he is definitely progressing still but more slowly than at the
beginning.  He is having some difficulties with his speech and he is a little off balance walking.  He said
he has stopped smoking and is receiving help with that.

We had our usual discussion about world events and resolved just one of them: Money.  We decided
that there will be none. Money has served its purpose but its come to an end.  The computer chip
insert  some are calling for we felt is coming.  So you can see, Reg is still very much alive.

UPDATE - Sept 10, 2010:

"Busty Taylor and I are in touch with Reg and Brenda in Spain where Reg is in recovery.

He is progressing slowly and is very touched by the many get well messages from his friends and fans.
He is aware of the coverage his illness is receiving and the particular support from his home town of
Andover in Hampshire, England.

Bren as usual is doing all she can - that at the moment is mainly looking after Reg and covering media
phone calls.  

I spoke today with their daughter Karen who was with them when Reg fell ill and had to leave for UK the
following day but today flew back to Spain to be with them.

I spoke with Reg very briefly who is in good spirits.  I asked him if he could relay my cell phone number
to Bren in case he needed me the next few days while I am out of my office.  As is the way with Reg, he
said "Which prison cell they put you in then Col?". I forgot in UK I should have said mobile.

He told me that after he is well enough to travel back to England, he has to have an MRI and a new and
complete medical assessment. I was so pleased to hear a brighter and faster delivery in his voice today.

They do need space to give full attention to Reg. Our mutual friend Busty Taylor is covering what he
can for the family back in Andover.

UPDATE - Sept 7, 2010:

I spoke to Brenda tonight and sent the best wishes of their local newspaper The Andover Advertiser and
the good wishes from messages sent to the newspaper's website.  Bren said Reg was very tired today
but that his face feels a bit better.
The Troggs
Photographs below Copyright: Colin Andrews.
Reg Presley, was Best Man at Synthia and Colin Andrews wedding in Branford, Connecticut,
Reg in a crop circle in Wiltshire, 1992.
Copyright: Colin Andrews.
Colin showing Reg plant details in a crop circle, watched by Terry Butcher and Shelly Keel.
Copyright: Colin Andrews 1992.
Reg volunteered to help Synthia (right) and Colin carry out experiments in a crop circle along
with Masahiro Kahata - as usual a film crew not far away.
Colin being interviewed for British Television by Reg Presley before Colin presented to
the special interest group at the United Nations in New York
Colin and Reg visited The Public Records Office in London to view the first UFO files
to be released to the public.
Colin Andrews, Prof. James Hurtak and Reg Presley speakers at an International UFO
conference in Dussledorf, Germany.
Left to right: Reg Presley, Busty Taylor and Colin Andrews during one of
their regular sky watches on the Wiltshire Downs, England.
The British Movie 'A Place To Stay'
Busty Taylor, Reg Presley and Colin Andrews each had parts in the movie.
Scene's from the British movie, 'A Place to Stay, where Busty and Reg along with
Colin played themselves.
Best man Reg (left) at Synthia and Colin's Connecticut wedding.
Reg spent many hours at Colin's caravan, parked behind 'The Barge Inn' pub in Wiltshire.  More Here.
Synthia Andrews with Reg and Brenda at the famous Newport Mansions in the United
Reg is resting at his home in Spain (below).

Get Well Soon Reg.
Photograph the copyright of Colin Andrews.
Troggs singer Reg Presley
recovers after suffering a stroke
10:59am Monday 6th September 2010

HAMPSHIRE’S sixties pop icon Reg Presley
is recovering in Spain after suffering a stroke.

It is reported that the 68-year-old singer was
playing with his grandchildren on holiday
when he had to be taken to hospital in

He is said to be recuperating but is not
expected to return to the United Kingdom for
a while.

Andover-born Reg, who is also a songwriter,
turned The Troggs into one of the most
successful bands of the sixties with hits
including Wild Thing, Love is All Around and
With a Girl Like You.

The band has sold millions of records
around the world and were part of the British
invasion which took the charts by storm in

The Troggs are still one of the most popular
bands on the rock ‘n’ roll revival circuit and
earlier this year they headlined The Solid
Silver 60s’ 25th Anniversay Show at The
Mayflower, Southampton.

Reg, who has always had a great rapport
with his fans, had them dancing in the aisles
as he invited the audience to be wild things –
the title of the band’s famous sixties anthem.

As well as being a pop star Reg is also
famous for his research into crop circles.
Reg recovering in Spain
Local newspaper to Reg Presley's
home in England.

Please send your brief
comments here which I will
forward to Reg.



Please send your brief
comments here which I will
forward to Reg.


The Troggs Official Website
Some other links following this announcement:
Some of the Messages Received
"Hi Colin, I am not sure if you received my previous message, but wanted to let you know that I am sending
Reg Presley and his family my positive thoughts and prayers.  I was a big fan of The Troggs!" -
(Editor: Of Hypnotherapy fame)
"Thanks, Colin. Do please send Reg and his family my warmest regards, but stress that there's no need to
respond. I think people understand that at times like this, it's not possible to reply to individual messages.I'm
very sorry to hear about this." -
Nick Pope (Ed: Former MoD United Kingdom)
"Thats awfull,  I wish him a speedy recovery" -
Amin Ullah (Ed: Play Writer)
"GOD BLESS......It'scary stuff, but I'll hold him in the light and believe that all is in divine order!"
"Please convey our best wishes to Reg and Brenda from all of us here at the
Andover Advertiser. We would
like to come and visit him when that is the right time" -
Steve Dancey - Andover Advertiser.  (Ed:
from the area Reg lives in Hampshire, England)
Glad you are still with us. Mend well. -
Karen Wood
YES I WISH Reg a speedy recovery mate ive never meet Reg but know he had a good interest in the
paranormal and have heard some of his experiences. I do my own ufo research ie and belong to Roy Lakes
group too lufos.
Michael Rutherford
All the best Reg......thanks for the music......get well soon!-
Brian J Mcmullan
It was the must play song in any band .... 60's to present ... Jimi Hendrix had to cover it ..... I hope he has a
full recovery -
Rob Rosinski
How sad....always loved hearing him talk about the old days. A very down-to-earth, salt-of-the-earth fellow.
Let's send out good thoughts to Reg! -
Steve Thorn via Truly Judy
I'm sorry to hear about Reg having an stroke and let's hope he gets back to good health very soon. -
Was thinking about the sheer genius of the Troggs after hearing "I Can't Control Myself" at Jeremy &
Mariah's wedding bash yesterday when I found out about this ... let's all send good thoughts to Reg Presley,
the Troggs' inimitable lead singer! -
Mark Deming
I love the Troggs! My boys think the names of older bands are hilarious! What about the new ones?
Smashing Pumpkins? And the really new ones, which of course I cannot bring to mind... Hope Reg gets
better - great voice. -
Kathleen O'Brien
Love them. Sorry to hear this. -
Amie Woodruff
Hi Reg & Brenda, long time no hear just heard through face book about your situation, hope you get well
very soon. Thinking of you. -
Shell & Steve
Please send my best wishes for a speedy recovery to Reg. I had the very good fortune to meet and chat to
him on one or two occasions, during my lecture days.  He is always the life and soul of any party!..Get well
soon Reg! -
Nigel Wright
I still remember the day a good friend of mine burst into our kitchen ( the meeting room )With a copy of "Wild
Thing"  "This the greatest, sexiest recording I've ever heard " he declared. We played it and just had to get a
copy of our own.  Fantastic stuff Reg, lets have some more and soon.   Sincerely,  
Terry & Liz Butcher
Dear Reg,
You were always free in heart and in  soul, thus you are already free of this temporary impairment, this we
know to be true. May you prosper with ease and  trust from this moment forward and always -- so be it!!!
I saw the troggs in Auckland NZ in1982 or 83.They were fantastic of course. I hope Reg is feeling much
better. One of my fav bands of all time. Please send best wishes
Kevin Grey

Many kind messages being received.
Also on Facebook

Reg's book Wild Things They Don't Tell Us. Tackling
subjects as diverse as crop circles and religion - and
he does not hold back.
The Troggs Wild Thing along with other favourites.
Friends Album
The Troggs played at the secret
wedding of Sting.and Trudie
Reg Presley
My sincere thanks to Steve Dancey and The Andover Advertiser for permission to post this.
This page was established when Reg became ill. UPDATED - February 24, 2013 - March 29, 2013
Hello Colin,

It's been a while since I contacted you and so I am just enquiring as to how Reg is progressing - I hope he is
making progress.

Please pass him my best wishes and let him know we are thinking of him.

Best regards,

Paul Newton (Uriah Heep Legends)

Comment by Colin:  Many will know Paul as the base guitarist from the famous 70s heavy rock band Uriah
Heep. Paul was born and lived in the same town as Reg Presley and I, Andover, England - Photos below:
Latest update on Reg's Condition - Oct 2, 2011:

I spoke with Reg yesterday from Spain where he is doing some relaxing along with his wife Brenda.

He was very touched by Paul's  get well message and asked I thank him so very much along with the many
fans and friends messages he continues to receive.

Anyone who knows Reg will be aware that he enjoys his food and so it has come very hard indeed to have
continued not to be able to taste or smell since the event. He is also still suffering from some tingling
sensations  around his top lip and ends of some fingers. As a result of his loss of interest in food he has lost

He will be flying back to his home in Andover in a few days.

Being Reg he has performed several gigs since his stroke.  
Uriah Heep
Reg Presley of the 60s band 'The Troggs" is
believed to have suffered another stroke -
December 16, 2011

Reg returned from a gig in Germany with the band a few days ago and was not feeling
well.  He saw his doctor who immediately admitted him to hospital. He has had difficulty
with his breathing and has liquid being removed from around his heart.  I am told he is
responding well to treatment but have no more details.

We all send our love and suppport to Reg and his wife Brenda and his family.

UK National Newspaper The Daily Mirror
Update December 23, 2011
Reg has been allowed home for Christmas.
Ray Dorset aka Mungo Jerry

Sorry to hear that Reg had a stroke and hope he is well on the road to good recovery.
Love, God Bless & Happy New Year to Reg, from all the guys in the band & their families,

Cheers Ray
Ray Dorset & Mungo Jerry
Annie Haslam - Renaissance

Please give my love to Reg and his wife Bren and tell him Im sending healing.

This Update: February 1, 2012 - Page updated February 7, 2013
Reg Calls it a Day and Announces His Retirement From The
Troggs after Cancer is Diagnosed.
Posted February 1, 2012.

Reg Made This Announcement:

“As you all know I was taken ill whilst doing a gig in Germany in December. During my
stay in hospital tests showed that in fact I have lung cancer. I am receiving
chemotherapy treatment and at the moment not feeling too bad.

However I’ve had to call time on The Troggs and retire. I would like to take this
opportunity to thank you all for the cards and calls and for your love, loyalty and
support over the years.

A big thank you to Jackie for running the fan club and keeping you all up to speed, and
a huge and special thank you to Chris, Pete and Dave.
I shall miss you all.”

Spinner reports fans are welcome to send cards to Presley via the Troggs’ fan-club
secretary Jacqueline Ryan at 56 Waite Davies Rd., London SE12 OND.
Reg Presley's & The Troggs in Times Square, New York
as The New Year Ball Dropped.
Photo By Wenn
Some of the other Links Following Reg's Announcement to retire:
My good friend Reg Presley, lead singer of the pop band The Troggs (Wild Thing etc) has announced his
retirement from the band.

Reg has hit a brick wall with health problems during the last two years and following recent tests was found to
be suffering from lung cancer. Its with profound sadness that this day has arrived for the thousands like
myself who have enjoyed a good old 60s show like few around could pull off, as well as being a good friend
who has for years been at the center of our site work and UFO sky watches (below) and the rest.

Reg's incredible performances will be missed as the pop legend hangs up his gloves.  Synthia and I send our
love to Reg, Bren and the family and offer our full unconditional support for the courage to tackle these
health issues. Reg is the one guy who can beat this, if anyone can.
Colin Andrews:
"This is a sad day"
Reg, Busty Taylor and myself
during one of our regular sky
watches on a hill top in
Wiltshire - Often just an
excuse for a quiet discussion
of all mysteries of the
paranormal, in the wonderful
English countryside where
mysteries do indeed happen.
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Oldies, Joe Troiano's Blog, Music
50's & 60's, Number #1 Songs, Pop
music makers of the 50's & 60's,
Rock & Roll Classics, Rock & Roll,
Pop, Solid Gold Oldies        
The Troggs are a British rock and
roll band from Andover, England.  
Members included, Reg Presley
(who was born Reginald Ball),
Chris Britton, Pete Staples and
Ronnie Bullis.  The group was
formed in 1964 and were signed by
the manager of The Kinks, Larry
Page in 1965.
The Troggs first hit in the US made
it Billboard Hot 100 debut on June
25, 1966.  That record of course is
their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
song, WILD THING.  The single on
Atco Records and also on Fontana
Records became a huge hit as it
climbed the Hot 100 to #1 and
remained on the chart for 11
weeks.  WILD THING quickly
became a garage rock standard
and has remained popular through
the years, and is still in rotation on
oldies radio today.  There was a
dispute over distribution rights in
the US, that’s why the record was
released on both Atco and Fontana
Records.  WILD THING charted at
#2 on the UK Singles Chart.  The
“B” side of the single in the US was
WITH A GIRL LIKE YOU, it charted
at #29 on the Hot 100.  In the UK,  
#1 hit record in July of 1966.
In October of 1966 The Troggs next
single charted on the Hot 100 and
again because of distribution rights
the single was on both Atco and
Fontana Records.  I CAN’T
CONTROL MYSELF  became a #43
hit in the US and a #2 hit record in
the UK.  The Troggs final Billboard
Hot 100 hit charted in February of
1968.  LOVE IS ALL AROUND  was
issued on Fontana Records and
stayed on the Hot 100 longer than
any previous Troggs hit, at 16
weeks.  The single climbed to #7
on the Hot 100 and reached #5 in
the UK.
The Troggs, failing to chart any
further hit records, disbanded in
1969.  The band members
released solo efforts and later in
1969 they re-formed with Tony
Murray replacing Pete Staples but
failed to chart any hit records.  
Three of The Troggs single records
sold over 1 million copies each,
they are:  WILD THING…WITH A
AROUND…they were awarded
“Gold Records”.  In 1994, the
Scottish band, Wet Wet Wet’s
version of  LOVE IS ALL AROUND  
as featured in the movie “Four
Weddings And A Funeral” charted
at #41 on the Billboard Hot 100 and
remained on the chart for 20 weeks.
Ronnie Bullis (Drums) passed
away in 1992 at the age of 51 and
another founding member Dave
Wright (vocals and Rhythm Guitar)
died in 2008 at the age of 64.  The
Troggs are viewed as a highly
influential band whose “garage
rock” sound inspired bands like
The Ramones and artists such as
Iggy Pop.  WILD THING  is a rock
anthem whose popularity remains
as strong today as it did back in
1966…another ”classic” hit from






Thanks to:
The Troggs
My friend Reg Presley has  passed away.
February 4, 2013

We have had many laughs, many fond memories and I will miss him.  I received a telephone call from Karen,
his daughter at around 2.15 pm, telling me Reg passed around mid-day with Bren (wife), Jason (son) and
Karen at his side in their home near Andover, England.  Our mutual friend Busty Taylor arranged a Skype
chat with Reg just three days ago - I will for ever be grateful to Busty and the family for arranging that last
hello and goodbye - You have touch millions Reg and you never let the fame change who you were.

Wild Thing, Love is All Around and others will for ever circulate the Universe - you and your energy has
touched us all.

I am flying to London directly on my return from Los Angeles to attend the funeral and to be with his family.  

Reg Presley of The Troggs
Passed Away
Feb 4, 2013
A special tribute published in the
Andover Advertiser, UK -  Friday 8th Feb.

Andover Advertiser - break sad news
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Daily Echo Tribute to Reg
The Music’s Over – but the songs live on forever
Goodbye, Reg Presley (Obituaries, 6 February). He was a true gentleman, an eccentric. I was lucky enough to meet him
a couple of times. I texted our drummer when I heard the news. He texted back: "He's going to the great crop circle in the
sky." I thought it was apt and Reg would've found it funny too. When, for Four Weddings and a Funeral, Richard Curtis
asked us to make a choice between the gay anthem, Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive, Barry Manilow's cheesetastic Can't
Smile Without You, or the Troggs' Love is All Around, it was a no-brainer. The rest, as they say is history, or perhaps his

He came up to Glasgow in 95 when we were in rehearsals for our summer tour and joined us on stage for a rendition of
his song. We had changed the key to fit with our version and halfway through he stopped in his tracks and broke down
in tears. He was clearly touched and overwhelmed by the emotion of the music (although some witty Glaswegians have
other theories for tears caused by singing with the Wets). I loved the fact the music was pushing his emotional buttons.
There is so much criticism of music, certainly of pop music: of it being worthless, throwaway and soulless. When I was
recounting the story to Elvis Costello a few years down the line, telling him about Reg's big tearful eyes filling up, he
said: "It was tears of sheer joy that his bank balance was about to swell to the tune of a few million!" He might be right,
but I prefer my version.

We were lucky not because we had a giant hit, or because Richard Curtis asked us to be a part of Four Weddings, but
because we were part of Reg's music.

Thank you, Reg Presley.

Graeme Clark
Bass guitarist,
Wet Wet Wet

                                                          Thanks to the Guardian Newspaper UK
EBE Film Award - 1995
EBE Film Award 1995 to:  Reg Presley, Colin Andrews and Busty Taylor
Words from Show Biz
friends bottom of page
Goodbye Reg
Funeral Service was held at Basingstoke Crematorium on Thursday 14th February, 2013 at 2.0 PM
By kind invitation of Brenda, Karen and Jason - Reg's family.

There is much that could be said on this extremely sad day but for now I would like to say how sorry I am
for the family loss. Against all efforts to attend today, the
severe snow storm in Connecticut and the
North East of the United States has beaten me.

Reg was a good friend and best-man at Synthia and my wedding, he was also a kind generous person,
who sadly has departed ahead of time.

I am honored to have spent some of my fondest life’s memories with him and his lovely family. The
subjects that primarily connected us were those of my professional studies i.e. Research into the
paranormal, crop circles, UFOs and human consciousness. Reg and I also felt strongly about the planet
and what we are doing to it and we both held strong views on modern politics.

To be in the privileged company of a man with such talents as Reg could be easily under-estimated
because for all the fame that he earned, he remained very grounded and dare I say normal.  He was a
sincere, loving and honest human being and to step out and action his passions, courageous too. The
bottom line for me that speaks centrally to his character and personality was that he was a person who
cared and some of his biggest hit songs spoke to how much.

He cared about our planet, wildlife, people and children. He loved Karen and Jason, his two children who
stood on two very tall pinnacles in his eyes. His family was the epicenter of his life and Bren was his
every other word.  His hit:
‘With a  Girl Like You’ is a tribute to that fact and will reverberate in the ethers
He was a larger than life character who filled any room he was in, in some instances any hill-top too. We
would be stood staring into the sky at some UFO hot-spot. Karen, Busty and myself, and occasionally
Bren would get dragged along too, to enjoy the stars, lighten up a bit, and hope to see ET at the same
time.  Unbelievably that has happened too but all in a nights work for Reg. An evening on the hill would
inevitably be followed by dinner, all on Reg, at the Indian Restaurant.

Reg was a funny man who enjoyed putting real human events into his own words and joke form which
would usually transpose unpleasant events into reflections of ourselves from which we could laugh.
He was also very curious with an opinion on most things and was not afraid to express them. He once
telephoned me to tell me about a new profound idea he had that society could function without money,
not knowing that a couple years later it effectively would !!!! - just the kind of thing Reg’s jokes were
made of.

Love is the only thing in the Universe that is real and not an emotion in progress. It is the glue of life that
creates everlasting development. It is the creative force with which we can make a difference to our
world and our surroundings. Reg left us with
“Love is all around” and now we must ensure that is so.

Bren, Karen, Jason and your children, Bradley, Millie, Max, Jazmine and Guy. All of Reg’s friends and his
great band ‘The Troggs’, Synthia and I are thinking of you.

Reg, you
‘Wild Thing’, who made our hearts sing – Thank you for everything.
Colin Andrews
Top: Several hundred mourners
filled the crematorium.
Bottom: Bruce Welch of The
Top: Former Troggs band members Chris
Britton (left) and Pete Lucas (right) and song
writer of 'Wild Thing' ChipTaylor.
Bottom: Noddy Holder, singer of Slade.
Reg and the boys land their right hooks on the
chin of the former World Heavy Weight champion,
Muhammad Ali and doesn't quite know if he
should smile or run.
I was pleased to help Reg with his
book  - above
Reg leaning on the wind from a
strong gale when Bren and Reg
visited Synthia and I in
'Wild Thing'
Council chiefs: We want town centre tribute
to Troggs' Reg
Friday 29 March 2013
Andover Advertiser

ANDOVER town centre is likely to be the
home to the memorial to Reg Presley after
members of the town council’s policy
committee backed the idea of a plaque.

They have instructed the town clerk, Wendy
Coulter, to contact Reg’s family for
permission and also seek potential sites for
the plaque.

The favoured site is next door to the
Advertiser’s old home in the High Street –
The Troggs used to rehearse there.

Other venues considered included the house
in Belle Vue Road where Reg was born, his
old school where Winton Chase is now, and
alongside the poetry trail where the lines of
Love is All Around can be found engraved on
a tablet.
Updated below March 29, 2013
June 12th, 1941 - Feb 4th, 2013
'Love Is All Around'