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Dr.Synthia Andrews and Colin Andrews - The Sandie Sedgbeer Show
Broadcast Live on March 13th, 2014
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Telepathic Communication: The Best Way to Beat Government
Spying? It’s Not as Crazy as You Think with Colin and Synthia

Best known for his research into the crop circle & UFO
subjects since 1983, Colin Andrews’ research results indicate
that those who are concerned about Government spying,
interference, and stealth methods of control have good reason
to be.  

But if you think you’re powerless to protect yourself against
such high level intrusion, think again.  For all of us have access
to a profound (yet often overlooked) set of tools, which, when
developed, can not only circumvent any attempts to invade our
privacy, but also help us to empower our relationships and our

In this episode Colin Andrews and Synthia Andrews not only
share some of the true stories and developments in the mind-
steps that we, as a species, are currently taking, but also offer
practical information and exercises to help increase our
energetic communication tools, develop our innate telepathic
and psychic abilities,  and get more comfortable with some of
the radical changes that are impacting us right now.
COLIN ANDREWS is a visionary and 30-year veteran
investigator of unusual phenomena. Best known for his work
with crop circles, Colin is responsible for discovering the
correlation between patterns of RADAR interference and
weather conditions in Australia. The author of eight books,
Colin is currently involved in investigating consciousness and
non-ordinary reality. (wwwcolinandrews.net.)

SYNTHIA ANDREWS is a naturopathic physician, energy
intuitive and author of five books on healing, energy and
consciousness, including The Path of Energy and the Path of
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