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I am deeply honored to have been invited to be part of this incredible resource.

The official Sputnik website demonstrates uniquely how lateral thinking, new
science and new phenomenon = the new paradigm.

Sputnik have generously allowed speakers to share our conversations and so
I have elected to include several segments below.

I encourage everyone to visit the Sputnik website to view the numerous
experts and their conversations.  For convenience I have some of the
participants in the side panels on my site  - select the photos concerned.

                                   Colin Andrews.
The 1999 - 2000 Rockerfeller funded investigation into crop circle hoaxing.
Evolution and ratios in the crop circles.
Certain designs when rotated into a critical aspect with regards the Earths
magnetic field, information becomes available to the surroundings - The Julia
Set crop pattern on 1996 being one.
Crop Circles and Dowsing with Richard Andrews and the Gaia hypothesis.
Why do most of the crop circles appear in cereal crops and in those locations?
Leylines and crop circles
                      Extract from the Sputnik website:

                             About Vital

The word for energy in Chinese is "Chi." In Japanese, it is "Qi." In Hindu, it is called
"Prana." In English, there is no exact translation, but it is most commonly called "vital
life force." No longer the alternative, energy medicine is now a subset of the new
energy economy occurring across the globe, and not only is it being embraced by the
mainstream, thanks to Oprah and Chopra, but it's currently being taught to medical
students at universities such as Harvard and Yale. Although an ancient concept,
understanding the dynamics of energy is simple to explain using normal, everyday
occurrences. For instance, feeling someone is staring at you and when you turn
around, guess what? Or having a person pop into your head, then the phone rings
and guess who? The standard principle is that energy follows word, energy follows
attention, and energy follows intention. So when uncanny situations arise, really what's
occurring is that a person is actually throwing energy your way and you're picking up
on that energetic string. Because, essentially, energy doesn't stop. It extends from the
body's energy centers called "chakras" into the universal energy field. This is how
remote healing or what's commonly known as the power of prayer works: a person is
energetically connecting with another person's human energy field, just without the
help of AT&T. It is believed that there is an anatomy to energy flow, that energy flows
through the body like blood flows through the circulatory system. For instance, you
may have noticed when you feel badly you feel heavier, or your posture gets droopy.
This is because that emotion literally brings your energy down. One of the goals of
practitioners is to access blockages or cysts within one's energy field, similar to
physical cysts, that are disrupting one's state of health. Moving forward, according to
Dr. Wendy Hurwitz, expert in mind/body medicine and energy medicine, there will be
inventions developed that are compatible with the human energy field, ranging from
medical and health devices to appliances and products for today's health conscious
consumers. May the force be with you.

Alisa Andrasek
Andreas Vogler
Colin Andrews
Crop Circles/Consciousness
Donald Ingber
Fritz-Albert Popp
Hal Puthoff
Harold Morowitz
Hiro Yamagata
Howard Bloom
Science Writer
Jacques Vallee
Kodwo Eshun
Lord Martin Rees
Astronomer Royal
Mae-Wan Ho
Michelle Addington
Associate Professor
Michio Kaku
Theoretical Physicist
Robert Bauval
Robert Bigelow
Space Entrepreneur
Robert Sheldrake
Ian Stewart
Robert Thurman
Buddhist Scholar
Will Wright
Game Designer
Daniel Dennett
Freeman Dyson
Theoretical Physicist
Jacques Benveniste
John Beauliey
Composer/Naturopathic Doctor
Richard Cytowic
Vint Cerf
Chief Internet Evangelist
Bernard Haisch
Brian Goodwin
Charlie Fisher
David Grinspoon
John A. Wheeler
Theoretical Physicist
Karl Pribram
Thomas Goodwin
Project Scientist
Vernon Vinge
Computer Scientist
Rachel Herz
Vasant Lad
Ayurvedic Practioner
Sputnik Observatory