With Great Sadness
26th July, 2012

Hello my friends,

With great sadness, I must tell you all that a few minutes ago Tlakaelel passed to the other side with
great joy and satisfaction with his life here on earth. He asked us all to continue his work, and
continue his message of unity and Peace that he has been bringing to the world. He asked us to
continue teaching the importance of the Mexicanidad, as a hope for the future of humanity. He asks
us all to continue with the rebirth of the ancestral traditions. He is (in his words) transforming,
integrating with the All, with the universe, with the cosmos. I ask your prayers for a good journey to
the other side, and many prayers for all the heartbroken friends, family, students, Sundancers, and
companions on the path.

We are very sad but also filled with joy for his life, and for the end of his suffering.

A true Gerrero of the peace has passed to the other side, and I know we will see him in our dreams
and hear his voice, and some day join again with him in the Tamoanchan of Tlakalel. He was at once
a fierce defender of the Indigenous rights and teachings, and also a gentle teacher. His major role
was as an impulsador (one who gives the impulse to start many things).

It is important for us to continue his work and to remain united in our efforts, to work out our
differences, and to maintain our humility. He kept teaching up to the end, giving directions for the
Dance, and for the Fiesta celebrating the 30 years of the Sundance here in Mexico. He kept saying
that this was a very auspicious day, the 26 of July, as 712 years ago, the 7 nations founded Mexico
Tenochtitlan. That is why we celebrate the Sundance on this date every year. He said it is a good day
to die, and he was ready to reintegrate with the cosmos.

He leaves "flowers and songs" - all the works he has done - the projects, the buildings, etc, and all
the people he has touched. All of us. As I send this message to hundreds of you, please as he
asked, to feel joy, to sing and dance, as we will in the Fiesta Saturday afternoon. The theme will be a
bit different than we expected, but we will celebrate a great life lived to the end. As we learn with the
Sacred Pipe, the beginning is very sweet, and towards the end, maybe a bit bitter, but we smoke it all.
Tlakaelel lived his life to the very end, greeting all those who came to say goodbye, giving them
messages of thanks and encouragement to continue on the path, and teaching the history and the
glory of the ancestral culture.

I am sorry I could not call each of you yet, or send personal messages, but will try to do so in the
coming days. I send you much love and wishes for your health and peace with the passing of a great
Bert (Gunn)
A Great Elder  - Tlakaelel has passed.
Synthia and I send our condolences to Tlakaelel's family and friends.  Also a special hug for Bert
Gunn who has been such a dedicated friend and supporter as well as first class interpreter for
Tlakaelel during his travels around the world. It has been our honor to be friends with them both.

This extraordinarily intelligent man held great knowledge of his peoples and their traditions as well as
being a major advocate of peace and goodwill.

We would meet Tlakaelel and Bert when they were in our part of the United States as well as visit the
archaeological sites and crop circles in England with them on several occasions.  

Tlakaelel spent a great deal of time in two crop circles he found particularly intriguing near Silbury
Hill, where he also performed a special ceremony with us before making our way into the design.
This we did again in the 'Julia Set' crop circle a few years later next to Stonehenge.

Twice in recent years we treated the master to his favourite meal in a local Indian Restaurant. These
were special times when he shared great wisdom and his vision.

Tlakaelel supplied us with invaluable insights for our book, The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012 and
also features on this website in
'Stop: Listen to the Elders'.

We will all miss him deeply - a very high caliber human being has passed.

Colin Andrews
July 29, 2012
Tlakaelel with Colin inspecting the 'Triple Julia set' crop circle in 1996
Tlakaelel spent hours inspecting 'The Julia Set' crop circle next to
Stonehenge in July 1996
. Copyright: Colin Andrews
Tlakakelel, Bert and Colin visit to Silbury
Hill, the largest man-made pyramid
mound in Europe. We experienced a
number of bizarre things while there.
Read about this in The Complete Idiots
Guide to 2012
While being driven by car across
Mexico, Tlakakelel had an mysterious
experience. He was shown a symbol
and heard "The place of the last  
ceremonial dance"
He believed Silbury is that place and the
crop circle which was the center of army
activity and multiple missing time
experiences identified this place as
important. (more to be written soon)
Tlakakelel (third from right) enjoying his favourite Indian food with us near our home in
Connecticut while in deep discussion with friends of the Kogi peoples from Columbia.
Synthia, Colin, Bert and Tlakakelel the last time 21 months ago.
Tlakaelel is important in the Mexico movement, an indigenist religious revival movement
which began in Mexico City in the 1960s. It is organized, if that is the word, into highly
independent local groups called kalpullis. Partly traditional, but tending towards
syncretism, this movement tapped into Chicano identity issues in the American
southwest, where the kalpullis have adopted a lot of US Native American religious
ceremonies and beliefs. Over the years Tlakaelel, whose real name is Francisco
Jimenez, has evolved a sort of pan-Indian ideology which has a Nahuatl mythological
core, but a lot of ceremonial practices gotten from North American Indians.
In April of 1997, Tlakaelel, along with the His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, was an important
part of the Inter Traditions Assembly held in Arvillard, France. This Assembly was
attended by 7500 people, and has been filmed for worldwide distribution. Tlakaelel was
instrumental in the founding of the Circle of United Traditions, which is now based at the
Karma Ling Institute in Arvillard, France.
Synthia, Tlakaelel and Bert arrive at Silbury Hill -
The Place of the last ceremonial dance and the
mysterious symbol.
See page 237 The Complete
Idiots Guide to 2012
Tlakaelel passed at 91 years